Evil Angry Planet in Review – That’s what Greenpeace has been warning us all along…

For years and years various conspiracy theorists have been theorizing about Earth having a soul, or Gaia as it is sometimes called. This soul, encompassing all life on the planet, is thought to be dormant, waking up only on extreme occasions to protect Earth from danger. It turns out they were not talking exactly about Earth. In the near future, mankind spreads across the nearby cosmos and finds a planet with a unique gas, allowing it to reach new heights in science and production. But the Evil Angry Planet is definitely not too happy about this.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [Mar. 28 – April 3]

Turn based zombie slaying, racing with big guns and location based gang wars are where it’s at this week.  Tactical Soldier – Undead Uprising (TMA Review) turns zombie hunting into a thinking man’s game, which makes it different than just about any other undead simulation around.  Death Rally brings the big guns back to overhead track racing, and you’ll get to go head to head with the likes of Duke Nukem (while he’s waiting Forever for his own game again).  For the rebellious socialite there’s Mob Empire, a game that lets you check in to real world locations to use as your territorial bases of operation as you conquer the world.

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Coming Soon – Avadon: The Black Fortress, Fantasy Adventure For the iPad

Seattle, Washington – Spiderweb Software, Inc. announced today the upcoming release of their first Indie fantasy role-playing game for the iPad. Avadon: The Black Fortress HD is an epic adventure in a strange and dangerous world. You are a spy and warrior, tasked to fight the enemies of your homeland. As a servant of the Black Fortress, your word is law. Gain power and influence, experience an exciting adventure, and battle a conspiracy to destroy your people. Continue reading…

Splinter Cell Conviction in Review – There’s no stopping Uncle Sam!

Stealth-Action games are a relatively new genre in the gaming market. Having been originated by the legendary Thief series of games, they were only made truly popular by the Splinter Cell franchise under the umbrella of the king of modern warfare literature – Tom Clancy. And Gameloft, no stranger to bringing over highly successful game franchises from other platforms to the iDevice, has released a special version of the latest instance in the series – Splinter Cell Conviction™.

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Complaining about your expensive data plan? How would you feel about a $17400 monthly bill?

Almost a year ago, when I was just starting to write for TMA, I ran a story about a poor sod who ran into an almost $15000 data charge due to a bug in Safari that continued streaming video from Youtube even after Safari was closed. Well, this record has just been broken! After a measely 4 hour session on the internet, a user got stuck with a whopping  $17500 bill!

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iPad email leak; Chrome bugs plugged by Apple: failure of online press

Gawker's misleading article

Let me rant a bit. I’ve been using a horrible piece of software that cost me 200$ CAD. It’s called Microsoft Office 2008. Today, in the middle of a freelance job, it crashed. Badly. Three files I was using and saving religiously went back to square one. I consider it a mercy though as I was fed up with that job anyway. But Microsoft Office 2008 problems aside, I’ve come across another troubling bit. TMA have made mistakes publishing stuff before. Hell, we’re bite-sized hobbyists. Prankster site, Gawker, however, isn’t. And neither is TechCrunch.

The pair made silly assumptions – headline-making, attention-grabbing assumptions today about Apple.

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Broken Sword: Director’s Cut HD is now out on the AppStore!

There are games and then there are Games. And one certainly worth the capital “G” is, of course, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut (TMA Review)! I think there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that it is one of the best adventure games on the iDevice and holds a well deserved crown of the top 3d person adventure in our AppStore’s Best Adventure Games round-up, which incidentally was updated quite recently with several new titles being added.

Well, now you can fully enjoy this BAFTA-winning classic on the big screen of your iPad with the long awaited release of Broken Sword: Director’s Cut HD for a measely sum of $7.99. What’s more, bundled with the big-screen version in addition to the high-res graphics is an exclusive never-before released digital comic by Dave Gibbons. Get the game now or check out the press-release and more screenshots after the gap.

Broken Sword: Director's Cut HD Revolution, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut HD – $7.99

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Warpgate in Review – Alone, against the galaxy, I will prevail!

About a year ago, the announcement of Warpgate, an open world space fighting/trading game caught my attention. Being a fan of  the classic Privateer/X series, this seemed to be the answer to all of my prayers. Well, the long wait is finally over and having spent a considerable amount of time with the game, I can say – it was worth it! Feel free to discuss Warpgate in our forums.

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Bent on world domination, Steve Jobs and Dr. Evil “laser” the masses

Finally, I’ve met someone who will back up my claims that Steve Jobs is indeed planning world domination! What I’ve been saying ever since the first exploding iPhones and iPod Touches has to be true. And this time it’s not some kind of a whacky conspiracy theorist, but a full blown doctor with a Ph. D. in psychology! Check out the snippet below or read the full article, Steve Jobs’ Diabolical Plan for Global Domination over at San Francisco Chronicle.

The whole iPhone (and iPod and iPad) thing is starting to sound like a 1950’s science fiction movie. If you’ve ever watched one of these now-totally-camp movies, the story line goes like this: A mad scientist bent on world domination invents a fanciful machine that turns humans into unthinking zombies over whom he has complete control. Now let’s update that storyline. A mad scientist by the name of Steve Jobs invents a fanciful machine called the iPhone that, according to a recent Stanford University survey, turns users into “junkies” allowing him and his evil empire to take over the world (at least the media world, so far). Now do you see it?

[via SFGate]