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  1. [Fire Busters] - $10 iTunes gift card, Launch Event! - (Universal)

    Hi guys.
    Our NEW games 'Fire Busters' was released in AppStore.:)
    So we will proceed launch event, write to the iTunes Rating Review!

  2. Fire Busters (Universal) - Advance Reservation EVENT!:)
    - Title: Fire Busters
    - Price: $0.99
  3. [Pwong Blitz] - Launch Event! (Prize: iPad3, $10 itunes gift card) - iPhone game(Univ

    Hi guys.
    Our NEW games 'Pwong Blitz' was released in AppStore. Yay!:)
    So We will proceed launch event.
    It just write to the iTunes Review! The gift is the New iPad! WoW~

  4. [ Fire Busters ] Official Trailer - iPhone Game(Universal)

    We are a game developer that released: Dark Shrine, Lets Flair, Ready Action, Bugs Wars(by chillingo) to AppStore until now.
  5. [$0.99→FREE] 'Fluffy Diver' Universal + GameCenter BlitzRanking Support!

    It's FREE!

    <<< Event: Enjoy with HOTDOG Studio Game Center! >>>
    - How???
    1. enjoy Fluffy Diver! It's...
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