Touch ‘n Go: CataGugl – flickin’ fun!

Ladies and gents, it’s Touch ‘n Go time at good ol’ TMA! If the ever was a conspicuous touching game, it would be CataGugl, a … flinckingly fast-paced arcade game of Australian proportions that’ll have your burning circles in your iphone’s glass like a good Swedish craftsman to fling Gugl (hmmm?) as far as you can across your screen. It’s simple to play: just haze frantic ellipses into the glass until the counter hits GO!, then release, and pray. Actually, you will have to deflate the Gugl at certain points in order to send him faster and farther.

CataGugl, CataGugl, 10.13MB – $0.99

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Touch’n Go: Slice it! – Geometric challenge!

I can see why my wife was completely addicted to this puzzler. With its graffiti graphics and cute music, Slice It! may look like a quick little game, but it ain’t. It’s a cleverly disguised geometric puzzler that can tickle your brain for hours. Your mission? Divide shapes into equal parts in order to pass to the next level. Currently, there are 40 levels with more promised from Com2uS in the near future.

Slice It! Com2uS Inc., Slice It!, 14.30MB – $0.99

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Touch ‘n Go: Magic Pictures HD – touching photography

Tobias Thomsch may be an artist, but his business sense is keen. Cervo Media hooked up with Tobias in outing Magic Pictures HD, an entertainment app that gets you in touch with art and the artist. I’ve been playing around with Magic Pictures HD for a few days and have formed a very terse opinion of it as a unique, if quieting digital experience.

Magic Pictures HD - Living Pictures CERVO MEDIA, Magic Pictures HD – Living Pictures, 161.41MB – $1.99

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Touch’n Go: Dreams HD – dreamily addictive

It’s no shame on me to love spot-the-difference titles. And it’s no shame on me to say that Dreams HD is one of the best in the business of spotting the difference. What it’s got going for it: hand-drawn scenes, serene music, lots and lots of differences to spot, and enough levels, is charming to say the least. You don’t have to fuddle with strange FindIT interfaces or waste time zooming in and out endlessly. There are several difficulty settings that will help you enjoy the same levels again and again as indeed, you rarely will play the same level in exactly the same way.

Dreams HD Greyhound Games, Dreams HD, 9.88MB – $1.99

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