4Fukushima, iPhone game supporting Japan

Budapest, Hungary – Wandarin Interactive announces 4Fukushima 2.1, for iOS devices. Wandarin Interactive is quick to defend its first born from being slapped around with the tower defense label, and rightly so. Tower defense games are generally associated with slow-paced action and micro-management cliches that involve long thought processes and careful execution. 4Fukushima, however, couldn’t be further from such tropes. No comparison!

“There is no game similar to this,” Marton Szabo, CTO and lead developer at Wandarin Interactive, tells us. “I could compare it to the tower defense games, but the philosophy is quite different.”

4Fukushima is devoid of the complex management system that could deter newcomers, instead delivering something catered to the short bursts of gaming action the developer expects from iPhone gamers. You’re charged with protecting earth’s power plants from invading alien robots by managing the pylons that surround these generation stations.

Tapping these pylons creates lasers that form an alien-destroying wall around the perimeter, which in turn uses up the plant’s remaining power. Kepp your defenses up too long, therefore, and you’ll run out of energy, leaving yourself vulnerable to the invader onslaught.

Virgin territory – It’s this unique twist on an oversubscribed genre that Szabo strived for in the studio’s maiden project.

“It is our first baby. So, we had to learn everything from scratch,” Szabo says. “I don’t mean software development but the platform, the limitations, the submission, and release process.” Szabo includes “We also had to redesign the game many times because we were looking for the most perfect setting and challenge.”

Tighter defenses:
In this pursuit of perfection, Wandarin Interactive has sought to continually fine-tune the 4Fukushima experience. The game’s recent 2.0 update doesn’t just tweak the game’s mechanics, but it also adds a treasure-trove of new features.

“We reorganised the campaign, we added more gameplay options. Survival modes and high scores were also introduced,” Szabo notes. Every level the player meets something new, it is always changing a bit. Worlds are coming in rotations while the difficulty is increasing, more and more smarter enemies are coming, and on each campaign world (we have three at the moment) a new weapon is added. “During the Campaign mode, the standalone Survival levels are unlocked. Thanks to the ranking system and to the high scores, it can be a challenge forever.”

Reaching millions:
After witnessing the fallout from the devastating earthquake in Japan earlier this year, Wandarin Interactive looked at the potential of its project and decided to give something back. That’s why a percentage of the game’s profits will go towards supporting those unfortunate people whose homes were razed by the tsunami.

“We started to develop the game not long before the Fukushima disaster,” Szabo explains. “I read an article that people are donating a lot and thought, ‘why can’t we do something like this?’” “An iPhone game can reach millions, so it could be an easy way to gather money, and it doesn’t cost a lot, and you still get something for your money. So, after that, we created the game with this in mind. That’s why we named it 4Fukushima.”

The next level:
Following the recently issued 2.0 upgrade, Szabo has his sights set on improving 4Fukushima even further. “I am proud of the whole game as it is, and it will become much better. Version 2.0 is just out. After that, we will work on Game Center integration, and the next step will be the iPad version for multiplayer gaming,” stated Szabo.

“You will be able to play on one single iPad against your friends. We will introduce more Campaign worlds, more enemies later. We have so many ideas that it gives us work for another year or two. It’s a never-ending story.” And as for other mobile platforms, Szabo tells us it’s just a matter of time before 4Fukushima invades them as well. “For sure, Android will be the next platform, and hopefully Windows [Phone] will be the third,” he says.

Device Requirements:
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* 78.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
4Fukushima 2.1 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Wandarin Interactive
4Fukushima 2.1
Download from iTunes (Lite)
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Located in Budapest, Hungary, Wandarin Interactive is owned by two Hungarian game fanatics who are planning to save the world with their great ideas. The company was founded in the year 2010, and the first game was finally released in 2011, and it is called 4Fukushima. Copyright (C) 2010 Wandarin Interactive. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

10 New App Store Games To Watch [Dec. 19 - 25]

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and also for iTunes Connect to shut down for a few days (this is the method developers use to submit games to the App Store).  Amazingly enough, though, a lot of developers were on the ball and got their games submitted so they could be reviewed and out in the first couple of days of the Christmas week.  Among those releases were Dungeon Hunter 3 and Zenonia 4, the next installments of 2 of the most popular hack ‘n slash RPG series for iOS systems.  While it sounds like Zenonia 4 might be the best yet in the series, Dungeon Hunter 3 took a step away from its predecessors to provide a completely different type of game play experience.  If you’re more into platform games you might give the retro inspired Terra Noctis a try, while strategy fans with attention issues should cling to Strange Adventures In Infinite Space.

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Massive iOS Christmas Sales Roundup

SEGA digging $0.99 deals

Christmas is just 2 days away and the App Store’s once again littered with awesome deals. Numerous big name publishers have dropped most, if not all, their titles to just $0.99, including EA, Big Fish Games and SEGA. If not a dollar, then expect anywhere from 40-75% off regular prices. This is certainly one of the biggest iOS sales of the year (next to Thanksgiving). The majority of these offers are good until even after Christmas, so you should have plenty of time to decide which ones to add to your app collection. The complete roundup after the break.

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Humans beware – UFOlocaust available at the APP store

Grion, Madrid – Priware Entertainment, the independent videogame developer, launches their first game for iOS in the App Store.

Earth is being invaded and you’re our last hope! An alien race threatens to conquer the only inhabited planet in our solar system. You will be at the helm of our last line of defense, an arsenal created many years ago in order to contain an invisible threat that most thought would never come to pass.

Keep the alien spacecraft from abducting the last surviving citizens of Earth, destroy the aliens, and save the planet.

This arcade game blends the gameplay of Tower Defense with the classic Space Invaders and will provide you with hours of endless fun.

UFOlocaust available in the APP store starting December 5th.
* High-definition graphics for iPhone 4 / iPad 2
* 25 incredible levels that will take you all around the world
* More than 20 different weapons
* Over 40 different weapon upgrades
* More than 20 different enemy types
* Excellent soundtrack and sound effects
* Set of achievements all compatible with Game Center

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 177 MB

Pricing and Availability:
UFOlocaust 1.2 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

UFOlocaust 1.2
Purchase and Download
YouTube Video (Trailer)
App Icon

Priware Entertainment is an independent videogame company based in Grion, Madrid that develops for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Founded in 2011, our main goal is to produce fun titles that show off the wide selection of games available across different digital markets. To this end we’ve assembled a young multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the field. Our games all show off the quality and entertainment value that are the hallmarks of our company. We aim to compete with international companies in this sector and increase the Spanish presence in the world of videogames. Copyright (C) 2011 Priware Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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Update** Denotes apps newly added to roundup.

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Com2uS’ $0.99 Black Friday Sale

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Price Drop Alert: Com2uS’ iOS games now $0.99

In celebration of the Games category (finally) launching in the Korean App Store, Korean publisher Com2uS has announced that all their non-free iOS games (save for the iPad only versions) are now available for $0.99 for a limited time. Time to pick up titles like Inotia 3: Children of Carnia, Chocolate Tycoon and Puzzle Family for only a buck. The entire list of $0.99 games can be found after the break. You can also check out our interview with Com2uS to learn more about this leading mobile games developer/publisher.

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Every once in a while, a game along and makes me truly admire the deviousness of the mind of its creator. The Tower Defense genre, though still relatively young, has probably seen everything but the kitchen sink in terms of gameplay variations. Top and side-view, fixed and open path, lacking in anything but the pure tactical placement of towers and the complete RPG package, rivalling some desktop roleplaying titles. We’ve even had elements of CCG thrown in. Well, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is the proverbial kitchen sink, turning the genre upside down and inside out.

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