Tired of OS 3.0’s new functionality? Click here to Downgrade and go Oldschool


Prefer the Old School? If you do, you can definitely downgrade, but be sure check the chart below to downgrade properly. Follow the steps outlined and you will have a brand new old iDevice for your Jailbreaking pleasure or just for bragging to your friends that your model ain’t the latest, but the longest in the tooth.

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Updated: OS 3.0 Available in Canada

news-iphoneos30Just watching a re-make of the Babylon 5 pilot episode (not really that good at all) and I got this tidbit when my iPod Touch plugged in for a bit of juice. According to iTunes, the download can take up to 30 minutes on a ‘typical broadband connection’. After agreeing to the upgrade, I had to agree to two sets of rules and regulations, but things are going smoothly.

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