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03-09-2010, 01:22 PM

Office² In Review – My New Portable Office (http://www.touchmyapps.com/2010/03/09/office²-in-review/)

If you’re at all like me, you’ve integrated almost every aspect of your life with your iPhone. For me that means along with all the games and media, I also have what I need to do much of my job all in the palm of my hand. Luckily I happened to have Office² (http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=Nnch0KL7KTA&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1=http%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252Fu s%252Fapp%252Fid350399839%253Fmt%253D8%2526uo%253D 6%2526partnerId%253D30) from developers Byte Squared sitting in my hands. Read on to see if this productivity app gets the job done.

Visually the app is pretty basic. Black and white are the colors used most throughout with hints of grey as well. Normally I would consider that a flaw but when it comes to business, the more simple and easy to see/use the better.

Your navigation options as well as any editing options are spread out along the top and bottom, keeping everything out of the way. One thing I really like is that instead of menu after menu they condensed everything into a handful of icons, and then used a pop-out style (similar to stacks) for sub-selection. If you ever need help figuring out a function they offer an extremely thorough help menu system. Just be warned that it runs a bit sluggish at times.

Office² works very well. Once you’ve started your document or workbook you will either tap the keyboard icon to begin typing, or select cells to input data. After you’re complete you can save your work and from there you can email it, transfer it via wifi to your main computer or upload to services like iDisk or Google Docs. Each are is a great way to not only be able to share/save your work but also be able to continue working wherever you are. Meaning you can truly be mobile all the time.

The app really is enjoyable to use. Typing up or editing documents is extremely easy and comfortable. Spreadsheets are surprisingly easy to navigate and work within. Although there are other more “dynamic” apps available, Office² for me is a great piece of software combining the only 2 “office” apps that I and most other people use.

If you are like me and combine both your work and personal life on your device. If you are a user of documents and spreadsheets. Then In my opinion Office² just might be the app for you. Comparing its price against its features and functions, I feel it is a great value and will definitely be using it long past this review. As an interesting final note. Apart from uploading it to TouchMyApps (something about Flash!) this entire review was written using Office².


iTunes: Office² (http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=Nnch0KL7KTA&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1=http%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252Fu s%252Fapp%252Fid350399839%253Fmt%253D8%2526uo%253D 6%2526partnerId%253D30)

03-09-2010, 02:01 PM
Are you able to compare it with DocsToGo and MobileOffice?

03-15-2010, 04:44 PM
Looks simple enough to use. I like the black and white graphics, but can you change the color of the text you input for color coding purposes? I'll check it out in the app store.