Quick Tip: How to disable In-App Purchases on your iPhone

Several iOS games with IAPs in Top Grossing chart

In-App Purchases (IAP) on the iDevice is nothing new, but it was given significant news coverage earlier this month when an 8 year old unknowingly spent $1,400 in real money buying Smurfberries — used to speed up the growth of the virtual crops and village — in the popular game Smurfs’ Village. Aside from parents not being aware of the potential costs that can accompany such “free” farming-type games, the 15 minute login window that Apple has implemented has made inadvertent (or unauthorized) IAPs more rampant. What this means is that once the password has been entered on the device when an app is downloaded, iOS won’t prompt the user for another login during this time frame, be it for downloading new Apps or IAPs.

So until Apple decides to change their policy or even enforce a login for each IAP, what can you do to prevent your children or nieces/nephews from racking up the bill? We’ll show you below in a few simple steps how you can disable In-App Purchases on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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Review: Transferring Pictures Wirelessly between iDevices


Photo Transfer Pic Transfer WiFi Photo

We all know that you can transfer a picture or video between a Mac or PC with an iPhone or iPad by just plugging the device into iTunes and syncing. Other options are to do so using e-mail or even MMS. Oh… but that’s so 2007! Surely there’s an app for that?

In fact there are several. Photo Transfer, Pic Transfer and WiFi Photo are great examples and can come in really handy when you want the flexibility to select and transfer multiple items at once. Let’s take a look and see why they’re so useful.

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The key to DIY iPhone Repair Success

The evolution and complication of devices is really starting to part the seas from those who know what they’re doing, to those who can do things, to those who think they can do it, but prove that they can’t. It can definitely be a daunting, intimidating task to repair your device, whether it is an iPod needing a new battery, or a bruised and battered iPhone. Organization, paired with some skill and know-how, is the key to properly fixing any device.

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Watch Flash Videos on iPhone and iPad without Apps or Jailbreaking [Video]

Thanks to a neat little bookmarklet for Mobile Safari, Skyfire (TMA Review) isn’t the only legit way to watch flash videos on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Once installed on your iOS, videos from Dailymotion, Flickr Video, MegaVideo and Vimeo that are embedded on websites can now be viewed with ease. Installing this bookmarklet is extremely simple and can be done via several steps:

  1. Open http://iosflashvideo.fw.hu/ on your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad or iPod)
  2. Hit the + button, select Add Bookmark and tap the Save button
  3. Open your bookmarks by tapping the bookmark icon and press Edit
  4. Choose iOSFlashVideo
  5. Delete everything before “javascript:” and hit Done
  6. Select iOSFlashVideo from Bookmarks whenever a video isn’t natively supported on iOS in order to make it viewable

If you haven’t purchased the Skyfire app and wish to check out flash videos powered by Dailymotion and the like, this iOSFlashVideo tool is well worth a try. Check out the video tutorial by Greek-iPhone.com after the gap.

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DIY Water damage repair guide for iPhone 4

Several days ago, we posted a quick run down of just what to do in the event your iPhone drops into water, along with a video made by iFixYouri to accompany the instructions. Well the folks over at the iPhone repair site have made an other video that’s even more in-depth and briefly shows you how to open up your iPhone 4 before placing it into rice/silica filled container. Here are the steps they provide:

  1. Turn it off
  2. If dropped in salt or chlorinated water. Rinse it in fresh water.
  3. Take off back by removing 2 bottom screws and sliding back off.
  4. Remove 11 Screws and the sim card tray which all holds the board in the housing.
  5. Be sure to remove the SIM card tray.
  6. Place parts in tupperware container full of silica packs or rice.
  7. Wait 24-48 hours
  8. Reassemble

Now it’s not a requirement to crack open your previously submerged iPhone 4 before placing it into a bag/container filled with rice, but so long as you’re not afraid to get down and dirty (and know what you’re doing), exposing the innards could potentially ensure even more moisture is absorbed by the rice or silica packets. Take a look at the video after the break.

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Dropped an iPhone in water? Follow these steps, quick!

Image courtesy of iFixYouri

Other than dropping an iPhone onto solid ground and watching it smash to bits, dropping it by accident into water is likely the next most unnerving thing that can happen to your precious gadget. If this ever happens to you, don’t panic (too much) and follow these instructions that can potentially save your iPhone/iPod Touch.

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It’s time to Frash your iPhone 4 (tutorial included)

Probably the most advertised “flaw” of the iPhone is, of course, Flash (or lack thereof). Well, at least until the recent Antennagate :) Anyhow, after the whole Apple vs Adobe saga over the last year or so, one would be safe to assume that hell will freeze over before the infamously resource-hungry platform finds it’s way onto the iOS. Well, it seems it’s time for the Devil to start shopping for a new pair of wooly underwear because Comex, the developer responsible for the most recent iDevice jailbreak, has just updated Frash – the port of the Android flash player for the iOS.

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HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1 Walkthrough

When I reviewed HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1 a few weeks ago I was immensely impressed by the amount of work and creativity gone into it. So much so that I even secured an interview with the creators Dean Burke and Kevin Beimers that will go live in the coming weeks. And in anticipation of this I decided to write a complete walkthrough to help all of you out there still struggling to complete the obscure task the unknown terrorist posed before the “half-decent” detective.

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iPad Tutorial: How to transfer your ebooks library to Stanza

A little while back, we did a tutorial on how to read your old (non-epub) ebooks using iBooks.  It featured Calibre, a powerful (and free) software that can easily manage and convert all your ebooks to the epub format. At the time of writing, Stanza, my preferred ebook app, had yet to receive a dedicated iPad version and thus, iBooks was essentially the only e-reader on the device. Well now that Stanza has received a recent update to make it a universal app (along with some other new and much welcomed features), we’ll be taking a look at how to transfer your existing ebooks collection onto the  popular e-reader app on your iPad.

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Dissecting iTunes links – the ins and outs of them lil’ bitty www’s

If you’ve ever wanted to know how or why, or where to use iTunes links, then just take a look at bjango’s run-down of iTunes links. Inside are descriptions for movies, apps, genres, and bjango have even sussed user review links!

Dissecting iTunes links
For the latest release of Consume, we wanted to include two buttons: one that linked to all our apps on the App Store, and another that let users easily write a review on iTunes.
These both seem like common things iPhone developers would want to do, so we decided to share the results of our research. Some of the information contained below is obvious for experienced iTunes users, while other links are rarer.