Textropolis in Review – Build ‘Words’ and They Shall Come

textropolis7Ian Marsh, the brains behind the popular App Store title Hanoi Plus and the highly enjoyable Scoops, has taken on the Word Game genre with the release of the very cool and fun Textropolis. Unlike the majority of Word titles that lack a theme or some much needed flavor, Textropolis delivers by taking you around the world and have you finding hidden words in each city as you progress.

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iPhone/ iPod Touch Storage Applications in Review – Air Sharing -vs- MobileFiles Pro -vs- WiFi Disk

With the apparent death of the floppy drive in the mid-1990s, there were a number of replacement technologies that competed for the title as heir-apparent. These included:

** ZIP Drive, a magnetic drive that held 100MB in the beginning and grew to 250MB;
** Magneto Optical Drive, a rewritable optical disk that held 128MB to about 2.3GB for the 3.5” version whilst the bigger 5.25” version held Continue reading…

Abby Crabby in Review – Underwater Mayhem

abbycrabby1In keeping up with my last review of iPhone games that are intended for ‘all age groups’, we’ll be taking a look a cartoonishly designed title called Abby Crabby. Developed by Steamboat Mountain Designs, Abby Crabby takes you deep underwater, where you play as Abby the Crab and your sole mission is to protect baby crabs from falling debris and trash.

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Sneezies – Bubble Popping Fun in Review – Sneezing Made Fun

sneezies1Sneezies is perhaps one of the more adorably addictive games I have come across on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Developed by Antair Corporation, Sneezies is a unique title that can truly be enjoyed by all age groups. The premise of the game is very simple, yet highly effective nonetheless. You are presented with ‘Sneezies’ that are trapped in floating bubbles and your job is to free them by making them sneeze. In doing so, you will also create massive chain reactions of bubbles bursting that are accompanied by some sweet visuals and cute sound effects.

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Wings 2: Flight Simulator Experience in Review – Not Really Flying…


When I heard about Wings 2: Flight Simulator Experience and saw some of the screenshots on iTunes, I had high expectations; the graphics were amazing!! It was like the screenshots were taken from a PSP or a PS2 even; just by showing me the graphics on a webpage it could never convince me that Wings 2 was a mobile phone grade application. I then immediately wanted to test it out, to see how great the program was.
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A Look at iMeter, iPhone’s 1st Tricorder

Something is up

Something is up

400 Years Early
Today, I am back on the subject of useless apps. To set the stage, please try to imagine the TV show Star Trek or ST: The Next Generation. Warp speed, aliens, holodecs and world peace; It represented a universe where anything was possible. Today, I want to make a tardy congratulation to our world. Hooray! We have surpassed the world of Star Trek and it is not yet the 10th of January, 2009.

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Hexile in Review- A Fresh New Puzzler for the iPhone

hexile1Fusion Development Group has recently released a unique puzzle/strategy game that could very well be the first of its kind at the App Store. Hexile is a fast paced “High-Low” tile-tapping game that will have you racing the clock and clearing the board of all stones. The premise of the game is simple: Tap the stone tiles in ascending or decending order to remove them from the screen before time runs out. While this may sound easy, Hexile is in fact a well designed game that will challenge all takers, especially as the game progresses.

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FindIT in Review – Find and Go Seek for iPhone


Hiding away among the New section in the App Store is Granet Societe Cooperativa’s FindIT, an application which flaunts photographic faults in a spot the difference game. It makes no attempt however, to conceal its certain strengths: great photography, a wide selection of photos and a unique zooming system that will keep users engaged for hours in intricate gameplay.

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