Year 2009 in retrospect by Apple – Best of Games and Apps


Well, Apple’s grand 2009 is slowly coming to a close. The App Store hit the 100,000 app mark, and even big publishers have graced our favourite platform with some great titles. To mark the “Rewind 2009” event, Apple have chosen 30 game and non-game apps they considered were the best of ’09, as well as listing the top sellers of the year. Before I publish the complete list I would like to note that I do not completely agree with them. And while it’s difficult to argue with sales numbers, the best apps and games rating is a bit baffling. That said, enjoy the “best of” after the break.

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Safari 4 – New, Fast, Friendly and Fastened

news-safari-4Despite the lamentable changes in the laptop line, WWDC brought excitement to the scene with great announcements about Snow Leopard, iPhone OS 3.0 and a the new, faster iPhone 3GS. In all the rush of news and disappointments, it would be easy to forget that Safari 4, Apple’s latest version of their svelte web browser emerged from beta to greet eager downloaders last evening.

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Apple 2009 WWDC – 2nd Time is a Charm?


In 2008, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, otherwise known as ‘Steve Notes’ sold out for the first time since 1996. You won’t be able to get in this year either if you have not already bought your ticket and signed the non-disclosure agreement stating that you will not let any secrets fly that are not loosed already from somewhere in China. Yep, 2009’s WWDC is as good as gone but how will it fare compared to its earlier incarnations?

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