iPod Nano – Star of Rock ‘n Roll Event – iPod touch gets cold shoulder


The iPod touch camera rumours couldn’t have been more dismally incorrect; the iPod touch was skipped over unless a meagre memory upgrade is big news. The real news is that the iPod Nano will sport a video camera and microphone for the budding mini photographer/videographer. And for the poor sod who just wants to wake up with a somewhat proper alarm clock, a speaker. Rumours seemed to have missed a great feature however all together: FM radio. Yes, the new Nano is sure to be a juggernaut among ultra portable players thanks to possibilities afforded by a video camera and FM radio.

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9 Sept iPod Event – It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll


Apple still like it though, which is a good thing because I have practically given up on its modern and feeble vestiges: at least someone still likes the whiny, rock’n roll antithetic fumble of guitars and drums. Anyway, this semi-editorial is finished. What is important now is that in just a week and a couple of days – a Wednesday of all days – Apple’s yearly iPod event will open in a whir of media and cameras. Though there isn’t much to stagger over since Apple revamp their line up every year, we can conjecture that the following devices will be upgraded or enhanced in any number of ways which don’t directly relate to memory enhancements.

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3rd Gen iPod touch and 5th Gen Nano Cameras Revealed?


If this rumour can be believed, it is another cemented piece of evidence that the new iPod touch will receive a camera. This time, the evidence comes from pictures of what is purported to be new iPod cases from China. The pictures come from several case manufacturers.

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