EA and Gameloft games on sale for ‘Black Friday’

review-games-thesims3-realenemiessleeptogetherWith Thanksgiving quickly approaching, shoppers are gearing up for some serious bargains across the US. At the App Store, two of the biggest iDevice game publishers in EA and Gameloft are leading the charge with some awesome app sales. From Electronic Arts’ end, you will find Command & Conquer, FIFA 10, Monopoly and much more at reduced prices. Gameloft’s $0.99 sales include Shrek Kart, Blades of Fury and Real Tennis 2009. If you’ve been eying a few of their titles, strike while the iron’s hot! The complete list can be found after the break.

We’ll be doing a MASSIVE round up of Black Friday sales tomorrow, so be sure to check back right here at TMA!

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Upcoming Gameloft games: The Settlers, Rogue Planet and Castle Frenzy

The-Settlers-Preview-1Gameloft, having recently released a pair of highly anticipated titles in Ashpalt 5 and Earth Worm Jim, are at it once again with the announcement of more great looking games.  The Settlers, a critically acclaimed RTS series for the PC and one of the more popular in the genre, will be making its way onto the iDevice (with optimized gameplay for the platform). Rogue Planet, developed by 1112’s Agharta Studios, is a very promising futuristic TBS (turn-based strategy) that I’m hoping will be the iPhone’s answer to the big N’s Advanced Wars. Finally, Castle Frenzy, another castle defense type game, looks to wow fans of the genre with some snazzy visuals and unique gameplay.  All in all, Gameloft have lined up 3 App Store titles that will surely have i-gamers whet with excitement. Be sure to check out the videos and more info after the break.

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Gameloft’s Asphalt 5 Gameplay trailer

I’ll make no secret of the fact that the venerable arcade hit, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing ranks highly among my favourite iDevice racers. Its combination of good graphics, playable physics, and selection of racetracks and cars is still a well-ordered kind of good. Well, its successor, whose beautiful fps you see above should be hitting the same store this week or when Apple’s arbitrary publishing arm hits the coveted ‘yes’ button. Asphalt 5 preserves the same great arcade feel while upping the race and graphics engine to 11.

If you have an questions, you won’t get answers from me till about a week after its debut – till then I’ll be snowed under a great rubbery deluge of burning tyres!

Gameloft’s Derek Jeter Real Baseball set to make contact for the iPhone

DerekJeterRealBaseball_Screenshot (1)RPGs? Check. Action titles? Check. Sports Games? Double check. Gameloft, one of the leading game publishers at the App Store, already have a handful of sports apps covered on the iDevice: Real Tennis, NFL 2010 and Real Soccer 2010 to name only a few. Now you can also add baseball to their resume. Bearing the name of Yankees star shortstop Derek Jeter, Gameloft hope to clean up the competition with Real Baseball’s solid 3D graphics and realistic gameplay elements. While specific details are scant at the moment, we’ve been provided with some screenshots and gameplay trailer for your eyes to feast on.

The other good news? Gameloft are also holding a contest that involves you, a baseball and a video cam for a chance at one of 10 prizes, including 3 iPod Touches just waiting to be won. Sweet.  More after the jump.

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Gameloft’s Modern Combat: Sandstorm blasts into App Store


About a month ago, we had posted the teaser trailer for the eagerly awaited Modern Combat: Sandstorm by Gameloft. The video surprised a lot of folks with just how good games on the iDevice can look and makes us wonder if developers have already pushed the iPlatform to its limits in the visuals department (lets hope not). Well the wait is over for all you FPS and Call of Duty 4 fans;  Modern Combat is now finally out at the App Store.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Gameloft’s new action-thriller will plunge you into the heart of modern war. Assigned to Mission Sandstorm, your duty is to locate and annihilate a new terrorist cell setting up shop and recruiting foreign insurgents in a remote desert hot spot. This jarring first person shooter will equip you with the most sophisticated and powerful modern day weapons.

You never want to judge a book by its cover, but damn, Modern Combat is looking like a must have FPS for the iPhone/iPod Touch. If blasting terrorists to bits is your cup of tea (on the iDevice no less), you probably don’t want to miss out on Gameloft’s latest App Store offering. More info including a sweet gameplay trailer after the jump.

Gameloft, Modern Combat: Sandstorm, $6.99, 185 MB
Enigmo 2

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Gameloft to release NFL 2010

nfl2010_preview1Gameloft is certainly no stranger to the App Store, having already released some gems that include Castle of Magic and Hero of Sparta. If you’re a sports fanatic though, they also have Let’s Golf, Real Soccer 2009 and Real Tennis 2009 to keep you busy while on the go. Now you can add Football (American Football that is for all you hardcore soccer fans out there) to the mix. Gameloft has just sent us word that they will be releasing NFL 2010 for your iPhone/iPod Touch towards the end of August. While details are scant at this time, we do know that this will be the first FULL football simulation at the App Store and more importantly, a fully licensed NFL game with all your favorite team and players. Judging from the screenshots alone, NFL 2010 looks to be coming around nicely and Gameloft may have another sports hit on their hands. More screenies after the jump!

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TMA Giveaway: Win iTunes Gift Cards Courtesy of Gameloft!!! (Closed)


Note: Our Gameloft giveaway has ended. Be sure to check out our current gift card giveaway right here!

TouchMyApps is giving away $100 dollars worth of iTunes Gift Cards courtesy of Gameloft, one of the most recognizable and popular developers/publishers of video games around the world. It is no surprise then that Gameloft has quickly positioned themselves as an App Store heavyweight and favorite with hits such as Castle of Magic, Let’s Golf, Hero of Sparta and Assassin’s Creed, to just name a few. If there’s a particular genre of games you dig, Gameloft has likely got you covered, with over 30 quality apps for your enjoyment.

As you may well know, our weekly contests have featured plenty of giveaways, and this Gameloft offering is easily our biggest yet! Over the next 7 days, the giveaway will be open for your chance to win 1 of 10 $10 gift cards. Entering is as easy as submitting a comment within and retweeting our Twitter message. Complete details can be found after the jump, so what are you waiting for?

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Gameloft’s Castle of Magic Contest


Gameloft’s Castle of Magic, a truly beautiful adventure title with luscious 3D environments, has taken the App Store by storm and positioned itself as THE best platformer for the iDevice. With everything going for C.o.M except a name for its Hero, Gameloft now wants your help in deciding what to call its adorable blue-caped magician. To enter, all you need to do is become a fan on their Facebook page and submit your entry on the wall; or follow them on Twitter ‘n send them a tweet with your idea. What’s at stake here? A chance to name the hero in his upcoming adventures AND an iPod nano. Sweet! More details and a contest video explaining the rules after the jump. Good luck to all!

As noted in our last Lite Apps Roundup, Gameloft has released a free version of the platformer, Castle of Magic Lite. So if you’ve got a name but no game, you know what to do…

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10 App Store Games To Watch [9/7/15]


As usual I’ve tried to provide you with a list of entertaining games to play, but the big surprise this week is that two of them are based off of iconic licenses and manage to transcend their genres to provide extremely fun games.  Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter takes the extremely over-saturated match 3 genre, adds in plenty of incarnations of the Ghostbusters franchise and treats the whole thing with enough respect to make it a worth addition to the most avid match 3 player’s sprawling collection.  Spider-Man Unlimited tackles the Temple Run style infinite runner in much the same way, and the incorporation of multiple versions of Spider-Man and his most famous villains is a great touch.  On a non-licensed note, one of the best strategy games to hit the App Store in some time made the list as well in the form of Galactic Keep.  If you want to learn more about what went into this game, check out my interview with one of the development team here.
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