Two iPad 2’s make for one cool Halloween Costume

Still haven’t decided what or who to dress as for that Halloween party? Well if you have two iPad 2’s laying around and some fake blood, you can impress your friends by making it appear as though there’s a gaping hole in your torso. Mark Rober, a Mechanical Engineer for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, makes use of the iPad 2s’ cameras and FaceTime to create this neat effect:

a relatively simple Halloween costume using 2 iPad2s to make it look like you have a huge hole in your torso. You’ll also need a MiFi hotspot (if you don’t have a WiFi network available where you want to use the costume). Basically you start a FaceTime chat between the iPads and then tape one to your front and one to your back. Add a little red paint and you’re good to go. It’s supposed to look like you have a gaping hole in your torso. If you spend more time than I did on the blood and the flesh part and lining up the iPads it could look pretty cool

This has got to be one of coolest (and geekiest) Halloween costumes ever.

[youtube via Gizmodo]

FaceTime for Mac now available for download

As part of the Back to Mac event held earlier today, Steve Jobs announced that FaceTime will be making its way to Macs, allowing users to make video calls from a Mac to an iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G, or even another Mac. Shortly after, FaceTime for Mac beta became available on Apple’s Website and can now be downloaded (requires v 10.6.4 Snow Leopard or later). The beta app is rather lightweight and works well for the most part, though it appears that iPhone users will have to be on iOS 4.1 in order to connect with its Mac counterpart.

And since this is a beta version, Facetime for Mac is quite barebones. For instance, you can’t directly edit any contact info from within the app; you must open Address Book separately to add/edit your friend’s email or phone number. So if it’s a new contact you’d like to initiate a video chat with, this becomes a 2 step process.  Hopefully, we’ll see more features added in the near future. That said, it’s a great start for Apple to ensure that even more their products will be compatible with FaceTime (hello 2nd gen iPad!).

New iPhone 4 Ad – All about the Retina

While previous iPhone 4 ads from Apple primarily focused on Facetime, the latest ad, dubbed “Every”, is all about the phone’s Retina Display. It’s hard not to notice the striking clarity of the screen when you first lay eyes on it. Doing everything from reading ebooks, surfing the web or playing Retina supported games just becomes that much more enjoyable. Sure the extra processing power, dual camera and Facetime are nice additions, but when it comes down to it, the Retina display is what makes the iPhone 4 such a special multimedia wonder. If you’ve yet to experience the display for yourself, take a look at Apple’s product page comparing the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4’s screen via an interactive magnifying tool.

New iPod touch 4G and iPod nano 6G details: unibody MacBook Pro-like aluminium back

There is one in my house, a beautiful 13 slab of aluminium and glass that flexes even less than MIT’s champion chess team. Well, that perfect sexiness might make it to Apple’s 4th generation iPod touch. Currently, the iPod touch uses a rounded shiny (and easily scratched) steel back. Apple’s 2010 iPod event is only days away and we expect rumours of the new back, dual cameras, FaceTime, and zippy new iPhone 4 internals to be corroborated.

iLounge shed some light on the new iPod touch:

…Familiar. Think of the top of a MacBook Pro, only smaller, which is to say flat rather than curved at the center—closer to the look of the first-generation iPod touch’s back, only with modifications. The rear camera is there, but there is still some question as to whether what’s next to it will be a LED flash like the one in the iPhone 4, or a microphone like the one next to the video camera of the iPod nano. We’ve been told to expect a microphone rather than a flash, with a continuation of the bottom-mounted headphone port and Dock Connector port.

iLounge also mention the above cases: one for the upcoming iPod nano refresh and for the new iPod touch. The new nano may sport a darling 3cm*3cm screen and shave over half its size. Something in me wonders if the shuffle will be retired.

Facetime over WiFi or 3G – anytime, anywhere

At iFixYouri, experiments abound. That penchant for fun got me going with jailbroken WiFi and 3G network settings for Facetime that allows you to have a face-to-face conversation with a loved one anytime, anywhere regardless of your current internet situation.

MyWi is an app that allows you to use your iPhone as a wireless router but without the pesky wires. My3G tricks your phone into thinking it is on a wireless network when it’s actually using your 3G connection. It allows you to use Facetime on 3G networkw and is brought to you by the same people that brought you MyWi.

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New iPhone 4 Facetime Ads

Apple has  released 4 new commercials promoting the iPhone 4. Rather than focusing on apps, they’re making a strong push for Facetime as the phone’s main selling point. Dubbed Big News, Haircut, Meet her and Smile, the ads are short but sweet (all 31 seconds in length) and will probably convince countless more people that they need the iPhone 4, along with it’s handy video calling feature. All 4 ads after the break…

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iPhone 4 to boost video sex trade

What sort of call service is this?

Despite Gawker Media heritage, BusinessInsider has never let me down. They spotted a cute Craigslist job opportunity for nubile women in New York. In return for cheering up desperate East Coasters, applicable ladies will be given a free iPhone 4 to use in their ‘free time’. Perhaps Apple’s free Facetime call centre has ulterior motives.

Here’re the details

Thanks BusinessInsider.