1112 episode 03 in Review – It finally happened – I’m going slightly mad…

Sometimes the hardest part of getting your hands on an eagerly anticipated release is the waiting. Ever since the original 1112 episode 01 first saw the light of day, I have been leaving scratch marks on my wall just like a prisoner on death roll to help pass the time. 1112 episode 02 (TMA Review) fully met my expectations and holds the crown as the top first-person adventure in our App Store’s Best Adventure. You can guess how I felt about part 3 of the series. Well, after a long one and a half years of waiting the story finally continues in 1112 episode 03/HD and I can tell you right now – it was well worth the wait!

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Freebie Alert: 1112 Ep 1 Drops to Free, 1112 Ep 2 now $0.99 for limited time

With the recent release of the eagerly anticipated 1112 episode 03, 1112 ep 01 has dropped to free and its sequel 1112 episode 02 (TMA Review) is now available for a measly dollar. For those not familiar, the 1112 series is one of best known point and click adventure games on the iDevice and episode 2 even headlines the first person point and click category in our App Store’s Best Adventure roundup. If you missed these gems previously, now’s a great time to delve into the mystery of the Johnny Depp look-a-like, Louis Everett.

1112 episode 01 Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 01, 76.5 MB – Free
1112 episode 01 HD Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 01 HD, 98.3 MB – Free

1112 episode 02 Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 02 (TMA Review), 95.2 MB – $0.99
1112 episode 02 HD Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 02 HD, 155 MB – $0.99

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Dollar Bin: $0.99 App Store Deals you don’t want to miss

The weekend’s just around the corner and thankfully, there are a number of bestselling games for both the iPhone and iPad that are on sale for a buck. Titles like Capcom’s STREET FIGHTER IV and MONSTER HUNTER Dynamic Hunting, Modern Combat 2 and Inotia 3 to name a few are part of this $0.99 list. Some price drops are good for only a day or so, while others until the end of August. Check out the complete roundup after the break.

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TouchMyApps’ Staff picks for 2010 – Top of the top, cream of the crop!

It’s New Year’s eve and a lonely editor at TMA headquarters has been shackled to his desk, the key hidden away in a contraption worthy of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. The only way of getting out is to finally finish his post on the best of the best of 2010. And since, as you guessed it, that editor is me and I really want to get home to my wife, here we go.

2010 has been an amazingly fruitful year for all things Apple. First we got hit over our heads with the iPad, which has revolutionized the tablet market and against all odds is selling like hot cakes all around the world. Then the whole Gizmodo-iPhone-leak story, culminating in final release of the completely revolutionary iPhone 4. Then the brand new iPod lineup along with the long awaited re-release of the Apple TV as an iOS device. The releases of RAGE HD and Infinity Blade (TMA Review) set a new bar for graphics on the iDevice and have reasserted the iPhone as the leading mobile gaming platform. And these are only the high-high level announcements, with lots more going on in the Apple arena.

For TMA the year has been fertile as well, with the opening of the forums and several new faces in the editorial crowd. Speaking of which, to give our dues to 2010, we’ve banded together and brainstormed out our favorite games and apps of the year. Whether you’ve had an iDevice for a long time or just got your shiny new iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for Christmas/ New Year, these are some of the titles you must check out! So, without further ado, presenting TMA’s Staff picks for 2010.

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App Hall of Fame – November 2010 Inductees

The November votes have been tallied and another 12 Apps and Games have been inducted into the App Hall of Fame. For those not familiar, AHoF was created by our friend Jeff Scott over at 148Apps, where committee members (which I’m apart of) help identify the best of the best Apps for the iDevice on a monthly basis (not to be confused with the recently released App Hall of Fame roundup by Apple).

The inaugural inductees from October included popular apps like Evernote, Instapaper and Angry Birds. And now, the latest and brightest apps inducted includes my favorite productivity and RSS apps: Reeder for iPhone, OmniFocus and Dropbox. The November selection is well rounded between both apps and games and there’s a good chance that some of them have already found a home on your iPhone/iPod Touch. You can find all 12 inductees for each month right here.

$0.99 App Store deals you don’t want to miss…

reckless racing

Reckless Racing a great deal at $0.99

So you have some credits left on your App Store account and don’t know what to buy? This roundup of hot price drops is for you then. With a ton of quality games that can be had now for a buck, there should be something for everyone. EA is at it once again with their dollar sales, and this time awesome titles like Reckless Racing, Skate It and COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT join in on the fun. Gameloft’s impressive Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, as well as UNO HD can also be yours for $0.99.

The entire list can be found after the gap, but as always, do hurry as most of the sales are only good for a very limited time. Happy app shopping!

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Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition has crashed onto the iPad

A little over a year ago a game took the App Store’s adventure section by storm, setting a new bar for others to follow and snatching the crown of the genre for several months to come. I’m talking, of course, about the excellent adaptation of Jules Verne’s Return To Mysterious Island (TMA Review) for the iPhone by Tetraedge games. And while it has since been surpassed by other titles in quality it still holds a well-deserved place in our App Store’s Best Adventure roundup. Well,  Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition has just been released for the iPad and surprisingly, it’s literally a completely different title, even developed by a different company.

Retour sur l'Ile Myst̩rieuse - Deluxe Edition Anuman, Return to Mysterious Island РDeluxe Edition Р$9.99

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[Updated] Labor Day App Store Sales!

Labor Day weekend (and a new school season) is upon us and the App Store is abuzz with plenty of sales and prices – with EA, Namco and Glu leading the way with some awesome $0.99 deals. Titles like Trivial Pursuit, MONOPOLY, PAC-MAN, Build-a-Lot 2 and a whole lot more can be had for only a buck. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got some cash/iTunes credits to burn and want to take advantage of these sweet sales, be sure to take a peep after the gap for the complete list!

Update: The ** denotes a newly added item in roundup.

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iApps for Students – Best bang-for-the-buck back to School Apps

As summer draws to a close, there’s a bigger and better reason for going back to school this September – shiny new apps for your shiny new iPad and iPhone 4.

Check out the ongoing sale at iApps for Students and take a pick from a wide selection of useful apps for school for your Mac, iPhone and iPad – massive discounts ranging from 20 to 99% off will certainly make app shopping easier on the wallet. These apps make student life a little easier with its selection of educational, personal finance management and notetaking tools, with games, entertainment, photography apps thrown in.

You might want to revisit last year’s cream of the crop back to school app roundup by TMA and check if you have these recommended apps in your collection already. So it’s time to shine that gorgeous new baby of yours and go back to school with a bang!

Apple: Free on the App Store list

Recently, Apple has been periodically featuring various App Roundups on the App Store, ones that include The Best Games You’ve Never Played and Awesome iOS 4 Apps. Their latest effort focuses on Free apps and it’s called Free on the App Store. Aside from the subcategories New & Noteworthy and Our Favorites, you’ll also find an interesting section dubbed Try Before You Buy. These are essentially Lite versions of paid apps and are hand picked by the Apple Staff. There are currently 98 on the list and it includes both games and non-game apps. Here are a few that you’ll find:

These suggestions made by Apple are actually quite good, as they cover a wide range of apps for nearly every occasion. Take a look. You can may find some new apps & games to add to your app collection. The Free on the App Store list can be found on iTunes here. On your iDevice, it’s under Feature–>New within the App Store app.