Star Wars: Battle for Hoth in Review – Stopped they must be; on this all depends.

Star Wars is definitely one of the pillars of science-fiction. The original trilogy revolutionized how the general public perceive the genre and has left it’s trail in almost all areas of life – be it toys, CCGs, books or videogames. Even on the iDevice the franchise has left quite an impression, with Star Wars The Force Unleashed and the recent Star Wars: Trench Run being the most noteworthy titles. And now they have been joined by arguably the best Star Wars game on the iDevice to date in the form of a Tower Defence – Star Wars: Battle for Hoth.

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Highborn in Review – The ultimate fight with an Arch-lich named Floyd

Hello there, folks! I’m finally back from my long deserved vacation in the wonderful Italian town of Rimini. I know, you missed me :) Anyhow, I won’t bore you with descriptions of the wonderful time I had. Instead, allow me to tell you about a game that has kept me entertained during the long flights there and back as well as in some lengthy train trips. I’m talking, of course, about a recently released TBS by the name of Highborn.

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Apple: The Best Games You’ve Never Played

Hot on the heels of the iPhone 4 launch, Apple is showcasing a brand new feature page on iTunes dubbed “The Best Games You’ve Never Played“. Presumably aimed at brand new iPhone 4 owners/App Store users (or those who who don’t follow the games section too closely), the list includes more obscure titles like Deadball Specialist, Dungeon Scroll, PonPonPanic and Warblade. Of course, these types of roundups can be very subjective, but it does appear that Apple has done a pretty good job with its selection. Admittedly, I have yet to personally try all 50 games, though here are 10 that I have played and thoroughly enjoyed:

With over 30,000 games at the App Store, it likely wasn’t an easy task for Apple to come up with “only” 50 titles. Regardless, here’s the App Store link to the Best Games You’ve Never Played.

Battle of Puppets in Review- Pinocchio, There’s A New Puppet In Town

There are plenty of castle defense games out there, so what would make you choose one over another? Ease of control, amount of features, and replayability are certainly all contributing factors to such a decision – and I’m sure you have your own as well. You might find those factors in Battle of Puppets, but what attracts me most to this game is theme and style. I can guarantee that you’ve not seen anything quite like this before in the realm of castle defense games, and while I’m not a big fan of the genre, Battle Of Puppets makes me want to explore it just a little bit more. Feel free to discuss this review of Battle of Puppets in our forums.

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One of the major projects this last Christmas has been the AppVentCalendar. An initiative, organized by Blacksmith Games and joined by a number of developers, each of which made their app free for one day. The results were so succesfull, that Blacksmith games, together with: ICS Mobile, creators of Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense; Tapjoy, creators of TapDefense; and the leading iPhone social platform, OpenFeint, have decided to launch – where the same principle is going to run 365 days each year.

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TMA Springboard Favourites: Games

TMA has a pretty gnarly selection of editors and contributors from around the globe. And in the spirit of giving and taking, we would like to share our favourite App Store games with you. Strap on your safety belts and get your pens in order because this article is about to shed light on the darkest of our gaming secrets.

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New App Store games roundup

Preview-RavenswordIf you’re an iPhone or iPod Touch gamer, today is certainly a good day for new (gaming) content. First and foremost, Chillingo’s highly anticipate 3D Action/RPG Ravensword: The Fallen King is now available for download. With the App Store lacking in titles like Oblivion, Ravensword is hoping to fill the void with its RPG elements and massive open world. For fans of the castle defense genre, Gameloft have let loose the gorgeous Castle Frenzy, an snazzy looking defense game that could become another best seller. And of course, there is THQ’s Star Wars: Trench Run, a tilt based space combat sim that will have you reliving the the destruction of the death star from the original movie.

Be sure to out the entire list of new games after the gap!

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Dragon Slaughter Episode l in Review – Rebirth of the TD genre?


Ok folks, I know you are probably sick and tired of hearing this from me, but the Tower Defence genre has been a bit stale lately. And even the appearances of recent titles like TriDefense and geoDefense Swarm have done little to change that, with things being more of a quantitive than a qualitative difference from the older representatives of the genre. Well, this may finally have changed. Rockiphone, the developers of Battlefield, an open-field TD with a rather interesting and different upgrade path, have gone out and put together another TD game called Dragon Slaughter Episode 1.

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Dead Panic in Review – TD is dead and panicking?


Hola, folks! The Tower Defence genre has been a bit stale lately. Despite the constant appearance of new titles, there have not been any really fresh ideas for some time now. Or have there? Independent developer Sean Maher’s mont-old Dead Panic is a cross between the Hero and Tower defence genres that has been shouldering the burden of expectation. But is it what we’ve been waiting for?

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Modern Combat: Sandstorm in Review – I’m Not Crying, I Just Got Sand In My Eyes

Having just recovered from the sheer awe of Gangstar, my sanity is threatened again by yet another awesome cat which Gameloft just pulled from the proverbial bag: Modern Combat: Sandstorm (MC: S). Saying MC: S is a FPS (first person shooter) with nice 3D graphics would be an understatement. MC: S is one of the most realistic App Store games to date; a game with a fantastic story line, voiceovers, amazing sound effects – saying that would just about cover the tip of the iceberg.

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