The Creeps in Review: Reasons 4 Another TD Game

thecreeps_review1Given the plethora of TD games (Tower Defense to the uninitiated) currently available through the App Store, there can be considerable hesitation in the purchase of a new game within this genre. In the midst of some original and unoriginal ideas, The Creeps is more than able to set itself apart from some of its more mundane brethren.

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First Look at iBlueAngel – Magic Web Browser


This past week, Apple let through another genre of apps that were previously off limits to the App Store: Web Browsers. While the majority of them are either one trick ponies or serve a more specific purpose (hiding your surfing tracks in Incognito), I had a chance to test out iBlueAngel, a web browsing app that attempts to rise above the competition. It is easily the most fully featured of its kind at the moment, with features that include copy and paste, tabbed browsing and even the ability to save current pages for offline viewing.

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Fast Tap Camera – Finally, an easier way to take photos

fast_tapHow many of you have wished that at the right moment, it was easier to locate that shutter button on your iPhone camera? You know, like for times when your finger’s fumbling around the screen just so you could take that self portrait. Or for when someone else who’s taking that photo for you, and you have to tell them “No, not that button at the bottom. It’s the other one, just above it!”. If you’re one to have come across these situations before and/or use the iPhone camera often, then Fast Tap Camera is a must have for you.

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iBoobs is back: and Big in Japan

Before you get the idea that I am only on about ‘boobs’, I must deny that I am. However, I just keep finding the same sort of app popping up all over internet. iJiggles admittedly offers some interesting options for things for you to get off your chest but the persistence of a silly idea and then the follower apps is unbelievable. Anyway, this video is made for Japan as iBoobs main views came from the land of the samurai.

Thanks to appbank for the tip.

EYE vs. EYE in Review – Very niche game, but addictive in its weird way

eyevseye1To clarify, I’m no designer; I don’t have an eye for décor or what not; and to be honest when I heard that this game was “one in a series of design-oriented games…”, it didn’t really pump up my enthusiasm towards it. However, given that OSX iPhone platform had given rise to a new generation of applications, my curiosity got the better of me to take a look.

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iPod 2g: Jailbreak Looming?

Just spotted some good news from the youtube about a pending release from the iPhone Dev Team that implicates everyone’s favourite iPod Touch as the target for the next Jailbreak. What does this mean for our sleek excellent sounding pmp? Well, if you like homebrew, alternate video codecs, ports, extra gadgets etc, a jailbraked iPod Touch will certainly be your stew of choice.

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For People and Pervs: iJiggles and Wobble

Yes, you have heard it correctly, the iPhone is the newest and easiest way for peepers to grab thrills from the safety of a 3.5 inch screen.  All that is required is a couple of female friends who don’t mind baring their chests for your private enjoyment or a telephoto lens, camouflage trousers, a tripod, the fall of evening and patience.  iBoobs, a rejected app had the wrong premise:  3D modelled moving breasts attract unwanted attention and get old quickly.  What real pervs need is either  iJiggles or for the less creative Wobble.

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Par 3 Golf II – Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

par3promoSports fans and golf lovers take notice! This time TouchMyApps is giving away 2 copies of the recently released Par 3 Golf II game from Chillingo. With Four 9 hole courses, nice looking 3D graphics and realistic wind physics, players will be getting their golf fix on their iPhone/iPod Touch. To win a copy of Par 3 Golf II, submit a comment and tell us which is your all time favorite golf video game(s) and for which console. If you’ve never played one before, tell us why you want to try Par 3 Golf II out. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Jan 19 2009 @ 10pm EST.  Good luck everyone!

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SlotZ Racer – Now Available + Impressions

slotzracer2Earlier this week, I wrote about Paper Pilot, a game that brought back lots of good childhood memories. Well Freeverse has done it again for me with the release of SlotZ Racer, a slot car racing game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I had a chance to test drive SlotZ and I am definitely having fun with this game. With essentially one button to play the game (hold to accelerate and release to slow down), SlotZ is easy to pick up and play and can even be enjoyed by up to 4 players using the same device.
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