New Apple Seminar Online – iMovie ’09 for Business

Apple are promoting a new online seminar which can be viewed in your browser or downloaded to your iPod. In their reckoning, movie is extremely important for business and will pave the way for future communications between companies and within corporations. Apple’s online seminars are great free ways to get to know your Mac and bone up on its helpful software.

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The JBnator Diaries – Fixing Push Notifications and YouTube on “hacktivated” phones


Hello again, folks – your guru of jailbreaking here! And today I’ll tackle the problem which rendered Push and YouTube inoperable on “hacktivated” iPhones. I referenced it in my last article on upgrading jailbroken phones. Well, there’s always a way out and I’m gonna tell all!

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The JBnator Diaries – Upgrading your jailbroken phone WITHOUT losing app information and savegames! (Updated for iOS 4.x)


Hey you, happy jailbreakers! Your favourite iPhone blogger ChiffaN here! I have decided that there is regrettable lack of comprehensive information on iPhone Jailbreaking. Well, not really. There is actually loads of such info on the web. But there are a number of issues, still left untouched by the general community, some of which were even deemed impossible! And here’s where I come in. In our new section, The JBnator Diaries, I will tackle such and try to put them in layman’s terms! Yeah, so even YOU can understand!

I will not bore you with what jailbreaking is. If you’re reading this, you likely already know about it. If not – google it, you’ll get more than enough results to satisfy your curiosity. And I will not describe the simple out of the box jailbreaking procedure, at least not separately. If you’re interested in that – you can check one of my recent posts on blackra1n, which has that. Rather, I will tackle one issue, any jailbreaker faces at the dreaded time when Apple releases a new OS version – upgrading without losing all the precious data on the phone. Yes, it CAN be done!

15.10.2010: Updated for iOS 4.x

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How to build a spiffy lookin’ website to promote your iPhone apps

news-build-iphone-app-websiteBy now, you probably know that the App Store has recently surpassed the impressive 100,000 app mark.  What this likely means is that everyone’s uncle’s neighbor (and brother) is an iPhone developer…ok, not quite, but you catch my drift. If you’re an aspiring iPhone dev and you prefer a more hands-on approach  – provided you have some know-how with image editing tools – vector tuts+ have an excellent tutorial that’ll show you just how to build a fundamentally sound and attractive website to promote your app.

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How to create ringtones for the iPhone – Annoyrring!


Face it, each and every one of you has wanted to annoy your neighbours with songs from your teeny-bopping iTunes collection. Imagine: Oprah soundboards, talk-show clips, John Denver singing about farm life: each available for every call at the behest of  your phone’s over-amped speakers. There are a couple of simple and legal methods to do this without purchasing additional ringtones. But if you are lazy and filthy rich, Sony have something to help you unload your unneeded dosh.

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Jailbreak your iPod Touch with redsn0w – A step by step guide


It took me some time to finally decide to jailbreak my iPod Touch and I am very satisfied with the result. Now, it is in my best interest (not really) to show you how I did it. If you are a member of the group of stubborn folks who refuses to place their “precious” in the hands of some software with names like “redsn0w”, “quickpwn”, or “ultrasn0w”, don’t let it deter you anymore, hesitant one! If I can do it, so can you!

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iPhone 101: Undo/Redo Typing on OS 3.0


While many of the more experienced iPhone/iPod Touch users out there already know this handy little tip, I have recently come across quite a few iDevice owners who have yet to discover some of the not so obvious functions of the 3.0 firmware.  It used to be that whenever you had to delete some text, you would have to tap on the backspace key until the necessary edits have been made. Now, with OS 3.0, all this can be achieved via a simple shake of the iPhone or Touch.

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How to set an Alphanumeric Passcode for your iPhone/iPod Touch


Ever wondered if using only digits as your password was enough to keep prying eyes from your highly sensitive data on your iDevice? If so, you’re in luck, since in this tutorial, I will show you how to set a passcode for your iPhone/iPod Touch using a combination of both letters and digits (if you please) for that extra level of security and piece of mind.

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