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  1. Fix Those Blue Spots/Tint in iPhone4 Cam Photos!

    Does your photo has that blue-ish / green-ish / purplish spots in them when taken under fluorescence lighting? Fret

    no more! Camera Spots Fix will remove those spots with great ease. Save those...
  2. iVanity Elegant 2.0 - Perfect Makeup App For Girils

    The perfect makeup app for women. Ever wonder how you would look like with blue eyes? Thicker/longer eyelashes? Bug

    eye shades? Or you just like to experiment stuffs on your face, but don't want...
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    Jersey Creator - FIFA World Cup Edition

    Would like to have a customized jersey of your favourite team with your name and your favourite number on it? Well, look no further!
  4. Splash Factory - The better Color Splash App!

    From the creator of...
  5. iHueSplash Pro - Change Colors of Objects in Photos In A Blink!

    From the creator of AppliFX...
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