OS 3.0 Hundred Plus Hidden Features

Home button behaviour can be changed via Settings

Home button behaviour can be changed via Settings

Bndoarn, a relatively new user at MacRumors has opened a thread discussion new features of OS 3.0 that are undocumented. The list is quite juicy, detailing quite mundane updates and bug fixes to major improvements. Naturally, WWDC’s keynote would be boring place to mention that letter keys are narrower than last time or that dashes no longer force songs in a playlist to appear first. However, it is surprising that Apple did not mention larger changes like the ability to download redeem codes from your iDevice.

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A Few Updates — Facelift?

Just a short note. TMA has been moved to a nicer server and in the move, left its friends (a few pictures from today’s Kryzer review) back somewhere in God’s Country. The bad news? That was the bad news. The good news is that Louis will fix those links upon his arrival back in Canada and all will be well and should be ‘snappier’!

If you are still curious, there is just so much more to tell, but the timing is not right. The next few weeks will carry some goodly news all around this site, but we will need your feedback. If things go amiss, please inform us as we cannot see all or do all all the time 😉

TMA Clan Wars Winners! (Week 2)

clanbadgetma_2If you haven’t already heard by now, TouchMyApps recently joined Clan Wars, where iPhone sites recruit clan members and go head to head for weekly prizes. Well we emerged victorious in week 2 (thanks for all the ball tossing everyone!), where we collectively accumulated 138,593 tickets in the game of 10 Balls 7 Cups (just barely defeated Portable Gamer’s 126,885 tix). All TMA clan members are entitled to one of Freeverse’s PC/Mac games for coming in 1st:

Mac OS X


Thanks to Freeverse for these generous prizes! If you’re one of our clan members who joined up in week 2 (but didn’t let us know for some reason), now would be a great time so I can send you your prize! Just submit a comment here or email me at info[at]touchmyapps[dot]com if you’re one such member. For those who still haven’t joined our Clan, its not too late! There are still 2 more weeks of prizes to be won! (10 Balls 7 Cups ended April 12th) Oh, and we’re leading the pack once again this week! Yeeehaw! Check here for more details.

In other news today…CLAN WARS!


Do you enjoy playing with (skee)balls? Is TouchMyApps right up there amongst your favorite iPhone blogs? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then come support our Clan! Inspired by Tim Haines and his Burnball Tribes, The Portable Gamer spearheaded Clan Wars, where social gaming (and smack talking) take spotlight . Using the awesome 10 Balls 7 Cups game as the arena, Clans collectively pool their tickets for weekly prizes. This week (ending Apr 5th), the Clan with the most tickets accumulated in 10 Balls will receive free Freeverse games for their PC or MAC. Sweeeet! Better yet, we’re in the lead! (closely followed by TPG) So jump on the bandwagon for a great chance at free games!

If you haven’t played 10 Balls 7 Cups yet, now would be a great time to start tossing some balls. Young’s review of this addictive game can be found here. So what are you waiting for? Complete details after the jump!

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