Dark Nebula FREE this weekend

Dark Nebula, the mighty fun iPhone/iPod Touch game developed by Anders Hejdenberg (lead designer of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat) has just dropped in price to FREE for the weekend. Back when we reviewed it, we thought very highly of this well designed accelerometer-based game:

The premise of the game is simple: you must guide a ball through various puzzles and traps using the accelerometer. The puzzle elements are generally incredibly easy, yet insanely entertaining…All-in-all, definitely an amazing game. One of the best I’ve played on the device so far, even if it is much too short.

If you enjoy a fast-paced arcader and/or tilt-based rollin’ games (Labyrinth 2), grabbing Dark Nebula while it’s free is a no brainer – especially when more episodes are planned for the game.

Dark Nebula 1337 Game Design, Dark Nebula – Free

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Dark Nebula – Episode One In Review: Just Roll with it


Dark Nebula has been a pretty widely-anticipated game ever since the gameplay trailer hit the ‘net. Just by watching the video, you could tell that it’s a fast-paced arcade romp which boasts awesome visuals. Well, let me tell you straight up: this game does not disappoint. From the second I started playing until the minute I beat it, it was the only game I wanted to play.

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Dark Nebula – Get ready for a bouncy new chapter in gaming

Dark Nebula, the brainchild of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat designer, Anders Hejdenberg, is a an episodic action game which is set to bounce into the App Store in late September. Its core gameplay is accelerometer-based, utilising tilt controls in order to evade a variety of objects. The trailer (mind the gap) illustrates excellent gameplay which will be hallmark in this title as is illustrated by Anders’ intent to “come up with a new game concept with a control mechanic that feels great on the device”.

Dark Nebula will be priced at 99 cents per each of its hour-long episodes.

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