Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets Lite Now With iOS 4 Tips

Bristol, UK – Tips & Tricks – Intelligenti today have released an update to their popular Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets Lite to include new iOS4 tips. With the app having been downloaded over 2 million times worldwide, version 4.0 offers new tips that will help all users. With this being a free app, it aims to be used by all getting acquainted with their device or those looking to learn some more.

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Motorola Droid X and Hitler cozy up in goose-stepping iPhone 4 hate

Last week, Hitler’s iPhone 4 badmouthing was the rage. This week, it is just cute. Motorola, you know, the Google Nexus-shafted maker of the Droid, has a new phone coming out. It looms LARGE (and I do mean large). Its 4,3 inch screen is big enough to encourage b-boyism everywhere; its Adobe Flash compatibility should be enough to wet the panties of porn-fans everywhere – but that’s not all. Sure, it’s got a noise-friendly 8MP camera and it is black. The real killer, however, is its two antennas; these bunny ears alone will make dead-palming their handset nigh on impossible.

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Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets Now Covers iOS 4 for iPhone

Bristol, UK – Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets has released a free update so that it now covers the new iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod touch. Available now trough the App store, it offers over 120 tips covering all aspects with using the new iOS 4 including multitasking, rotation lock and even finding the hidden hold calls button. Having already sold 1.7 million iPhone 4’s, there is a lot of users who are looking to get the most out of their new gadget.

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iBed – finally, you can pillow your iPhone!

(Facetious Editor Alert): Phone OS 3.2 is on the horizon and idiots all over are clamouring for multitasking, better home screen, and icon organisation among other useless features. Apple may make waves by catching up to certain other smartphones which have enabled these features since day one, but their best efforts amount to the smallest of ripples in my personal puddle.

I want to lay down with my mail, my web, my Facebook without the damn accelerometer forcing me to sit straight up or holding onto my iDevice like a chin up bar. iBed, a simple utility allows the lazy (or way too busy) to get a good grip on the erstwhile unwieldy platform. Honestly, Apple, this 0.99$ app has outdone one of the the most easy ‘features’ you could have added to your list of innovations. Internal support is somewhat limited of course as it cannot make changes to universal toggles, but the included clients cover the majority of bases for the majority of North Americans at least. Thank you Tal Shrestha.

iBed Tal Shrestha, iBed – $0.99

Piccies and more after the gap:

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iDevice crime on the rise – iPhone seen Breaking Jail

So, after the Mobistar fiasco, it is clear that the iPhone ain’t just another phone. From Tokyo to Toledo, it’s in high demand and draws a load of envy from have-nots. I fit into the latter group, but unlike the 3 men from L.A. who committed 28 aught crimes against Apple Store customers, my dearth shouldn’t cause worse mischief than random petty theft.

I am actually prey to other deterrents: smashingly beautiful smartphones, and superphones too.

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Zipbuds by DGA: Fashionable and Tangle-Resistant Earbuds – Now Available

San Diego California – Digital Group Audio (DGA), founded by two life-long friends and best known for “Perfecting Portable Sound(TM)”, is proud to introduce consumers to their new best buds. Today, DGA launches Zipbuds(TM), its second product in a line-up of innovative, high-quality audio/video portable electronics. Tired of incessant earbud tangling, DGA created Zipbuds, the first earbud system to incorporate tangle-resistant, zipper-integrated, braided nylon cabling. Featuring unrivaled sound quality and a secure and comfortable fit, these ultra-light, ultra-flexible earbuds blaze a bold new path where no earbud has gone before.

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Grantwood Technology Ships Car Kit for iPad

Middleburg Heights, Ohio – Grantwood Technology, LLC today is pleased to announced the release of the Car Kit for iPad, consisting of a SimpleCase for iPad, headrest straps, and FM transmitter/Car Charger for iPad. The Car Kit for iPad is compatible with the iPad and iPad 3G and can be used with almost any vehicle. The Car Kit for iPad allows the iPad to be strapped to a headrest, around the base of the headrest or between two headrests. The FM transmitter simultaneously charges the iPad while playing the sound over the car speakers.

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New High-Resolution iBook Gives You All the iPad Help You Need

Bristol, United Kingdom – A beautiful high-resolution illustrated edition of Tips and Tricks – iPad Secrets is now available as an iBook to download through the iBooks store. Featuring over 80 great illustrated tips, it utilizes the iBooks reader to provide a brilliant reading experience to learn all about the iPad. With over 3 million iPads sold, this is the perfect companion to the iPad.

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