"Beginning Mac Programming" for iPhone/Mac OS X now in print

Raleigh, North Carolina – In January, Steve Jobs announced that Apple had more than 140,000 applications in its App Store. That’s a lot of apps, and the number grows every day. Everyone to create their own software programs, to join in the action. But developing on the Mac, iPhone and iPad isn’t easy for beginners – they need a guide to show the way.

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BCNmultimedia releases Children’s Bible 1.2 for iPhone and iPod touch

Barcelona, Spain – BCNmultimedia today is pleased to announce 3 months of Success in the App Store with the release of Children’s Bible 1.2 for iPhone and iPod touch. The full color Children’s Bible app tells the stories of the Old and New Testament in seven different languages and is the first comic book style Bible to be made available to iPhone and iPod touch users.

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Free “Alice in Wonderland” Notescast Turns iPod Classic into an eReader

Portland, Oregon – TimeStream Software announces free downloads of its new “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Notescast for the iPod Classic, iPod nano and iPod Video. Available as a free download for a limited time, it’s the classic tale of Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole filled with some of the most notable and interesting characters in literary history, and now iPod owners can read it wherever they go on their iPod Classic, nano or Video. The iPod features a screen wider than the iPhone’s, and no Wi-Fi or Internet access is required.

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52 Ways to Promote Your iPhone App

Plymouth, MI – Publicist and Internet Marketing Specialist Scott Lorenz has compiled a list of 52 tips on how to promote an iPhone App – tips he garnered from his extensive experience as a public relations professional in promoting all types of products, inventions, books and services. Apple has almost 150,000 iPhone applications available for sale at its App Store and this number will grow exponentially with the growing popularity of the iPhone, iPod and the new iPad.

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Wonder Warp Software Launches Sheet Music iPhone App Etude

San Francisco, CA – Wonder Warp Software, makers of Mac and iPhone productivity app ShoveBox, today announced the immediate availability of Etude 1.0, a new iPhone and iPod touch application for learning music on the piano. Etude combines traditional sheet music with an on-screen keyboard, whose keys light up to reveal which notes are being played, as well as a MIDI synthesizer that simultaneously plays the piece aloud.

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123 Color by KidCalc Soars – Becomes Most Downloaded Education App

Madison, Wisconsin – Independent software developer Steve Glinberg today is pleased to announce the release of 123 Color by KidCalc, version 1.2, a companion app to his top ranked math learning game for iPhone and iPod touch. 123 Color is a coloring book that teaches numbers, upper and lower case letters, shapes, and colors as kids play.

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Goodreads in Review – Be A Bookworm, Any Time, Any Place!

For book lovers reading this, chances are you already know what Goodreads is. If not, it’s basically a social network for readers. According to their website, it’s the largest of its kind in the world, with in excess of 3 million members.

The website allows you to become friends with people, recommend books, get recommendations, see reviews and scores and add books to your ‘shelves.’ Your virtual shelves are read, currently reading and to-read. It’s free to join, and the iPhone/iPod Touch App is also free to download and use. Feel free to discuss this review of Goodreads in our forums.

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App Cubby releases KaleidoVid – A fun little diversion for your iPhone

San Marcos, Texas – App Cubby today is pleased to announce the release of KaleidoVid 1.0, their new app for iPhone 3G, 3GS devices. KaleidoVid is a video kaleidoscope for iPhone that creates beautiful kaleidoscopic images from every day objects using the iPhone’s built in camera. Point the camera at everyday objects to create beautiful kaleidoscopic images. Tap the screen to freeze the image. Save or share it on Twitter, Facebook, or via email, then tap to do it again.

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TrendsAudio Combo One Hi-Fi Systems – headphones and speakers, oh my!!!

Like the excellent (and tiny) Travagan’s Red headphone amp/pre-amp, TrendsAudio’s Combo One HI-Fi system is a do-it-all workhorse for both headphones and sensitive speakers and includes 3 units: TA-10.2P Class T power amp, PA-10 tube headphone amp, and PW-10 power supply unit. The Combo One Hi-Fi also comes in an iPod-friendly version complete with high quality line out docking cable.

The PA-10 headphone amp can roll tubes for minute sound enchancement. You’ve met up with op-amp rolling in our headphone amp reviews before: now it is taken back a few warm years into the tepid and heady days of tube audio. TouchMyApps will be looking at a number of tube-powered headphone amps including the Woo Audio 3 and the affordable USB DAC/amp: Head Direct EF2A.

Pic and more after the gap:

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