TMA Forums Giveaway O’ the Day (Closed)

Our Forums Giveaway today features 3 very different apps, each of which can be considered among the top apps in their respective categories.  If you’re looking to turn your iDevice into a universal remote, look no further than R.P.A. Tech’s Air Mouse Pro. Aside from being a great trackpad app,  its Application launcher/switcher feature will allow you to visually control just about any program on your Mac/PC right from your iPhone. Next in line is MobileAge’s Leonard Maltin Movie Guide, a highly informative movie app that not only lets you browse through 24,000 capsule reviews, but it comes with plenty of additional features, including the ability to purchase and/or rent flicks online. Finally, we have GhostBird Software’s PhotoForge, a powerful and robust image editing app that will allow you to manipulate photos on the go. Contest details after the gap!

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Air Mouse Pro (Remote / Trackpad) update turns your iPhone into a “Universal Remote”

When R.P.A Tech’s Air Mouse Pro was released over a year ago, it held the distinction as the first and only app to turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into a, well, air mouse. Improvements were made with each update and now that version 2.0 has finally been released, Air Mouse Pro has become the undisputed heavyweight champ of all iDevice mouse/trackpads. Not only will the app serve as a simple wireless mouse, AMP essentially transforms your iPhone into an all-in-one universal remote for your for your PC/Mac.

Air Mouse Pro  (Remote / Trackpad) R.P.A. Tech, Air Mouse Pro (Remote / Trackpad) – $1.99

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