The JBnator Diaries – ScummVM in Review – The Holy Grail of adventure gaming!

Hello again everybody! Once again it’s time for The JBnator Diaries – the guide to all things jailbreaking, Cydia and other tips and tricks! Today I’m following up on the reasons to jailbreak. This time, it is the adventure gaming engine: ScummVM.

For anybody following my pieces here at TMA, it’s no surprise as I’m an adventure game fanatic. And so it may have bugged you why I haven’t done a piece about the Holy Grail of adventure gaming on the iPhone – ScummVM. It is a port of a multiplatform engine, capable of running adventure games using their original files. And no, it is NOT an emulator – it doesn’t do anything so stupid as trying to pose as an x86 processor or anything like that. It is a complete engine that acts in place of the game executable file and only requires the resource files of the games. What does it mean for us? It means that games work reliably and even more importantly: games run with excellent performance!

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Traveller’s Quest in Review – Geocaching lite!

Some time ago I reviewed Geocaching – an app for enthusiasts of the likewise named sport. Geocaching is an activity centered around finding caches hidden by other enthusiasts. Participants use hints and the GPS coordinates to uncover the loot. This is a wonderfull hobby which even deserves to be named a sport. At the same time it has its limitations. The most important of which is: caches have to have been hidden by someone in the first place. And in some parts of the world it’s quite difficult to come across them. But now there is way for them to enjoy almost the same experience with virtual geocaching – Traveler’s Quest.

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Secret of the Lost Cavern Continued – Part 2 of the saga is out on the AppStore

Some time ago I reviewed the excellent adventure set in the prehistoric times from Coladia – Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 I was astounded by the beautiful graphics and excellent storyline of the game and it has earned a well deserved spot in our The App Store’s Best Adventure roundup. And I’m happy to announce that the second episode of the tale Arok is finally out on the AppStore! You can find the screens and description after the gap or simply get it using the link below. You can also check out the first part if you missed it. Our Review of Episode 1 is in blue.

Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep. 2 Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep. 2 – $0.99

Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 – $0.99

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Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain in Review – The great-great-grandfather of Adventure/RPG has found its way to the “Jesus” phone

Back in the late seventies, when a computer was something out of a sci-fi movie and RPG was associated with pen-and-paper geeky games like Dungeons & Dragons a couple of British writers got together and started one of the most famous series of interactive gamebooks ever – Fighting Fantasy. These gamebooks allowed the reader to take part in the story that affected the course of it. And now the first one of the series – The Warlock of Firetop Mountain – has found its way to the iDevice.

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Glyder 2 In Review – Peerless Flight of Fancy

Glyder 2, the highly anticipated sequel to GluMobile hit, Glyder, has finally landed! The big question on everyone’s minds is: does Glyder2 deliver a bigger and even better flying experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch? Various App Store reviews have pointed out that Glyder2 does not bring anything new or different from Glyder, – nevertheless, it can’t be denied that Glyder2 offers the same exhilirating flying experience just like its predecessor.

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James Cameron’s Avatar in Review – Yes, it really is THAT good

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but I didn’t know what to expect with James Cameron’s Avatar. I’m always nervous when it comes to movie related tie-ins as it is, but Avatar is probably going to be the biggest movie of the decade, regardless of whether it’s a phenomenal success or a cosmic flop. So what does that mean for the game? Well, for starters, I’m not sure anyone told these guys there was a movie related to this material. I don’t know what the movie is like, but after playing this game I actually want to go see the it. Normally, that’s not the case if I play the movie based game first.

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Sherlock Holmes Mysteries in Review – Elementary, my dear Watson!

As a child I simply adored Sherlock Holmes. I had the complete collection of works by Arthur Conan Doyle and later even read some of the spin-offs, though they were never half-as-good. The genius detective has been a hero of mine ad it always amazed me how he always managed to crack even the most bizarre of cases. And now, just in time for the release of the latest movie about the great Sherlock, Warner Brothers invite you to test your intellect in the Sherlock Holmes Mysteries.

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The App Store’s Best Adventure (Updated 30.08.2010) – Top of top, cream of the crop for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad iPhone


Adventure games have always been my favourite genre. Yeah, yeah, I start almost any adventure games review this way. But what can I do if it is true? Sadly I was too late for the Interactive Fiction era. When I entered the conscious gaming stage of my life at about 6 (I was an avid gamer even before that but have few memories about that) I fell smack in the dawn of the point-and-click games with such legendary games as King’s Quest 1, other Sierra series, The Secret of Monkey Island and others. The casual pace of the games and the devious puzzles that make the grey matter really earn it’s keep always appealed to me. For a long time I have shunned first-person adventure games for various reasons and have only grown to appreciate them on the iDevice which is simply perfect for them.

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Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director’s Cut for iDevice early 2010

Today is indeed a grand day for all fans of adventure games on the iPhone. Tony Warriner – one of the founders of Revolution Software – has let it slip on the official forums that the Directors Cut of one of the best adventure games of all time – Broken Sword – is coming to the iPhone early next year. What’s even more interesting is that the iDevice platform will see this remake of the classic game before the PC release.

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Fallen EP-1 in Review – iPhone gaming can be scary as hell!


Blood everywhere, blurred vision, mutilated corpses and only a steel bar in your hand. Where is everybody? Why do the dogs look like they’ve been turned inside out? What are these ugly pods hanging from the ceiling everywhere? What are there strange symbols drawn everywhere? Can escape this prison intact?

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