Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition has crashed onto the iPad

A little over a year ago a game took the App Store’s adventure section by storm, setting a new bar for others to follow and snatching the crown of the genre for several months to come. I’m talking, of course, about the excellent adaptation of Jules Verne’s Return To Mysterious Island (TMA Review) for the iPhone by Tetraedge games. And while it has since been surpassed by other titles in quality it still holds a well-deserved place in our App Store’s Best Adventure roundup. Well,  Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition has just been released for the iPad and surprisingly, it’s literally a completely different title, even developed by a different company.

Retour sur l'Ile Myst̩rieuse - Deluxe Edition Anuman, Return to Mysterious Island РDeluxe Edition Р$9.99

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[Updated] Labor Day App Store Sales!

Labor Day weekend (and a new school season) is upon us and the App Store is abuzz with plenty of sales and prices – with EA, Namco and Glu leading the way with some awesome $0.99 deals. Titles like Trivial Pursuit, MONOPOLY, PAC-MAN, Build-a-Lot 2 and a whole lot more can be had for only a buck. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got some cash/iTunes credits to burn and want to take advantage of these sweet sales, be sure to take a peep after the gap for the complete list!

Update: The ** denotes a newly added item in roundup.

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iApps for Students – Best bang-for-the-buck back to School Apps

As summer draws to a close, there’s a bigger and better reason for going back to school this September – shiny new apps for your shiny new iPad and iPhone 4.

Check out the ongoing sale at iApps for Students and take a pick from a wide selection of useful apps for school for your Mac, iPhone and iPad – massive discounts ranging from 20 to 99% off will certainly make app shopping easier on the wallet. These apps make student life a little easier with its selection of educational, personal finance management and notetaking tools, with games, entertainment, photography apps thrown in.

You might want to revisit last year’s cream of the crop back to school app roundup by TMA and check if you have these recommended apps in your collection already. So it’s time to shine that gorgeous new baby of yours and go back to school with a bang!

Apple: Free on the App Store list

Recently, Apple has been periodically featuring various App Roundups on the App Store, ones that include The Best Games You’ve Never Played and Awesome iOS 4 Apps. Their latest effort focuses on Free apps and it’s called Free on the App Store. Aside from the subcategories New & Noteworthy and Our Favorites, you’ll also find an interesting section dubbed Try Before You Buy. These are essentially Lite versions of paid apps and are hand picked by the Apple Staff. There are currently 98 on the list and it includes both games and non-game apps. Here are a few that you’ll find:

These suggestions made by Apple are actually quite good, as they cover a wide range of apps for nearly every occasion. Take a look. You can may find some new apps & games to add to your app collection. The Free on the App Store list can be found on iTunes here. On your iDevice, it’s under Feature–>New within the App Store app.

Apple’s Awesome iOS 4 Apps

Apple seems to be on a roll of late with App Store app lists. First came The Best Games You’ve Never Played, a roundup of hidden gems that haven’t quite burned up the app charts. Now they’ve released the Awesome iOS 4 Apps list, a collection of apps and games that have been updated to take advantage of iOS 4’s new features, like support for the Retina Display and Multitasking/Fast App Switching. Here are some notable that have made the list:

Now I haven’t tried all 42 apps on the list, but I don’t think I’d consider all of them to be awesome. I suppose it’s all a matter of personal preference and interests (and of course, apps that actually have been updated for iOS 4 already). The entire Apple roundup can be found right here on iTunes.

HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1 in Review – A “Half-decent” adventure worth its weight in gold…

Sadly, the adventure game genre on the App Store is far from being heavily populated. In fact each and every release, be it even a sub-par one, is a welcome addition. Most of them are ports of PC titles with a few rare but superb exceptions – 1112 episode 01, 1112 episode 02 (TMA Review), 1112 episode 02 HD and Fallen EP-1 (TMA Review). And out of the blue a new underdog just popped onto the scene: HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1. In the best traditions of Sam & Max, developers Straandlooper send Detective Inspector Hector  – their last and only line of defence against crime – to stop the sniper terrorizing downtown.

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Secret of the Lost Cavern Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

TouchMyApps is giving away 10 copies of Colodia’s iPhone and iPod Touch adventure game Secret of the Lost Cavern ($4.99). Previously released in episodes (4 in all), the developers have now offered the full version in a single game. Chiffan reviewed Episode 1 and found it enjoyable, giving it a solid Grab it rating. And for those of you new to the storyline, here’s the basic premise:

15,000 B.C.

Strange symbols found while hunting remind Arok of an encounter with a charismatic traveler a long time ago. In order for him to find his long-forgotten friend, the most brilliant painter of Prehistoric times, Arok begins a long and perilous journey.

Play as Arok and enter a fascinating and bewitching Stone Age adventure. Learn about Prehistoric life, follow the path of your mentor and work with him to recreate the paintings of the renowned Lascaux Cave. Venture through a wild time and decipher the symbols left by our ancestors. Hunt, fish, cut stones, paint animated frescoes and take part in mysterious shamanist ceremonies to win your place among the Lascaux Cave artist tribe.

So are you an adventure games fanatic or simply enjoy solving a good mystery? If so, be sure to see how you can enter this giveaway after the gap!

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Secret of the Lost Cavern Continued – Part 2 of the saga is out on the AppStore

Some time ago I reviewed the excellent adventure set in the prehistoric times from Coladia – Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 I was astounded by the beautiful graphics and excellent storyline of the game and it has earned a well deserved spot in our The App Store’s Best Adventure roundup. And I’m happy to announce that the second episode of the tale Arok is finally out on the AppStore! You can find the screens and description after the gap or simply get it using the link below. You can also check out the first part if you missed it. Our Review of Episode 1 is in blue.

Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep. 2 Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep. 2 – $0.99

Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 – $0.99

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Adventure gamer’s paradise – Price Drops!

Hey there, folks. I know, you’ve missed you’re favourite adventure games addict. Christmas and New Year have gone by, but the steals and deals continue. And on my first day back from vacation I couldn’t miss the latest price drops, especially since they are for my favourite genre: Adventure games.

You might have seen my AppStore The App Store’s Best Adventure roundup and guess what – some of titles on sale are also featured there! So without further ado I present the list (after the gap).

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Dollar (App) Store! – Castle of Magic now $0.99 + More great deals

review-games-castle-of-magic-extramagicBefore the iPhone came around, (mobile) gamers used to consider it a steal whenever they could find quality titles on sale for $19.99, down from a whopping price tag of $39.99 for PSP and Nintendo DS games. iDevice gamers on the other hand, fortunately don’t have to dish out more than $10 for an App Store game and many can routinely be had for a mere dollar.

In our latest installment of Price Drop posts, there are some amazing deals that shouldn’t be missed. Gameloft’s Castle of Magic (arguably the best platform adventurer on the iPhone) and Rise of Lost Empires are now only $0.99. Konami has also gotten in on the fun and both their POWER PROS TOUCH and SILENT SCOPE games have a newly reduced price tag. Be sure to check our roundup of $0.99 games/apps after the jump, but hurry though as some of these sales are only for a limited time. Enjoy!

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