Time Crisis Strike Now Available, $5.99 + Impressions

timecrisis3Time Crisis, the arcade rail shooter we have all come to know and love, has just been released at the App Store by Namco. Namco has already ported over the beloved Katamari Damacy (“I love Katamari“), so its no surprise then that Time Crisis gets the iPhone treatment as well. The arcade and console versions of the game are of course played with the customary light gun and foot pedal, where you step on the pedal to engage enemies and let your foot off to take cover from incoming fire and reload.  Since the iPhone offers neither accessory, Namco has made use of the iPhone’s accelerometer in hopes of recreating the Time Crisis experience.

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iPhone Art: PC Dr. Momo

Cute and Helpful:  Momo

Cute and Helpful: Momo

Project Momo have broken their first ground in the App Store with PC Dr. Momo.  That is not ‘PC’ Politically Correct’ or President’s Choice’.  It probably stands for PeeCee or PC or Personal Computer.  Dr., meanwhile is probably short for doctor – and momo?  I should have asked. Anyway, PC Dr. Momo rides a fine line between dross and distinction.  It is not a game nor is it really a reader app.  It is a reading app tech demo with the potential that could launch a genre.  However, it has a long long way to go before it reaches the popularity it needs to pull the purse strings of App Store shoppers.

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iGirl – For pervs, the lonely, the curious or all of the above

igirl1If you’ve been following TouchMyApps for the last little while,  writers and readers alike have both voiced their concerns over farting/burping/vomit apps that have polluted the App Store. There are simply just too many of them, seemingly turning Joe Blow into a developer, all in the name of raking in a quick buck. Well I believe that after all this farting business dies down, there’s a good chance the next big craze will be virtual girls making their way into iPhones/iPod Touches. Enter “iGirl – Shake her bikini“, aimed at those who enjoy big guns (guilty!), long legs and having that babe-in-a-pocket all day(and night) long.

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BubbleHead debuts at App Store, $2.99

bubblehead7Pavel Kozarek of CrowdCafe has dropped by TMA to let us know that BubbleHead has landed at the App Store today. This stylishly designed game has elements of Tiltafun and racing wrapped up in one neat package. Players will navigate through 5 unique worlds all with its own theme (Computer, Medical, Forrest, Sports and Fast Food Worlds), tilting and racing Bubblehead through hand drawn obstacles. The controls actually work like a charm, as you dodge left/right by tilting the device and tapping the screen will put the brakes on the green and blue fella (there’s a feeling of gravity at work here as BubbleHead will ‘drop’ once you hit the screen). This is a game worth checking out, with great visuals and even a random mode where you compete  for high score with players from around the world. More screenshots and a video after the break.

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RjDj Shake in Review – Like A Polaroid Picture + 1 Promo Code Giveaway

rjdjshake11Is it a game? Is it a toy? Is it even worth it? Is there a point to it? The website itself asks, “What the heck is RjDj?” This question is one that is difficult to answer, but necessary in understanding just what Reality Jockey Ltd. is seeking to achieve. While RjDj Shake may seek for high and lofty goals, it unfortunately fails to rise above the level of novelty.

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Fieldrunners 1.2 Now Available

fieldrunners12_4Even with the mega success of Fieldrunners, Subatomic Studios is hard at work making an awesome Tower Defense game even better via updates. 1.2 brings new Fieldrunners to blast, 2 new defense towers, improved lightning visuals and even a new map (among other goodies). The Flame  tower will roast a slew of Fieldrunners while the Mortar tower will  obliterate entire areas of the map. Sweeet! In terms of a new locale, the Drylands map will create even more challenges as enemies now have 3 points of entry. A complete list of new features and screenshots after the jump.

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Flash on the iPhone – Flying Pigs Sighed over London


After Steve Jobs’s 2007 concession that Adobe’s Flash would be too slow on the iPhone and that a lite version wasn’t “capable enough to be used with the Web”, many potential users and even some Apple zealots were left in the cold.  Proper Flash and Java implementations are fundamental building blocks of the internet.  Since the launch of the iPhone, rumours and whispers of Flash and Java have tickled the ears of iPhone fans and users.  However, only recently have rumours from reputable sources trickled in from blogs and newssites – many of these sites rely heavily on Java and/or Flash interfaces.  

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Smack Boxing Lite Hits the App Store

smackboxing1Full Control ApS, the devs behind the iPhone’s first boxing game has released a ‘lite’ version of the light hearted and Punch Out like Smack Boxing. This free offering also coincides with the recent upgrade of the game to version 2.0, where a new career mode and a completely rewritten A.I awaits all challengers. Judging from the lite version, gameplay is rather intuitive, as you tilt left and right to move your boxer. Using the touch controls you, you tap the screen to jab, swipe left/right for hooks and upwards for an uppercut. There are also touch screen controls, where you simply tap the labeled buttons for the corresponding punches. If you enjoy boxing titles, try out the lite version here first. There’s a video of the game in action after the jump.

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Remote in Review – A Perfect Extension to iTunes/ Apple TV

remote1Initially when Apple came out with its first iPhone/ iPod Touch app on the App Store, the Remote app, I just wasn’t interested in installing it, even though it was free. This was because whenever I was listening to music, I would be within reach of my computer, and therefore really don’t need the redundant control on my iPhone. However, when I recently bought an Apple TV to put next to my TV, I decided to give the application a go.

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