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  1. Brick HD (Retrobit) for iPad Now Available On Apple AppStore!!!

    Hi All,

    If you have played brick games on your classic video game machine, Brick (Retrobit) is going to bring the same fun and entertainment even in your iPad. Brick HD (Retrobit) for iPad is...
  2. Full Version of Brick (Retrobit) for iPhone is Free For a Limited Period of Time!!!

    Hi All,

    We are reviving the magic of 80’s. Yes, we are taking you down your memory lanes.

    Brick (Retrobit) for iPhone is made free on Appstore due to the download request from the gamers.
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    Hi All,

    Dark Runner a fantastic action packed game for complete entertainment.
    It is packed with a full dose of adrenalin to push your limits for survival. Run as long as you can and as far as...
  4. Apple features "TINY ESCAPE" for iPhone as New &...

    Apple features "TINY ESCAPE" for iPhone as New & Noteworthy Game
  5. Tiny Escape for iPhone is now been made FREE for...

    Tiny Escape for iPhone is now been made FREE for a limited period of time!!! Grab before the game becomes Paid!
  6. Tiny Escape - Gateway to the World of Adventure!!! [iPhone Version]
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    Savior HD is a self-defense game.

    Prepare for your mission and play the role of a “Savior” turned zombie slayer.

    Grab your sword and cut down wave after wave of enemies in this endless zombie...
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    Welcome to the world of baddies!!!!

    Pray for the best and prepare for the worst in this challenging game “Savior”. Grab your sword and get ready to take on the enemies of abyss.

    A wide variety...
  9. Grab a copy of Candy Jump Plus & Game of Death Plus [Updated Version]

    Based on the suggestions and feedback’s, we present to you Candy Jump and Game of Death with improved performance and better gameplay.

    Candy Jump and Game of Death is a blend of action, adventure...
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    Coin Loot and Wild Ants are the tapping games with smooth gameplay that keeps you glued to your device for hours together.

    Coin Loot is all about collecting keys hidden beneath a heap of coins in...
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    Doobie Shooting and Kang O Gang is all about uniting. Confused?

    Well, Doobie Shooting is a bird shooting game with a straightforward gameplay. With the help of the catapult, unite the birds with...
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    Hello Gamers,

    Space Encounter and Mouse in House are here to entertain you!!!

    Space Encounter is an exciting space voyage with endless enemy attack. This is a turn based strategy game and you...
  13. Make Way and Icy Bouncy FREE Updated Version [iPhone and iPad]

    Line Drawing games are always fun to play.

    We present to you two such games “Make Way” and “Icy Bouncy”, which will change the perception of line drawing games. With better gameplay, these games...
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    Exclusively for the iPad – Tiny Escape with captivating gameplay and graphics.

    Video Trailer:

    Launch the Monkey (Tiny) from rope to rope and see...
  15. "Doodle Car Plus is riding high on success" ...

    "Doodle Car Plus is riding high on success"

    "It is now deemed in Top 200 Overall Free Games"

    "Also featured in Top 40 Free Puzzle Games and Top 30 Free Strategy Games"

    The FREE Game offer is...
  16. Deal of the day offer - Get Chopper Master for FREE

    “Chopper Master Version 1.3 is available for FREE only for a day as a part of our FREE Game of the Day offer”

    Video Trailer:

    Fly your chopper...
  17. Dark Runner available for FREE only for today!!!

    Dear Gamers,

    We are celebrating “FREE game of the Day”!!!

    Your all-time favorite game is back to entertain you, but this time with more cool features and lots of excitement. The updated version...
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    Doodle Car Plus has hit the Appstore with its all new zippy avatar, thrilling levels and revitalizing gameplay.

    Catch a glimpse of the cool video trailer:

  19. Coming Soon Doodle Car Updated Version for iPhone with Official Trailer

    Video Link:

    Dumadu Games is at it again, releasing yet another version one of its extremely addictive puzzle cum strategy game “Doodle Car” for iPhone....
  20. Dark Runner with FREE Promocodes on Mac Store

    “Dark Runner was deemed in Top 10 Games in Apple Appstore (iPhone/iPad)”

    Now, Dark Runner is ready to amaze Mac users.

    Dark Runner for Mac promises to offer lots and lots of unlimited fun. Run,...
  21. Mac Store Game - A nerve-wracking Chopper Game with FREE Promocodes

    Great news for Mac Users!!!!

    We are happy to announce the release of “Chopper Master” for Mac after its huge success for iPhone and iPad.

    Chopper Master is a thrilling game filled with loads...
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    Did you miss downloading 8 Bit Plus with Promocodes?

    If so, here is another chance for you to own the game for FREE. We happy to release the FREE version of 8 Bit, which is equally good as the...
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    Dear game fans,

    This is to inform that those who missed out on Promocodes for the full version of Game of Death, here is an opportunity to download the same game for FREE.

    Check out the game...
  24. 8 Bit Plus for iPhone (with Official Trailer) [Promo codes inside]

    Hey folks,

    A popular racing game of the 80’s is back with a refreshing new avatar to rock and rumble on your iPhone. 8 Bit Plus iPhone version is a spine chilling game offering whole lot of fun at...
  25. Bring out the savior in you - Game of Death Plus iPhone version [Promos Inside]

    Hey you all shooting game fans out there, check out this extreme shooting game for your iPhone.

    Its time to bring out the savior in you and show your shooting skills to the world. Load your...
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