iOS 6 is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple’s latest mobile operating system – iOS 6 – is finally available to the masses. Available either as a download over-the-air and directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (go to Settings –> General –> Software Update), or by plugging it into your computer and updating via iTunes, iOS 6 contains over 200 new features, including Apple’s all-new maps app, Passbook, an improved Siri and more. We previous posted about its most notable new additions, as well as a list of features that are/aren’t compatible with older iDevices. For the complete scoop on the latest OS, hit Apple’s iOS 6 page, or start updating your iPhone/iPad to see first hand all the new goodies that are included.

Latest iPad Mini leak shows off tablet’s front and backside

Most would agree that the iPhone 5 was one of the worse kept secrets in the tech world. By the time it was unveiled in the media event on Sept. 12, those who followed the rumour mill closely weren’t all that surprised with the ‘5’ thanks to factory design and spec leaks. With the way things are going, the iPad Mini isn’t too far behind – at least in the leaks department. The latest Mini leaked images to appear on the web comes from Chinese site, which posted several shots of Apple’s long rumoured 7.85″ tablet.

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Ultima V for iPad – hook, line, sinker

Imagine how disappointed this Ultima idiot was to discover that Ultima V for iPad is nothing but a fan page – sort of. Its author links to various Ultima sundries: Ultima news, fonts, upcoming games, maps, and does it in the classic Ultima style, that promises something dark – something role playing – under the surface. Real Ultima fans still append Dragon to their name. The bloke who made Ultima V for iPad, for example, is Edric Dragon; I’m shigzeo Dragon. I’ve had that nickname for years. I’m sure it’s the same for Edric. What other game series can boast such nerdy fans? And honestly, my lead in is rubbish: I love Edric Dragon’s site. Bookmarked it.

Edric Dragon pointed out something I somehow missed: Exult for iOS. (Exult is a reverse-engineered Ultima 7 engine for modern operating systems. I’ve blogged about it before.) If there is ANYTHING I’m waiting for (apart from soul-pleasing employment), it’s Ultima 7 for iPad. Edric, as much as he is a fisherman, has rekindled hope.

Photoshop Touch for iPad updated with Retina Display support and more

Adobe Photoshop Touch, the robust image editing app especially designed for the iPad (2nd and 3rd gen) has just been updated to version 1.3, with support for the Retina display being added. This means that all your photographs and images will look even more spectacular on the new iPad. More importantly, especially for photographers and those serious about their work, Photoshop Touch now supports images up to 12 megapixels. The previous size limitation was a huge downer for those who wished to work with high-resolution images. Also new with the update are 2 new effects (shred and colorize), support for Apple Photo Stream and a new three-finger tap gesture tap to toggle 100% view. Check out the complete list of what’s new after the break, along with 2 intro videos to the Photoshop Touch app.

Adobe Photoshop Touch Adobe, Adobe Photoshop Touch – $9.99

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Kodiak PHP lets you Run PHP code offline on your iPad

For all the (web) developers out there, one of the most appealing aspects of coding on the iPad is that they can easily take their work with them anywhere. While there are a handful of programming editors on the App Store, none – at least when it comes to PHP – allow offline PHP execution. Thanks to the Kodiak dev team however, that’s no longer the case with the release of Kodiak PHP, the first iOS app that can run your precious code without an internet connection.

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Switcheasy’s exec folio case in Review – A pretty and uniquely thin case for the new iPad / iPad 2

iPad cases are a dime a dozen and finding the perfect one for your precious iPad is no easy task. Personally, I’d been content with simply using the Smart Cover with my new iPad while at home (and the ZaggFolio with Keyboard case when traveling). Well that was until I’d carelessly dropped the iPad while picking it up, no thanks to the magnetic cover that detaches itself just a bit too easily. Thankfully, the screen didn’t crack, though it did get several visible scratches. Needless to say, it was time for a real case, one that provides enough protection and functionality, yet looks sexy at the same time. Meet Switcheasy’s exec iPad case.

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Google Search for iPhone and iPad to receive Siri-like functionality in upcoming update

For those who you who don’t have an iPhone 4S (or the new iPad with iOS 6) and feel left out with not being able to converse with Siri, you’ll soon be able to do many of the same things that Apple’s digital assistant is able to. Along with Google’s announcement today that Knowledge Graph will be making its way outside the US, and the introduction of the Gmail in personal search results feature, the Big G has made it known that the Google Search app for iOS will be updated soon and it’ll include voice-based questions and answers.

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iPhone 5 (and iPad Mini) rumoured to be announced on Sept 12, go on sale Sept 21st

According to iMore's sources – ones they claim have proven accurate in the past – Apple is planning to unveil the iPhone 5 during a special event that'll be held on September 12th, with a release date to follow 9 days later, on September 21. The iPad mini, along with an all new iPod Nano (and likely iPod Touch) is set to be announced as well during the same event. From what iMore is hearing, the iPad Mini will be exactly the same as the 9.7″ big brother, only sized down to 7.x inches. A recent rumour had pegged the smaller iPad to feature a 7.85″ IGZO screen and a $250-299 price tag.

Meanwhile, iLounge has also published a report this morning providing a number of juicy tidbits regarding the release of the new iPhone and other iDevices. Here's what their “highly reliable source” is saying:

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SlingPlayer for iPhone and iPad now 50% off ($14.99)

SlingPlayer for iPhone and iPad, the mobile app that lets Slingbox users stream content directly from their TV/DVR to their iDevices (via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi), has dropped in price for the very first time – from $29.99 down to $14.99. Using the combination of both hardware and iOS app, you can watch your favorite shows no matter where you are, as if you were sitting right in your living room. The one big caveat is that SlingPlayer will only work with Sling Media’s newer models – the Slingbox SOLO and Slingbox PRO-HD. For those of you living in Canada or the US, there’s an upgrade program where you’ll get $50 off towards the purchase of either the SOLO or PRO. The final requirement is that your iPhone/iPod Touch needs to be running iOS 4.2.5 or higher, and on the iPad iOS 4.2+. Video of some of the app features after the gap.

SlingPlayer for iPhone Sling Media, SlingPlayer for iPhone – $14.99
SlingPlayer for iPad Sling Media, SlingPlayer for iPad – $14.99

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Next Issue brings all-you-can-read magazine store to iPad for $10 a month

Reading digital magazines on your iPad has just gotten a whole lot more affordable. Next Issue, the buffet-style magazine app that was first released on Android devices 3 months ago, has finally arrived on iOS. Essentially the netflix for magazines, a monthly subscription of $9.99 will give you unlimited access to 34 titles (which are “enhanced digital editions, optimized for tablets”) including Car and Driver, Elle, Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair and Wired. For an extra 5 bucks a month (the “premium” plan – $14.99), you’ll get in addition all the weekly magazines, and they include Entertainment Weekly, People, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker and Time. As Engadget noted, Next Issue Media hopes to double their catalog by year’s end, as well as add additional publishers to the mix. The iOS app is a free download, and new customers get to try out the service FREE for 30 days. Promotional trailer and how-to videos after the break.

Next Issue Next Issue Media, Next Issue – Free

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