iPhone 4G – the future is black and white

Unless Apple suddenly throws nano colours into the mix, we may be in for another two-toned iPhone. Right, so the current 3GS is sleek in black, and sexy in white, but some of us thing it’s about time for Apple to add some choice into the mix. The new iPhone 4G prototype has popped up with a white front plate. Real or not, doesn’t much matter in lieu of the fact that the iPhone 4G will be unveiled just a fistful of days.

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Camera-touting iPod touch leaked

Someone’s got to fix the roof here cuz we gettin a bit leaky. This time not a stolen iPhone 4G, at least. Still, the iPod touch camera rumour is getting old, and was bound to snap up. This time, Vietnamese rumour-grinder Tinhte are back at it with some nice hi-res shots of the now-aging design. The deadly eye is powered by a 2.0 megapixel camera and somewhat easier framing than the iPhone’s corner-dwelling cam. A camera would solve some App Store fragmentation problems, sure, but Gee Apple, why the same ol’ iPod touch 2G design? Part of me wants this to be rumour, but the smarter part reckons this is Apple’s next iPod touch.

More pics and hands-on video after the gap:

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Stolen iPhone 4G part 67 – Jason Chen the felon

The iPhone 4G/Next gen iPhone story: it’s cute, it’s fuzzy. It’s full of theft, guilt, and the stupid press. and like it or not, it keeps flooding the interweb. Later this year, Gizmodo editor, Jason Chen, may be able to highlight a couple of things on his CV. One is his possibly new status as felon. Extra bilious bits don’t need to be added here, but the Giz’s recent moves look a lot more guilty. John Gruber reckons that Jesus Diaz is hiding out in New York; AppleInsider hold that the iPhone prototype was stolen, not found; Apple don’t like Giz’s shoddy dissection job; and the whole of the law-abiding internet are stymied by Giz’s decision to steal a prototype iPhone.

Me? I just hope Apple clean up the seams and pull the glass safely inside the metal frame.

Another lost iPhone 4G?

Following the recent much hyped about scandal around the supposedly lost iPhone 4G prototype by Gizmodo reports have just come in that another one has surfaced, this time in Vietnam on a local Apple fan-boy forum Taoviet.vn. They have put up quite a significant photo gallery of the supposed iPhone 4G. Long story short, it looks almost exactly like the one stolen found at the bar in the US. But this time it actually works!

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iPhone 2G to get iPhone OS 4.0 – take that, Apple!

At one point in the iPhoneOS 4.0 keynote I was almost sure I heard 1.7 million hearts drop. I’m talking, of course, about the announcement of the platform the new OS is coming to. Roughly 2% of iPhone users still use the original iPhone 2G. Apple, in its quest to win over the hearts and wallets of the general population built such a magnificent device that quite a significant amount of people are still quite content with it, despite all of the features, only present in the newer versions.

Well, it seems I’m not the only one who thinks the policy of shutting the original iPhone out of the new bright future of OS 4.0 is cruel and unusual punishment. Rebuilding OS Group – a small independent team led by William Campell and previously know for some hacks of the PSP and Nintendo OS’s among other things has recently announced they are already working on making a special version of the OS 4.0 adapted for the iPhone 2G.

This version will, of course be based on the one for the iPhone 3G as the two devices share very similar hardware. Work is hard in progress, but already roughly 40% of the functions work fine on the original Jesus Phone and the project has been moved to beta stage. I’m still on the fence whether this is a fake or not, but I’d like to beieve in a better brighter future where all iPhones are created equal.

[iphones.ru via fittingstorm]

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iPhone OS 4.0 to include iChat?

Rumour have, rumour will – whatever. It seems that evidence for Apple’s own binary chat app, iChat, to have some level of support in OS 4.0 is mounting. Apple never ever reveal everything about upcoming software or hardware so the possibility that iChat functionality is among the 100 new features of the new OS is high.

The iPhone 4G may have a front facing camera and even a hi-res screen. In other words, worried spouses over at Apple are hoping beyond hope to find out where their husbands/wives spend those late evening ‘overtime hours’.

[via TechnoBuffalo]

MacBook and MacBook Pro refresh spec leak?

While Apple may have difficulty grabbing hardware suppliers for new MacBooks because nVidia and Intel are at it, news from Taiwan graced the Chinese-speaking tech world today.

Of note, the new MacBook Pro line should see the following updates:

  • 640GB harddisks or 248GB SS drives
  • 8 hour batteries

Apple routinely update their MacBook line every year at least once, but with supplies running thin and problems between both major chipset vendors, Apple are wedged in between a rock and a rough place. Thanks to AppleInsider for the tip.

TouchMyApps routinely follows MacBook goings-on, but it ain’t always good news:

iPhone 4G to have quadruple the pixel count: 960×640 iPhone HD?

It could be argued that a 3,5 inch screen is well tucked in with 480*320 pixels, but current rumours whisper that the iPhone 4G will sport a new, densely-packed 960*640 screen which closely mimes the iFrame video format as well as a front-mounted camera (finally!) More pixels means more CPU time and processing power; it means more heat and the necessity of better dissipation methods. Will it mean a larger iPhone? There are a lot of questions, none of which can be answered now, but stay tuned here as speculation turns to ratification.

Last summer, TouchMyApps discovered that the iPhone 3GS IS capable of playing back HD content, but it seems that Apple have tried to hide HD from iPhone 3GS owners. Perhaps they may push it as a new feature in the: iPhone 4G/HD.