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  1. Slingshot Justice is going Back to School with Free Game of the Day

    Anomalous Interactive releases the back-to-school update for Slingshot Justice with FGOTD! Deal slingshot branded justice...
  2. Slingshot Justice 0.99 -> FREE forever!

    Anomalous Interactive releases Slingshot Justice for FREE! This is a game that tells a heart-wrenching tale of warfare ......
  3. What is the most effective weapon to defeat bullies? Slingshot Justice!

    Anomalous Interactive releases Slingshot Justice, a game that tells a heart-wrenching tale of warfare ... in the...
  4. Slingshot Justice - The Ultimate Bully Shooter *TRAILER*

    Anomalous Interactive is proud to show off our awesome trailer for Slingshot Justice!

    Slingshot Justice tells a heart-wrenching tale of warfare...
  5. Kick Ass Bully Shooter [ free for one day only]

    **Due to popular demand, Slingshot Justice is launching **FREE** for one day!**

    Anomalous Interactive releases Slingshot...
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