Hot news of the day – Guess the News is FREE for a day!

We’ve got stellar news for you folks! FingerArts has just informed me that their highly acclaimed game, Guess the News, has just been set FREE for a day in collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day project. Our beloved Enuh reviewed Guess the News back in late Fall 2009 and was very much impressed with the game and awarded it a firm Grab-It rating.

More than just a novelty, Guess the News is a great word puzzle game with a unique concept and an educational component. A steal at $0.99, it offers unlimited game content, informative news and an enjoyable game experience that makes it stand out from the rest. It’s a game for all ages and discriminating game tastes.

Guess the News Finger Arts, Guess the News (TMA Review) – Free

And if you missed our Freebies Roundup yesterday, be sure to check out some of the more notable games that have recently gone free.

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Updated: Freebies Roundup – BloodyRush, The Hive and more FREE for limited time

Update: Com2uS’ mighty fun and action-packed Heavy Gunner is now FREE for limited time as well. Several other new titles have also been added to our roundup.

This week’s first Freebie Roundup post is back and we’ve hand picked some of the more notable and worthwhile games that have recently dropped in price to free on the App Store. iBlast Moki (TMA Review), one of the hit games from ’09, dropped to $0 a few days ago and still remains a free download. There’re plenty more in our roundup (currently 12 titles), so be sure to take a peek after the break and see if you can find one or more that tickle your fancy.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 7 – 13]

As always there were a bunch of games released for the iPhone / iPad this week.  However, I wouldn’t exactly call it a stellar week for notable releases.  Of course the big news was the release of Guitar Hero for iPhone, something people have been waiting for ever since Tap Tap Revenge hit the streets.  Personally I don’t get the appeal, but to each their own.  Interestingly enough, this very week we also saw the release of Slash’s Arcade Rocker, a competitor to both Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge.  It appears that this game has been pulled from the U.S. Store, however.  The company that released Slash’s Arcade Rocker has also released a generically named Arcade Rocker as well.  Confused yet?  I know I am.

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Updated – Freebies Roundup: Plushed, Pool Ninja and more FREE for limited time

Update: Our roundup has been updated with several more high profile freebies, including PuzzleQuest Chapter 1 and 2 (one of my favs on the PSP) and Racer!!

Several days ago, we posted a nice round up of some App Store freebies (some of the drops are still in effect, so grab ’em!). Well the weekend is just around the corner and we’ve got ourselves another batch of quality paid–>free games/apps. Fans of the platform genre will love Plushed, a delightful and unique adventure-platformer that puts a plushed bunny-knight in charge of saving the princess. The well thought out puzzles and lovely artwork make this a worthwhile addition to App Store collection. Also free is Pool Ninja, a surprisingly fun pool game where the goal is clear each stages objectives in the least amount of time (ie clear table of only certain colored balls). If you like Pool/Billards, there’s a good chance you’ll have some fun with this one.

For the full Freebies roundup (and there’re lots of them), be sure to take a peek after the break…Do hurry though as some of these deals are only good for 1 day!

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [May 31 – June 6]

Once again the week started out slow, but eventually the interesting titles started filtering in.  Of course the biggest news was the release and subsequent pulling of Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within due to a bug in the menu system.  Also of note was the release of Call Of Duty: World At War: Zombies II, which if you ask me needs a shorter title.  If you like a bit of classics merged with modern horror there’s Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, and adventure game buffs actually got an iPhone only and original release (in other words, not a port) in the form of Hector: Badge Of Carnage.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [May 24 – 30]

The first couple days of this week were a bit slow for new releases, and the all of a sudden the folks over at the App Store approval center must have finally woken up.  If you’re into action / stealth games you’ve got Splinter Cell Conviction from Gameloft.  Fancy yourself a bit of a retro gamer?  Check out the updated classic that started the franchise with Prince of Persia® Retro.  How about a mad game of kart racing?  The App Store has that covered as well with Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2.  Don’t quite have the budget for Splinter Cell or Crash?  There are always some solid smaller titles like Pirate’s Treasure and Assault Squadron. Complete roundup after the gap!

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5 New App Store Games To Watch

Welcome to the inaugural post of a new article that should help consolidate the previous week’s game releases for the iPhone / iPod Touch (and possibly iPad).  This past week [May 17 – May 23] saw the release of Shrek Forever After: The Game, a fairly standard looking platformer with a big green ogre as the protagonist.  For the racing fans there’s Split/Second from Disney, the game that promises “if you can’t out run them, use the city to take them out”.  One thing that’s great about the App Store is that there’s always a wide variety of new releases to choose from.

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[Updated] App Store Freebies Roundup

Update: Our Freebies Roundup has been updated with more titles, including: B-Boy Beats and BATTLE BEARS: Zombies!

Just in time for the weekend, we have another roundup of App Store apps and games that are now FREE! Origin8’s Robot Rampage, a game Steve reviewed and loved, is now a freebie thanks to the launch of Space Station Frontier HD for the iPad [iPhone version review]. Dizzypad, another fun and addictive title from Nimblebit, is now free after the announcement of their upcoming iPad version. And for all you who loved the fantastic shooter MiniSquadron Mini, MrFungFung has just released the brand new MiniSquadron Special Edition. It’s a “freemium” based game this time round with lots of new features and in-app purchases will open up later levels.

The entire Freebies roundup can be found after the break, but do hurry though as some of the price drops will only last for a day. Enjoy!

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App Store Freebies + Price Drops Roundup

Several days ago, we posted an App Store freebies roundup that featured some great apps going free. The good news is that the majority of those titles are still FREE (in case you missed them). The even better news is that we have another roundup for you today, and we’ve included some excellent price drops as well. The freebies come from an assortment of both games and apps, including Pictogrid, Battle for Vesta and ‘stachetastic. In the sales column, you’ll find such hits as Diner Dash, X2 Snowboarding, The Price is Right 2010 (screenshot) and more! Complete lists of freebies and price drops after the gap.

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Week in Review – Lite Apps Roundup

liteapps3This past week, there have been some great games that went ‘Lite’ at the App Store. We’ve already mentioned how Toki Tori Lite includes some brand new levels not seen in the full version. Perhaps the most anticipated lite app on this list is non other than Knights Onrush Free, a great Castle Defense title we reviewed here and found loads of fun. Two well designed match ’em puzzlers ranked in the Top 10 have also seen lite versions released: Bloons Lite and StoneLoops! of Jurassica Lite. While Gameloft’s new Rise of the Lost Empires maybe the premium and hit RTS on the iDevice, Solus Games’ Stragea Lite will give fans of the genre a cheaper alternative to get their strategy fix. Finally, Gary Fung’s Type Emoji – Installs iEmoji, iEmoticon, Smiley is a free and great way to get emojis onto your iDevice. That’s right, with this easy to use app, you can free all your emoticons and go bananas sending smileys to your bff. Be sure to check out the entire list below for some more worthwhile lite apps to try out!