Too much free time? MMORPGs are storming the iPhone!

The one thing that iPhone users have been able to avoid thus far has been the enourmous time sucker known as MMORPG games. And don’t even think of mentioning iMobsters and the like – I think the creators of Mafia Wars should be impaled on the spot. Nevertheless, it seems the amount of free time you’ll have is soon going to decrease drastically. Two full-featured (well, almost) MMORPGs have just hit the AppStore and I’m talking, of course, about Pocket Legends (3D MMO) and the highly-anticipated IMO: The World of Magic. Both of the games are FREE, so there’s no need to think about it – just check them out! Or at least check out the descriptions and screens after the gap!

Pocket Legends (3D MMO) Spacetime Studios, LLC, Pocket Legends (3D MMO) – Free

IMO: The World of Magic Com2uS Inc., IMO: The World of Magic – Free

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Devsisters – Coffee with the App Store’s Harold and Kumar

Ever sat across from a bloke who can Hulk-smash through – yes, through – an elevator door? Until yesterday, I hadn’t either, but then again, Devsisters, a feisty Korean iPhone/web developer, may well just be a super hero of sorts. They’re a smart, but casual group of mates who have set out to turn the App Store on its nose with fun and unique apps. The eleven-person company sent its bouncer, Jibong (G) Koo (right), and its snake, David Ryu (left – a man whose Korean name bleeds secrecy like a Free Mason’s handshake) to my neck of the woods to chat, to laugh, to threaten, and to keep things off the record.

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Caligo Chaser in Review – punching for perfection

I'll have to admit to losing this one...

When I was 13, nothing ate my quarters faster than Samurai Spirits. Thankfully, sweet action can be had for the 3$ down at the App Store. I reckon that if Caligo Chaser, a new RPG-esque beat ’em up, was at the arcades now, I’d be drowning in bled change. Com2uS’ latest is fun – hella fun; its got button-mashing, character-building, and even quests to augment is great combo-chasing battle engine which should thrill every violence-craving gamer.

Just so you don’t miss out, read this review. It is better than the ones in our colleagues’ websites for the very reason that TMA feels … Com2uS’s song choice – for us, it’s like running the Swedish mile on a full English Breakfast. If you don’t believe me, check out our damn good Caligo Chaser preview. Feel free to discuss this review of Caligo Chaser in our forums.

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Caligo Chaser – a beat ’em up for the JRPG generation

Caligo Chaser, a game set in the sexy future – or is it the past? — is a stunning hybrid beat ’em up full of anime babes, fast action, and quick quests. Fans of button mashers and JRPG’s should enjoy this shy-of-300-pennies arcader. Truth be known, I’ve been getting blisters on my thumbs and it’s high time just to let you know of this bad boy. It comes from Com2uS, so expect a goodly dose of polish and graphical pizzazz seen in some of their other hits such as Inotia 2 and Heavy Gunner 3D.

As for our previous coverage of Caligo Chaser, ChiffaN recently did a hands-on preview (with gameplay footage) and found it to be “an excellent game and a real contender to take the beat-em-up RPG crown away from Hybrid: Eternal Whisper“.

Caligo Chaser Com2uS Inc., Caligo Chaser – $2.99

Viddies, piccies and more after the gap:

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Preview with hands-on video: Caligo Chaser – Chasing after whispers of glory

Some time ago I was blessed with an invitation to a closed beta-test of a new RPG from Com2US – creators of  arguably the best Action/RPG on the iDevice at the moment – Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone (TMA Review – Kiss It). They have undertaken an ambitious task of claiming the crown of side scrolling Beat-em-up RPGs currently held by HYBRID: Eternal Whisper (TMA Review – Kiss it). And today I’m going to give you a preview of what will be in store once Caligo Chaser is released – with video nonetheless!

Well, Caligo Chaser is out now! Check it out at the App Store:

Caligo Chaser Com2uS Inc., Caligo Chaser – $2.99

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Heavy Gunner 3D in review – More “One” than Keanu Reeves

Com2uS’s Heavy Gunner 3D ain’t a mouthful, but it sure is a handful. Dual-analogue, tilt controls, explosions, and a hell of a lot of alien invaders – a great legacy for an iDevice shooter. In Heavy Gunner’s explosions and heated action, I’m reminded of an early advert for the Dreamcast which explained, “thing’s never blew up so well”. And indeed they didn’t – that is, until now. 2.99$ is a bargain for this much ‘defend Zion!’ fun!

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Heavy Gunner 3D – Lock, load, and unleash hell!

Heavy Gunner 3D is out and serving up 3D action for alien-blasting fans. The action takes place in a cockpit behind dual turrets. Com2uS paid special attention to making killing alien scum fun and intuitive, so apart from pretty nice graphics, Heavy Gunner has a lot of great upgrades and a pretty solid control scheme to recommend it other than its dubbing as ‘Matrix Revolution gunning’ for the iDevice. TouchMyApps will be looking at it later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for our trigger-friendly review. Till then, feel free to discuss Heavy Gunner 3D in our forums.


Piccies, gameplay footage and more after the gap:

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S. Korea supreme court ruling – Cyber money from online games to burst in offline world

Gaming internet cafes litter every block of Seoul and gamers litter the populace. Kids, teens, grannies – each could handily beat me at any of the following: Tetris, WOW, Pong, and maybe even Epyx’s amazing shooter, Electrocop, though that one isn’t really multiplayer. Well, now the gaming nation has one more reason to keep its thumbs in  good shape: the Korean Supreme Court has ruled that online items gotted from online gaming can legally be bartered for cold hard cash.

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Homerun Battle 3D goes Goid, er… Droid

Google’s OS totin’ phones have another reason to rejoice in early 2010: the ever-popular Homerun Battle 3D will make its way to the Android platform. Com2uS have published many games for a variety of mobile platforms, but Homerun will be their first Android release. It is also a great title to start from; it already has more than 400 000 registered users on the iPhone and with Com2uS’ pledge to support cross-platform play, the Android release should be great. More titles are promised to follow from the mobile software giant, and hopefully, a host of other cross-platform games.

HOMERUN BATTLE 3D Com2uS Corp., HOMERUN BATTLE 3D – $4.99 (iPhone)

More after the gap:

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SEED 1 – RISE OF DARKNESS in Review – the new king of Action/RPGs?


Christmas is coming to the AppStore and a lot of publishers are going all-out to win over the hearts of gamers this holiday season. Chillingo have just released Seed 1– the competitor to Com2uS’ excellent Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone. And like its recent rival, it reaches high – to wrest the action/RPG crown into its own hands.

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