Fighting Fantasy: The Forest of Doom in Review – Much More Than Lions, Tigers and Bears Here


If you’re familiar with me, at least when it comes to my reviews, you know that I’m a big fan of Tin Man Games and their Gamebook Adventures.  I remember this sort of thing when the books were actually printed and you had to use real dice for combat and pen and paper to keep track of your inventory.  There are clearly so many advantages to an electronic version of this form of entertainment, and to date Tin Man Games has one of the best interfaces available.  It doesn’t hurt any that their stories are generally quite interesting as well.  So far The Forest of Doom has been no exception to the rule, though I will say that as a whole this one seems much harder than any of the ones I’ve played in the past.  I guess that means I’ll just have to put more effort into beating it.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 17 - 23]


I’m really impressed with how many weeks in a row there has been a strong selection of games to choose from.  Strategy buffs should check out Rivals for Catan, a port of a card game that is based off of a board game that has also been ported to the iOS platform.  You construct cities, build transports and in true strategy fashion try and take over the world.  If you prefer a little Pokemon style action then Monsters Invade: Oz might suit your needs.  This game has colorful hand drawn visuals, plenty of quests to complete and 100 monsters to collect and train.
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Karateka in Review – More Than Just A Facelift


With the release of Karateka Classic on the App Store, I thought I’d check out the remake that hit the virtual store shelves in December 2012.  There’s no question that this modern interpretation of the vintage karate brawler is more than just a namesake, but it’s hard to tell what the target audience is.  Causal gamers will likely get frustrated by the timing in later battles, while hardcore fighters will get bored with the lack of combos and repetitive back and forth combat.  About the only ones that will be truly satisfied with this updated version of Karateka are the ones that remember and love the original, but even then there are a couple of interesting twists and turns…

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 10 - 16]


This week’s selection of games was full of fun little surprises, including a movie tie-in that I actually really enjoy. First up, though, is a rogue-like game called Quadropus Rampage, which I almost picture what it would be like if they made an action version of Squids. The game has lots of redeeming qualities, but it’s almost worth it just for the goofy names of all the weapons. If you’re looking for something completely different you might want to try Rescue Me – The Adventures. As the name implies the game involves rescuing people, but the mechanics are clever and it can be quite humorous at times. Now about that movie tie-in: the game is Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Instead of trying to recreate the movie in a game this is simply an infinite runner that takes place in the Despicable Me universe, but there are enough movie references to satisfy fans and it’s just loads of fun.

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Otterbox Armor Series Case for iPhone 5 in Review – A multitalented case for your iPhone


Otterbox is no stranger to iPhone cases that provide serious amounts of protection, and the Defender case was proof of that. Now with the recent release of the Armor Series case – one Otterbox calls the “toughest case ever built” – your iPhone 5 is finally safe from the ill-effects of water damage. Besides being waterproof, the Armor case boasts protection against dust, 10 foot drops and can even withstand two tons of crushing force.

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Sparkle 2 in Review – Lame Name, Incredible Game

When it comes to certain genres like marble poppers, there’s not a lot of variation to be expected in actual game mechanics, unless you create some sort of mash up like what has become popular with match 3 games.  What does set one entry apart from another is the presentation, and in that regards Sparkle 2 excels even more than its predecessor did.  There are a couple of other things that make it rise to the top, though, so don’t think I’ve been unduly distracted by glittery things.  In the end, the Sparkle franchise continues to be my favorite marble popping addiction. Continue reading…

10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 3 - 9]


So many new games, so little time to play them all.  This was an big week for tower defense fans as there were at least 4 sizeable releases in the genre.  One of my all time favorite TD games was Kingdom Rush, and now we have the sequel in Kingdom Rush Frontiers.  With more than 18 tower abilities, 40+ monster types and 9 heroes to select and cultivate, this game promises to be bigger and better than its predecessor in every way.  Speaking of sequels, the cubes are back in Cubemen2.  In addition to everything else this installment might bring to the table, the game already offers a mind blowing 1500 user designed levels to play.  Com2Us has stepped into the fray with Defense Technica.  One standout feature of this offering is the use of tower cards which can be combined to create some unique defense structures.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [May 27 - June 2]


Well, I broke my “report on the little guys” mantra this week by bringing you the low down on what was probably the two biggest releases of the week, but it couldn’t be helped. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic has been around for a while, and from what I gather it’s not only a top notch RPG, but it’s one of the best outings the Star Wars IP has to offer in terms of video games. You start as an agent of the republic, but where you end up is full dependent on what you want to get out of the game. If you prefer fantasy to sci-fi I hear that Warhammer Quest is a pretty cool option. It looks like a beefed up board game, has the advantages of an electronic game system, and you’ll never loose any pieces. Finally, one I didn’t mention elsewhere in this article was World War Z. Sure it could be just another zombie shooter, but given Phosphor Games’ track record I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I’m eager to see how the handle their first free roaming first person game.

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Candymeleon HD in Review – Chameleons Like Candy Too


My first thought in regards to CandyMeleon was “oh great, another one of those games”.  You know, the ones where you have to feed a cute character candy all day long?  Sure enough it is, but at least there is no rope cutting or fan blowing or gadget positioning of any kind.  In fact, this really isn’t any sort of physics game at all.  Instead it’s a good old fashioned arcade game where you have to grab the good stuff, avoid the bad stuff and last as long as you can.  It’s also quite addictive once you get into it.  There’s no brain power required here, and it’s a nice change of pace when it comes to games about consuming sweets.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [May 20 - 26]


I’m surprised at how many weeks in a row the App Store has had a strong release list, especially since most of the games aren’t coming from the “big” publishers.  One of my favorite games this week was Something Has Changed, a minimalist game in terms of aesthetics and instructions.  What it does really well is challenge you to quickly adapt to ever-changing rules, no matter how slight those changes might be.  Dead Ahead is a fun new infinite runner zombie game from Chillingo.  It has some stylish visuals and lets you run over zombies with a motorcycle.  Strategy fans might want to check out Pirates vs Corsairs: Davey Jones’ Gold.  This game provides the goals of Risk in a slightly more lighthearted atmosphere, and you get to dodge sharks and Krakens to boot.

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