Please Fix the iPhone: If it IS broke, fix it?

Since the original 2G iPhone was released, users have hoped and prayed for what seemed like obvious features. Copy and Paste, MMS support, Flash content in Safari. Of course, these three notables are just part of a long list of what people really want on their iPhone. Want to see what this list includes? Well, y’er in luck! Thanks to FullSix’s iPhone website, you can see this list AND add your very own. The innovative and well designed website allows all iPhone users to give a voice on what’s missing on the phone. Once you add to the “Wish List”, others can vote on it as well. The more votes, the higher it climbs on the wish list rankings. Currently, the missing MMS feature is ranked #1, with copy and paste and flash support closely behind.  There is also a “Fixed” section, where you will find wishes that are finally implemented on the iPhone.

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Landscape Vs Portrait Vs Writing Pad

One of the most requested features on the iPhone is the ability to type emails in landscape view. Somehow, this feature still hasn’t made it’s way into the 2.1 firmware. The stock keyboard on the iPhone can certainly do the job, but if your fingers aren’t those of a 10 year old, chances are you will either be relying often on the auto correct feature or the backspace key.

In this post, I will be doing a non-scientific mini test and compare typing times in both landscape (done via the $0.99 app Wide Email) and portrait views. To add to the mix, I will include the innovative app called “Writing Pad”. For those who haven’t used this free app yet, instead of “typing” the keys one by one, you slide your fingers along the keyboard and trace the letters of your word. Your word then types itself out automatically and you keep sliding along. It is quite amazing.

I will be typing out the following paragraph, which happens to be a true story by the way. I will also be using the auto correct/complete feature (in stock email and wide email) to assist in the typing.

Years ago, this flight attendant was serving some coffee by hand. Somehow she misses the cup and down goes the coffee, right into the guy’s crotch. Being fairly new and inexperienced, she runs back into the galley, grabs a few towels and sprints back into the cabin. Without much time wasted, she reaches the passenger and starts rubbing the towels against his nether regions. Perhaps thinking she had done good with the clean up, she looks up at the guy and then she realizes she had been rubbing the wrong passenger all along. Now that’s what I call service in hospitality! The moral of this story? One man’s pain is another man’s gain!

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Laptops On-The-Go : A look at PDANet

There are many reasons for jailbreaking your iPhone, be it video recording, run apps in the background, or customize the theme of the springboard (the list goes on and on). Personally, if I had to choose just ONE reason to jailbreak, it would be the ability to tether my laptop. Tethering will allow my laptop to go online wirelessly through the high speed network of the iPhone. Just imagine the possibilities. Surf the web on your netbook/laptop even when there are no wireless networks nearby or if the networks are password protected.

This brings me to PdaNet,a free and simple app that will make your iPhone act like a wireless router. The beauty of it all lies in the fact that it uses an ad-hoc wi-fi network that allows the iPhone to connect to a PC or MAC. No need to enter any IP numbers or deal with any SOCKS proxy connections.

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m•Box Mail in Review: Calling all Hotmail users!

I know not everyone uses Hotmail, but one of the complaints early on by iPhone users was that the native Mail app didn’t support Hotmail of the box (unlike Yahoo and Gmail). Well, you can’t blame the iPhone since Hotmail Live does not support the standard IMAP, POP3, or Exchange protocols. You can use IzyMail as a webmail gateway, thereby giving you POP/IMAP settings to enter into the native mail app to retrieve your mail. The downfall here is that your emails pass through a third party server and not to mention a monthly fee for the service. To get around this dilemma, I dug out my rarely used gmail account, forwarded my Continue reading…