White Park Bay Software’s Oxford Reference Dictionaries in Review

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Oxford is not only a strong name in language dictionaries; its influence extends heavily into reference titles that can be found online or at your local book shoppe in both hard and paper back editions. UK-based White Park Bay Software (WPB), have brought 11 pivotal references to the App Store. The set includes: Music, Law, Philosophy, Politics, Finance and Banking, Concise Medical, Computing, Chemistry, Business Management, Biology and Accounting. Each shares a similar GUI, navigation and content display system and work consistently with the iPhone design ethic, but at the high price of 14.99$ per app, is the content worth the cost?

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BillTracker in Review – Useful Little App


With the power of mobile phones increasing by the day, a lot of manual note taking or task tracking has been shifted from traditional paper-based notepads to the mobile phone. The biggest reason, I think, is because any modern person cannot leave home without their mobile phone; combining the phone with other daily tracking functions is the next logical step. This is where BillTracker comes in.

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