Happy Tuesday: OS 3.0 Preview – Updated

Thank you Engadget

In less than a half-hour, 10AM PST or 1PM here in Toronto, Apple will be showcasing a public preview of their iPhone OS 3.0 software which has yet an unspecified release date. Such previews are necessary not only to keep user hype at peak levels and fan websites busy, but to help developers famiarise themselves with upcoming features of the OS which will impact their applications.

Though there is uncertainty as to whether tethering and MMS will actually be delivered in OS 3.0, we have certain hope that copy and paste will finally grace our small screens. With those simple implementations, Apple could take the bite out of naysayer’s mouths in one fell swoop. But then again, Apple thrive on controversy.

TouchMyApps will have plenty to say today about the upcoming OS as our interest is as peaked as a bore-hole in a change room.

For many users, the inclusion of the following will be welcome:

Cut and Paste




Landscape Mode

and many more features especially aimed at the developer.

You can check out the live blog action over at Ars Technica and Apple’s Quicktime video of the event here. The entire transcript verbatim from David Chartier is available after the jump as well as photos from Gizmodo. Thanks Ars and Giz for the great work! Continue reading…