Quick hit on BeejiveIM 2.0- The Best gets even Better

beejive1BeejiveIM is still one of the best app purchases I have made at the App Store for my iPhone 3G (when the app was first released). Sure at $15.99, the price tag alone will scare loads of people off.  But having read so many great reviews, I took the plunge and haven’t regretted it one bit.  After comparing it with other IM apps I had also tried (free and paid), I realized nothing even comes close to the feature set and performance of BeejiveIM. Well today, the best just got better. Tagging it with version 2.0, Beejive included some great new features, including sending and receiving voice notes.

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A Look at Memory Status – Memory Watcher for your iPhone

memorystatus1I am sure we have all experienced slow downs and crashes while using the iPhone or iPod Touch. It could have happened while surfing the web with Mobile Safari or playing that sweet looking but resource hogging game. Regardless of where and when it happens, there is no doubt users feel the frustration with every crash. Enter Memory Status, a fairly simple memory management utility that displays where the iPhone’s resources are being allocated as well as allow users to free up more virtual memory.

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7 Cities TD – Free App Giveaway!!! (Closed)

game7citiesexplosions200812307 Cities TD is arguably the most polished and fun Tower Defense game available thus far for the iPhone/iPod Touch. If you haven’t had the chance to play this great defense title, TouchMyApps has 3 promo codes to giveaway! To enter the contest, all you have to do is submit a comment below as well as vote for 7 Cities TD in 1 or more categories for the Best App Ever Awards (if you have indeed played the game). Winners will be selected randomly and our contest ends Jan 7th @ 7am EST.

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App Rejections: who is in charge? Editorial

(The above video is not my iPod)

Ages ago, when Pull My Finger, a gas of an app whose cheese was cut by Apple for having ‘limited usability’ made waves on internet, the App Store was still young. Now, with over 10 000 apps in its library, the App Store is a gigantic katamari ball for both good and crap software. Need we more evidence than last Christmas when a farting app made the top ten seller list, touting features like, “the sick dog”?

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A Look at PushToTalk – Walkie Talkie on your iPhone

pushtotalk1Recently, I came across an interesting app that will turn your iPhone into a walkie talkie. PushToTalk, developed by David Fletcher, will allow you connect and communicate with friends and family in a “Push to Talk” and “Over and Out” fashion.  For it to work, all parties must have it  installed on their iPhone (with 2.2 firmware) and be on a Wi-Fi network for best results.

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Hexile in Review- A Fresh New Puzzler for the iPhone

hexile1Fusion Development Group has recently released a unique puzzle/strategy game that could very well be the first of its kind at the App Store. Hexile is a fast paced “High-Low” tile-tapping game that will have you racing the clock and clearing the board of all stones. The premise of the game is simple: Tap the stone tiles in ascending or decending order to remove them from the screen before time runs out. While this may sound easy, Hexile is in fact a well designed game that will challenge all takers, especially as the game progresses.

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FindIT in Review – Find and Go Seek for iPhone


Hiding away among the New section in the App Store is Granet Societe Cooperativa’s FindIT, an application which flaunts photographic faults in a spot the difference game. It makes no attempt however, to conceal its certain strengths: great photography, a wide selection of photos and a unique zooming system that will keep users engaged for hours in intricate gameplay.

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Memo Pad in Review – Note Pad all Dressed Up

memo-pad2The Notes app on the iPhone/iPod Touch leaves much to be desired. Sure it will allow you to type and store some notes, but beyond that, features on it are as slim as Apple’s own Macbook Air. For this reason, the App Store is littered with apps that attempt to improve on the functionality of Notes. Memo Pad by SoftwareCraftsman is one of these apps. While it is not a full blown word processing kind of app, it is as its name implies a Note Pad dressed with lots of useful and handy features.

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The Creeps! – Free App Giveaway! (Closed)


Our first app giveaway for the New Year is the recently released tower defense game called The Creeps!. It has quickly become one of my favorite defense games available at the App Store. The graphics and artwork are very well done and it even implements a unique tilt control feature for one of its towers (first of its kind for the genre). The game is totally fun and even inexperienced tower defense players can jump right in.

To win one of three copies, submit a comment and let us know what categories of apps you would like to see TouchMyApps cover more of in 2009. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Jan 3nd 2009 @ 8pm EST. Good Luck!

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