iBasso DX100 Reference DAP in Review – Android to the rescue!

Truly audiophiling an iPod touch is no mean feat. It takes no less than a Cypher Labs AlgoRhthym Solo DAC, and a Vorzüge or ALO Rx class headphone amp. Throw in some shielded interconnects and your’re done. But at what cost? The once slim touch is now a knobby and unholy hamburger of aluminium and winking LEDs. Personally, I’m tired of ordering sides with the main meal. The iBasso DX100 is a single-box solution that will outperform most if not all audio stacks without sacrificing much of what makes the iPod touch worthwhile.

And how pray tell were iBasso, an amplifier maker, able to retain most of what makes the iPod touch worthwhile? Android.

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Quick Pick: Frequency ~ Tune in, Watch Videos

Have you ever found yourself jumping from app to app, or webpage to webpage watching online videos from various sources? If so, you need Frequency. It’s similar to Zite in that it aggregates news content under one roof, but instead of articles, you’ll find videos. Lots of them.

Frequency finds, organizes and delivers all the video you care about. Instead of going to all of your favorite websites, social networks and apps to watch the latest videos, this 5-Star app brings the best of everything to you on your iPad or iPhone.

With Frequency, you can watch video from all your favorite online sources on your favorite topics: news, comedy, entertainment, food, fashion, health, music, sports, technology and much more. You can also watch videos your friends share with you on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and from your YouTube account.

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Coin Army in Review – Tossing Change Can Be Destructive

Have you ever played one of those games in the arcade where you drop a coin in and hope to be able to push enough coins that are in the machine forward so that they fall out and you win a “jackpot” as it were?  Yeah, you know those machines that are almost as annoying as the “grab something with a claw” ones?  Well, it turns out that’s what Coin Army is.  Amazingly enough they’ve managed to present the concept in such a way that not only is it not annoying, but it can actually become addictive.  Just make sure you play responsibly so that you don’t end up paying an arm and a leg for IAP.

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Team Awesome in Review – A Diversion With Superheroes

Fans of the game Diversion from Ezone.com are going to feel a sense of déjà vu here, assuming you haven’t already with the several other Diversion-derived projects they’ve released in the last couple of years.  Thankfully the formula’s still addictive, and there are enough differences to be found in Team Awesome that it still seems like its own game.  Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) you won’t find any deep game play here, but if you’re looking for a simple diversion that could turn into an addiction, Team Awesome is your game.

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Quick Pick: Flexibits’ Fantastical for iPhone

Left: DayTicker view lets you easily view upcoming events/appointments
Right: Adding an event with help of Flexibits’ natural language engine

Flexibits, developers of the excellent Fantastical app for Mac OS (my favorite calendar app by far on the Mac thanks to its beautiful and unobtrusive design), has finally released the long-awaited Fantastical for iPhone. What makes Fantastical special? For starters, its natural language engine rocks, and this feature has made its way on to the iPhone. So you can type (or dictate if your iDevice supports it) events like “Have lunch with Bob at 123 Awesome blvd. next Monday at 1pm” and the app will enter all the appropriate details for you. In addition, Fantastical’s unique DayTicker UI makes it a breeze to view your past/upcoming schedule at a glance.

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Fighting Fantasy: Blood Of The Zombies in Review – A 30th Anniversary Treat

One sign that you’re getting older is when things you remember from your childhood start having their 30th anniversaries.  Such is the case for me and the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series.  Granted I was only 10 when the first one debuted, but you get my drift.  In this year that marks the third decade of the series’ existence the man himself, Ian Livingstone, has penned a new entry called Blood of the Zombies.  Thanks to Tin Man Games we can enjoy this milestone adventure on our iOS devices, and enjoy is being quite conservative.  I’d say this is probably one of the best electronic gamebook adventures yet.

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Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 5 in Review – Heavy weight champ?

When it comes to iPhone cases that offer the most protection, Otterbox’s Defender series cases are among some of most popular. From the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 5, the Defender has no doubt saved countless devices from accidental falls and drops. Slim and elegant it is not, but it’s added bulk and built-in screen protector will give users even more peace of mind – especially when it comes to the iPhone 5, a beautifully crafted phone whose sides are highly prone to scuffs and scratches.

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Review: OneSafe – Secure password manager and data vault

A couple of years ago apps that remembered your business cards and scanned your papers were the rage. It’s not so much that time has changed, it’s that the smartphone really is a computer replacement. Now, the haphazard storing of files in Notes and pictures doesn’t cut it. Lunabee Pte. ltd., makers of oneSafe, seem to think so. And after a over month of use (yep, rather overtime this review is), I think so, too.

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Horn – Console Adventure On A Portable Screen

I first tasted of the intrigue that Phosphor Games could produce as I wandered the creepy halls of Dark Meadow.  It had its issues, but overall it was a captivating game with wild creatures and a unique control scheme.  That was, of course, until I played Infinity Blade and realized that I had suffered Déjà Vu in reverse.  Now Phosphor Games has released Horn, and while the fantasy theme is reminiscent of Infinity Blade, it actually has a lot more to it then either of the aforementioned games in terms of things to do besides combat.  At first I was a bit skeptical about it just because I was afraid it would be a clone of the Chair Entertainment Group’s franchise, but every time I load up Horn I manage to get lost in its mystery and grandeur.

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Dungeon Story in Review – Have I Heard This Tale Before?

The concept of combining the RPG with match 3 mechanics seems to be pretty popular, though few entries come close to either Puzzle Quest for a more hardcore experience or Dungeon Raid for the casual folks.  Still, many of the options at least offer a few things that make them worth giving a chace, and Dungeon Story is no exception.  While there are no quests to speak of, it’s more persistent than Dungeon Raid in that you can build up your character between plays.  It still provides a more casual experience than Puzzle Quest, however, because even if you get “stuck” in a dungeon all you have to remember between sessions is that when you come back there is another monster to fight.

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