The Saboteur™ in Review – like James Bond in the 1940s

One of the most romantic professions imaginable is the saboteur. Few people realise that aside from the CIA and its analogues around the world, spies are often ordinary citizens who take on extraordinary roles to protect their countries. They often have to act as saboteurs to help the advancement of the army and spread disarray to the enemy. And now, thanks to Hands-On Mobile, you can finally find out how it would feel to be The Saboteurâ„¢.

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Silent Swords Zero in Review – The Silent Ninja is Back!

I think that my biggest complaint with the original Silent Swords game for the iPhone and iPod touch was the controls. The stealth game was fun and challenging, but the controls seriously lacked any sort of innovation or general ease of use. Luckily, that is one of the things Oniric Games’ recently released prequel, Silent Swords ZERO, addresses.

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Vampire Origins in Review – Vampires, eat lead… bronze… copper… oh yeah, silver!

Survival horror is one of the most underrepresented genres on the iDevice. Barring a couple of mediocre Resident Evil titles and the superb but short Fallen EP-1 there is really nothing to get the adrenaline flowing. Well, Chillingo decided to capitalise on this lack and released Vampire Origins, a game ambitiously dubbed “The most advanced survival horror to hit the app store”. Read on to find how “advanced” it really is.

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Caligo Chaser in Review – punching for perfection

I'll have to admit to losing this one...

When I was 13, nothing ate my quarters faster than Samurai Spirits. Thankfully, sweet action can be had for the 3$ down at the App Store. I reckon that if Caligo Chaser, a new RPG-esque beat ’em up, was at the arcades now, I’d be drowning in bled change. Com2uS’ latest is fun – hella fun; its got button-mashing, character-building, and even quests to augment is great combo-chasing battle engine which should thrill every violence-craving gamer.

Just so you don’t miss out, read this review. It is better than the ones in our colleagues’ websites for the very reason that TMA feels … Com2uS’s song choice – for us, it’s like running the Swedish mile on a full English Breakfast. If you don’t believe me, check out our damn good Caligo Chaser preview. Feel free to discuss this review of Caligo Chaser in our forums.

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Babeorella arrives on the iPhone…fights off evil Robots

When it comes to action games (or any genre for that matter), nothing beats a sexy protagonist kicking major ass. On the iDevice, we’ve seen Mary Dubois of Garter & Ghouls prey on the undead, while Daisy Mae feast on Aliens in Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet. Well, thanks to developer doublesix, there’s a new heroine in town and she goes by the name Babeorella.

Half way through her 5 year mission to bring love to the universe Babeorella crash lands on a stray asteroid. Unfortunately, this particular asteroid was a secret killer robot base and she now has to fight for her life against a never ending horde of deadly mechanical monsters. Babeorella is no ordinary lady though, equipped with an array of weapons for just such an occasion the robots will have a tough time taking her out.

A space babe who’s wearing nothing but pick-me-up boots/hot pants AND on a mission to bring love to the universe? It seems as though doublesix’s latest App Store addition is off to a good start already. In terms of gameplay, attacks are divided into: close combat (kicks and punches), mid-range (whip and hammer) and Long Range (pistols and other artillery). Want to see Babeorella in action and kick some robot tail? Video trailer after the break!

Babeorella doublesix, Babeorella – $2.99

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The Hero in Review – My name is Mr. Superhero! Tights – mandatory!

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have super-powers? But, as they say, “with great power comes great responsibility”. So it’s time to get off your *** and go get those bad guys. With Chillingo’s recent release, The Hero, follow the daily life of the flying and punching hunk of a superhero. Goofy police chief and busty reporter included! Feel free to discuss this review of The Hero in our forums.

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Airstrike Defense in Review – Pearl harbour all over again

The line drawing genre is exalting with a second coming: a wave of new entries at the App Store. These holy droves strive to fall away from the basic (and often copied) gameplay of Flight Control (TMA Review). And one of such innovative games is Airstrike Defense – a cross between an old-school top-down bombing game and an equally old-school attack evasion with line-drawing controls replacing the outdated Virtual D-Pad. Feel free to discuss this review of Airstrike Defense in our forums.

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Preview with hands-on video: Caligo Chaser – Chasing after whispers of glory

Some time ago I was blessed with an invitation to a closed beta-test of a new RPG from Com2US – creators of  arguably the best Action/RPG on the iDevice at the moment – Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone (TMA Review – Kiss It). They have undertaken an ambitious task of claiming the crown of side scrolling Beat-em-up RPGs currently held by HYBRID: Eternal Whisper (TMA Review – Kiss it). And today I’m going to give you a preview of what will be in store once Caligo Chaser is released – with video nonetheless!

Well, Caligo Chaser is out now! Check it out at the App Store:

Caligo Chaser Com2uS Inc., Caligo Chaser – $2.99

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Brothers in Arms® 2: Global Front – Assaulting the App Store’s front line

Brothers in Arms® is quite a franchise: guns, explosions, graphics and lots ‘n lots of murder. Action gamers have the following to say about Gameloft’s newest game: “Omg”, “I was the first one to buy it”, “Beastly”, and a lot more. Essentially, Gameloft took the roof off their successful series, smashed in loads of graphical detail and polish for a better looking, bigger game than the first Brothers in Arms game.

Brothers In Arms® 2: Global Front Gameloft, Brothers in Arms® 2: Global Front, $7.99

Piccies and more after the gap:

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Across Age in Review – It’s time to go Back to the FUTURE!

The amount of anime-style RPG games already on the AppStore (as well as those on their way) is simply startling. Among the scores of such titles, gems are rare and it is getting increasingly more difficult to get noticed. FDG Entertainment however thinks they have the key – cooperation and time-travelling. Is it enough to put Across Age ™ apart from the crowd? Let’s find out!

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