Welcome Snow Leopard!


Today, 28 August, Apple’s latest OSX iteration, Snow Leopard (10.6) will hit shelves at Apple stores and resellers around the world. The operating system has been overhauled in many key areas to afford users a faster, more streamlined computing experience. Under the bonnet, 10.6 brings many enhancements to Apple’s already excellent Leopard OS, some of which are OpenCL computing, a fully 64-bit architecture, enhanced QuickTime and key Finder enhancements. Other notables include Chinese writing input (for multitouch trackpad macs), Microsoft Exchange support, and key elements of the OS translated to Cocoa.

Perhaps more newsworthy, however, is that the new operating system is a 29$ upgrade for Leopard users, and for Tiger users who expect to pay 169$ to play with Apple’s newest cat, Snow Leopard will work for 140$ less.

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