Big iPod Accessory: Nissan Dualis


Usually, I salivate for pocketable iPhone accessories, or add-ons which keep the iPhone safe in the pocket. The Nissan Dualis, however, is a bit bigger. Rather, I think there ain’t a safe way to stow it in my room and certainly ain’t totable atop my Marinoni (I cannot drive in Korea). But it has an iPod dock (so, I’m thinking about it), possible line-in for analogue connection to anything audio, a fancy-nancy HDD based navigation system, and that is about it. Anyway, add it to the list of iPod dockable vehicles and don’t forget your safety belt.

[via Yomiuri Newspaper (Japanese)]

Ninja’s VS pirates: Japanese mobile users to walk plank


The Japanese mobile phone market is incredible. If the iPhone hasn’t picked up steam in the island nation, it is probably for good reason: it simply doesn’t do half of the ‘mobile internet things‘ it needs to in order to be useful in Japan. One, is piracy. Apple’s sandboxed OS is great for stopping malicious code, and may even be the best way for porn connoisseurs to finally escape the viral effects of their habit. But, it isn’t a great platform for getting free music; especially in the land of the rising sun.

According to the Japanese newspaper, Yomiuri, certain BBS services and webpages are loaded with tunes for mobile phone users to capitalise on without having to part with any capital.

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