Magnus Magnetic iPad 2 stand now shipping

The Magnus Magnetic Stand for the iPad 2, first announced last week, is now available for shipping. Created by the masterminds at Ten One Design – makers of the Fling Game Controller and Pogo Sketch Stylus – the gorgeous and unique stand holds the iPad 2 in place using magnets, resulting in a low-profile and aesthetically pleasing design.

Magnus is first machine-crafted from pure aluminum and then hand-finished using the latest manufacturing techniques. After that, customized magnets are installed into the base, and rubberized feet are fitted to the bottom surface.

Our designers targeted a reduced silhouette. Viewed from the side, you see only the iPad’s tilt, and a flat plate on the desk. From there, the engineering took over. Magnus may look like it’s defying gravity, but it feels like a permanent attachment. You may need two hands to separate Magnus from your iPad.

The one downside to the stand is that it only works in landscape orientation (due to location of the iPad 2’s magnets), but if you can live with that, the Magnus retails for $49.95. Basic shipping (First Class Mail) in the US starts at $4.99, and International orders will set you back another $29.99 for Fedex priority shipping. More images of the stand in various angles after the break.

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TidyTilt, a mini smartcover for your iPhone 4/4S

The iPhone will soon have its own Smart Cover like its iPad sibling – well, sort of. Brought to you by two design students in Chicago, the TidyTilt is a 3-in-1 Smart Cover look-alike that acts as an earbud cord wrap, multi-position kickstand and mount for the iPhone 4/4S. What it doesn’t do however, is protect your screen or wake up the device upon opening/closing.

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iPhone case makes room for USB stick

Korean accessories maker ego&company has unveiled what could be one of the more useful iPhone cases around. Dubbed the ego USB and part of the their “Hybrid Series”, this snap on iPhone 4/4S case has room for one ultraslim usb stick that slides in from the bottom. The sticks come in 5 colors and it appears the capacity is tied in with the actual color: skyblue (2GB), pink (4GB), red (8GB), yellow (16GB) and black (32GB). Pricing and availability info have yet to be released, but seeing how this clever combo could eliminate the need for carrying around an extra usb, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.


DIY mod makes your iPhone 4 Apple logo glow

Recently, we saw iFixit’s Transparent Rear Panel replacement give your iPhone 4S a bare-it-all look. While the hack was simple enough to do, I’d imagine not too many casual owners would want to stare at the honking battery all day. But what if a somewhat similar DIY kit uses the same glass back of your iPhone 4/4S AND gives the Apple logo a nice healthy glow? Sold by K.O Gadgets, this hack takes 5 minutes to complete and involves removing several screws, replacing the back cover, and adding in the “light panel”. The kit sells for $42 and comes in both black and white, though only for a very limited time (57 hours left as of writing). There’s even an option to choose the standard Apple logo or the Steve Jobs Tribute logo designed by Jonathan Mak. Check out the demo video below and see how this nifty mod is installed.

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Griffin releases iPhone 4S Case made from 7” Vinyl Record

Accessories maker Griffin Technology has teamed up with Nashville based Third Man Records to create one of the more unique iPhone cases around. Dubbed the The Third Man 45, the iPhone 4S accessory is made from a genuine 7” vinyl record, which has been custom-cut into a protective case.

To create the Griffin and Third Man Records Case for iPhone 4S, the team incorporated a genuine 7″ vinyl record, pressed by United Record Pressing in Nashville, Tennessee, then die-cut to form the protective back of the case. A molded frame snaps around the iPhone, holding the record insert in place and protecting the controls, edges, and screen, with cutouts for volume, headphone, hold switch and dock connector.

The Third Man 45 Case sells for $29.99 and comes in three available colors: White, Yellow and Black. Additionally, a separate interchangeable Vinyl Insert 3 pack  — inspired by the bands The White Stripes (white), The Raconteurs (black) and The Dead Weather (yellow) — can be purchased for $19.99. If you’re tired of the same old cases for your iPhone 4S, this vinyl case from Griffin is well worth a look. Check out the video on how the case is made and full press release after the break.

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The iDrive Mobile Device Mount – Now you can work and play on your iPad behind the wheel

Have you ever wished that there was a more practical way to surf the web on your iPad while driving? If so, this clever accessory — aka the iDrive — is just what you need.

Introducing the iDrive – a new way to stay connected to the world around you through your favorite devices – all while operating the vehicles you love!  Enjoy a good book on a leisurely motorcycle ride, shoot up killer robots on the way to work, or surf the internet while mountain biking.  With iDrive, you rule the road.

Just before you start wondering what happens if the airbag deploys (as in having a tablet greet your face at 100 mph), the iDrive is (thankfully) a fake. Sold by PrankPack, these “Genuine Fake Gift Boxes” go for $8 a pop, or 3 for $20. Currently there are 12 different fake/real boxes for sale, including the iArm, Bathe & Brew and Wake & Bake Griddle. Take a look below at a few more of these clever gift gags.

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iFixit selling Transparent Rear Panel for iPhone 4S

Fixit, known for their gadget teardowns, has begun selling Transparent Rear Panels for your iPhone 4S. Why would you want to replace the glass-back of your iPhone and expose its innards for all to see, you ask? Well because you can! Installation is extremely easy, and all you need is a Pentalobe P2 screwdriver. Price? $29.99 a pop. If you’re interested in one of these mods, you will have to wait a bit as they’re currently sold out. The good news though is that iFixit is making more as fast as they can, and you can leave your email via the “Notify Me” button to get notification once it becomes available again. For iPhone 4 owners (GSM/AT&T), the rear panels have been out for a good 6 months now, and also go for $29.99. If a see through rear doesn’t quite turn you on, check out Material6’s fine wooden panel replacement. iFixit’s install video after the break.

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Cyber Monday Sale: 50% off ZAGG products

ZAGG’s Cyber Monday Sale is back and pretty much everything is now 50% off. That means you can pick up popular items like the ZAGGsparq (a 6,000 mAh battery pack to recharge iDevices on-the-go) and the ZAGGbuds (earphones with built-in a noise canceling mic) at half off. The site-wide sale (sadly) doesn’t apply to certain products though, like external keyboards for the iPad (ZAGGkeys, ZAGGmate etc.), iFrogz cases and ZAGG gift cards. Everything else is fair game. This Cyber Monday sale ends tomorrow, Nov 29th @ 2:00 AM MST, and please note that product pages don’t reflect the sale price – the 50% off is applied at check out. And if you live in one of the lower 48 US states, shipping is free on orders $29.98 or more after the 50% discount has been applied.

Stem Innovation introduces the Time Command Mini dock for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Stem, a tech company specializing in gadgets and accessories for iOS devices, has launched the Time Command Mini, one of the smallest (and smartest looking I’ve seen) alarm clock docks for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Aside from being able to playback music from your own library, the Mini can be used together with the free Stem:Connect app to offer a host of alarm based features. Users can set calendar-based alarms with repeat functionality, check out local weather info, and choose custom alarm tunes or music from your device. For added convenience, app-set alarms are automatically transferred from the iDevice to the Mini upon docking. There’s even a unique dock pivoting connector that supports iPhones or iPads regardless of whether they’re in a protective case or not (most cases are supported).

The Time Command Mini is available now at Apple retail stores (US & Canada) or it can be purchased directly from Stem. Full press release after the break.

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Taito set to release the Invadercade, a Space Invaders gaming cabinet

Playing SPACE INVADERS on the iPad will soon look a whole lot sexier early next month when Taito releases the INVADERCADE in Japan, a $200US arcade cabinet with (wait for it…) one joystick and a single button. Of course, it’ll be decked out with your favourite Space Invaders theme. Likely inspired by ThinkGeek’s own iCade that went on sale a few months ago, Taito is hoping this one-of-a-kind gizmo will catch on with fans of the retro shooter. Though for double the price of the iCade and being restricted to essentially one game, it’ll be hard to imagine the Invadercade selling like hot cakes if it ever does come stateside. Well, at least the cabinet serves as a charging dock and is equipped with stereo speakers and a headphone jack as an added bonus. Check out the demo video after  the break…

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