Three for Free: Burn the Ropes World, XenoCube SD and TrafficVille HD

Ready for some Freebies to start off your weekend? Here are three notable games that have gone Free today:

Burn the Rope Worlds Burn the Rope Worlds – The followup to the hit Burn the Rope, Worlds comes packed with 100 new levels, 4 themed worlds and an all-new Endless Burn mini-game. The premise: burn as much rope as you can, though the fire only burns upwards – meaning you’ll have to tilt & turn your iDevice around to keep the flame alive.

TrafficVille HD TrafficVille HD – Think Flight Control (Review) minus the planes and line drawing. Supposedly the first “traffic control” game for iOS, you must manage multiple lights and vehicles and ensure that the flow of traffic keeps humming along. It’s universal, so it can be enjoyed on both your iPhone and iPad.

XenoCube SD XenoCube SD – A unique take on the Match 3 genre, it’s almost like you’re playing Bejeweled on a rubic’s cube. And being that the playground’s a cube, you can rotate it to make your matches (thus giving it a 3D feel to the game). Power ups, explosive effects and 5 game modes should excite all Match 3 fanatics.

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$0.99 App Store Deals Roundup

Over the past few days, the App Store saw a number of mighty fine $0.99 price drops. Superb games like STREET FIGHTER IV VOLT (Review), SHADOWGUN (Review) and even World of Goo for the iPhone/iPod Touch are those that currently on sale for a buck. This roundup includes just over 20 titles, many of which certainly deserve a spot on your iDevice. So head on inside and check out the full list. And as always, don’t procrastinate as these deals aren’t likely to last very long.

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Gameloft holds iPad Games Sale (now $0.99 for limited time)

Gameloft is back with another $0.99 App Store deal and this time, 5 iPad titles are currently on sale for a buck. Probably the most desirable from the bunch is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard HD, a superb FPS that supports online co-op and head-to-head multiplayer modes. Also on the list is Dungeon Hunter 2 HD (TMA Review) the sequel to the hit game and one of my favourite hack ‘n slash RPGs on the iDevice. If you’ve got an iPad and several dollar bills to burn, be sure to check out the rest of the Gameloft games on sale after the gap.

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Freebie Alert: Perfect Photo for iPhone Free for the weekend

In celebration of the launch of the International iPhoneography Show, MacPhun, makers of the fantastic FX Photo Studio (TMA Review), is offering Perfect Photo as a free download for the weekend. Perfect Photo is a highly capable and easy to use image editor for the iPhone/iPod Touch that’s been getting rave reviews from all around (current version has 4 1/2 stars from 540 ratings). The app features 28 essential tools that includes spot healing, saturation, colour balance and levels balance controls, as well as effects like vintage, pencil paint and posterize. While iOS 5 now allows you to do some basic photo editing, Perfect Photo will give you much more control for manipulating that image just the way you want it. If you make use of that i-camera even in the slightest, be sure to grab it before the week’s over.

Perfect Photo MacPhun, Perfect Photo, – Free

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Freebie Alert: Kevin’s BREAK’EM now Free for 24 Hours

We’ve reviewed a number of Breakout clones on the iPhone and one of our favourites so far is Anodia (TMA Review), a below-the-radar App Store release. Visually though, the recently released Kevin’s BREAK’EM is likely the most unique among the genre, featuring a refreshing 3D animated look.

Meet Kevin, the nutty new character in town. When the humans are gone it’s time to have fun! Come play with him and burn off some steam in this innovative fast paced tilt to win gameplay. With High Definition Graphics and slick tilt based controls, Kevin’s BREAK’EM can be one of you next addictive pocket friends.

Simply tilt to control Kevin and the china above while aiming for the marked dishes. Don’t hit the timers or lose the ball to score big time!

Now free for 24 hours, Kevin’s BREAK’EM is worth checking out, especially if you like the arkanoid/breakout style of play. Video trailer after this space.

Kevin's BREAK'EM Re-Create Entertainment, Kevin’s BREAK’EM, – Free

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Price Drop Alert: Com2uS’ iOS games now $0.99

In celebration of the Games category (finally) launching in the Korean App Store, Korean publisher Com2uS has announced that all their non-free iOS games (save for the iPad only versions) are now available for $0.99 for a limited time. Time to pick up titles like Inotia 3: Children of Carnia, Chocolate Tycoon and Puzzle Family for only a buck. The entire list of $0.99 games can be found after the break. You can also check out our interview with Com2uS to learn more about this leading mobile games developer/publisher.

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Halloween iOS Freebies and Price Drop Roundup

Halloween is upon us and there’s one thing you can count on: massive App Store freebies and price drops. We’ve rounded up all notable mentions so you don’t have to waste time digging through the pile of potentials. As usual, EA Mobile is taking part in the festivities, with essentially all their iPad games being discounted by as much as 80%. Other publishers taking part include Namco, Gameloft, Telltale and 2K Games. The compiled list of deals contains over 150 titles, most of which will last at least until midnight Oct 31st, though some may go on for several more days. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing the roundup within and take advantage of this Halloween Bonanza!

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Freebie Alert: Reckless Getaway and Puzzle Quest Chapter 1 now free for limited time

Two fantastic iPhone games have gone free today. Polarbit’s Reckless Getaway (the “sequel” to Reckless Racing), my favourite pickup-and-play title on iOS this year, has you weaving in-and-out of traffic like a (mad) professional getaway driver. The superb graphics, tight controls, unlockable chapters and mindlessly fun gameplay make this one of the best iDevice games around. Just see for yourself why this one is so darn addictive.

Now a drastic change of pace – Puzzle Quest Chapter 1, has also dropped to free. The game that popularized match 3 style of play with RPG elements, Puzzle Quest had graced the Nintendo DS and PSP before making its appearance on the iPhone. Now that Chapter 1 is free, ch 2&3 can be unlocked for $0.99 each. If PQ tickles your fancy, be sure to check out Puzzle Quest 2 (TMA Review) as well.

Puzzle Quest Chapter 1 TransGaming, Puzzle Quest Chapter 1, – Free

Reckless Getaway Polarbit, Reckless Getaway, – Free

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Chicken Balls for iPhone and iPad now Free for limited time

Endloop’s Chicken Balls, brought to you by the brotherly dev duo of Garry and Ken Seto (best known for their popular iMockups for iPad app), is now FREE for the very first time. One of the craziest and most fun Angry Birds-inpired games around, Chicken Balls comes loaded with 50 levels, power ups and addictive pachinko/breakout style gameplay.

You play Crash, the BRAVEST chicken this side of New Mexico. It’s the summer of 1947, you’ve just come back from the war and had hoped to hang up your flight cap for good. When a UFO crash lands just outside the nearby town of Roswell you knew you’d have to take to the skies – one more time.

If you’re a fan of slingshot physics puzzlers, Chicken Balls comes highly recommended and shouldn’t be missed. And in other freebie news, G5 Entertainment’s Stand O’Food is also now free!

Chicken Balls Endloop Systems Inc., Chicken Balls, – Free
Chicken Balls HD Endloop Systems Inc., Chicken Balls HD, – Free

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Gameloft’s $0.99 Halloween Sale + iPad 2/Samsung Galaxy Tab giveaway

In preparation for Halloween, Gameloft has dropped 6 of their iOS games to $0.99 for the entire week. The titles include Order & Chaos© Online and Gameloft Action Pack, a 3-in-1 app that bundles Hero of Sparta, Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes and Blades of Fury (TMA Review).

And as part of this Halloween promotion, Gameloft will be giving away an iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab (the Tablet that looks very much like the Galaxy s) to one lucky winner. Simply visit their Facebook page and beat the Halloween themed memory game in under 60 seconds (found under the “Halloween Contest tab on the left) to enter your name into the draw. Tweeting your score will even double your chances of winning. Good luck!