New on iOS App Store: Free App of the Week and Editors’ Choice

Apple has quietly launched two new weekly promotions/sub-categories on the App Store: Free App of the Week and Editors’ Choice. The former – as the name implies – features an app that will go free for an entire week, and Cut the Rope: Experiments for the iPhone (as $0.99) and iPad (was $1.99) is the promo’s very first selection (Apple tweeted CtR: Experiments as their #FreeAppoftheWeek). The latter meanwhile, has replaced the weekly feature formerly known as the iPhone and iPad App of the Week. This week’s selections are Extreme Skater and Facebook Camera for the iPhone and SketchBook Ink and Air Mail for the iPad.

As for the Mac App Store, while there doesn’t appear to a Free App of the Week up for grabs, there are two current Editors’ Choice Mac apps: Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Cobook. Be sure to grab the excellent Cut the Rope: Experiments now for your iDevice(s).

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EA Mobile’s Memorial Day Sale – up to 90% off iOS games

EA Mobile is kicking off the Memorial Day Weekend with a massive iOS sale, with up to 90% off on nearly 50 of their most popular App Store games. A bunch of titles are now as low as $0.99, including Burnout CRASH!Dead Space (TMA Review), MONOPOLY for iPadReal Racing 2 and much more. The deals are good for a limited time and should last at least until Monday. Check out the full roundup of links after the gap.

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Price Drop: 10 $0.99 iPhone and iPad apps to pick up for the weekend

Just in the time for the weekend, we present you with 10 apps that have dropped in price to $0.99 and are worthy of an app spot on your crowded springboard. The list includes one of the best TD games on iOS – Kingdom Rush HD (TMA Review), an overlooked but remarkable RTS in Z The Game (TMA Review) and everyone’s favorite line drawing game, Flight Control HD.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our Deals ‘O the Day post from yesterday. Plenty of apps there are still showing as Free on the App Store. Full $0.99 sale roundup after the break.

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[Updated] Grab the Hunger Games Trilogy ($2.70) and other ebooks at 90% off via Kobo coupon code

If you’re a bit of a bookworm, you definitely need to take advantage of this amazing deal from Kobo Books. By using the coupon code “welcome90us” (simply switch out the ‘us’ depending on your location, like ‘ca’, ‘au’, uk’) on check out, you’ll get 90% off the website price. So the Hunger Games Trilogy for instance, selling for $26.98, will be reduced to $2.70 before taxes! The caveat is that it’ll only work once per account AND on non-agency books. While there’s no section specifically for non-agency books on the kobo website, they can typically be spotted by ebooks prices that end in something other than ‘.99’ (i.e $26.98 or $9.87) or if the ebook shows 2 prices (i.e ‘List Price’ and ‘Our ‘Price’). Other coupon codes that currently work include:

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Freebie Alert: Fodor’s Travel Guides for iOS now free to download

Thinking of visiting London this summer for the Olympics? Or New York City for a business trip in the coming weeks? Well as it so happens, Fodor’s 6 city-based Travel Guides for the iPhone and iPad (a universal app) have dropped from $5.99 to free. All city guides offer expert reviews of restaurants, shops, hotels and hotspots to visit, exclusive Fodor’s Choice picks and even downloadable offline and interactive maps to help avoid those roaming charges. The ability to bookmark favorites and take ‘field’ notes for every recommendation is also available for its users. The freebie offer isn’t likely to last long, so be sure to grab the apps below before they go back up in price.

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