World Cup Ping Pong in Review – The Good and the Bat


Wooden floors and polished table tops; the chirping of rubber soles on recently waxed floors and above all, the acrid and sweet smell of sweat. Skyworks have added to the growing list of table tennis simulators in the app store with World Cup Ping Pong and have scored a few good shots against the more historied competition.

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Defender Chronicles marching to an App Store near you

defenderchronicles_preview1Tower Defense lovers rejoice! Introducing Defender Chronicles, developed by Gimka Entertainment Inc and Menara games. This game is said to be a new twist on the Tower Defense genre; one that’s also blended with role-playing adventure elements. Just released was their first gameplay video, and this promising TD title will be out in May for just $4.99, so keep your eyes peeled! More screenies and video after the break…

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Tag Games Car Jack Streets Diary? We’ve Got Videos


Yeah, a little YouTubing around the ol’ world wide web and I happened on a few exciting videos that prove Tag Games are really up to something beyond hyping a product that Apple are holding onto! Well, we all knew that anyway, but this four-part video diary gets dirty with plot, design, music and gameplay and what really sets Car Jack apart from both its competitors and its forbears.

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Shouting at the Coach: Manage Your Football Club to Hit App Store Shelves


31 March 2009, Sports Director, creator of Football Director for the DS, announced their upcoming title which is slated for release in quarter two of this year. Football fans, its time to queue up for this exciting addition to fantasy football at the App Store. That is, fantasy football meets The Sims. Manage Your Football Club (MYFC) is a deeply rooted strategy football game aimed at satisfying both power mongers and hooligans. You can play anywhere, make all pertinent decisions for your squad and choose the path to glory as your take the helm of your favourite team.

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Car Jack Streets VS Payback: Breast-Wars’ Precedence Long Reach


In the tradition of GTA, Car Jack Streets (CJS) is a sandbox RPG littered with carnage, death, loads of nefarious opportunities and controversy. Developer, Tag Games, are not new to to the App Store nor mobile gaming, but this mercenary driving game will be their first big hype title to hit the iDevice download shelf. Even Payback maker, Apex Games have jumped the gun and released their own competitive, “welcome” to Tag Games – more details to follow. In any event, TouchMyApps is ready to parade some of the sights and sounds of CJS that are sure to draw attention.

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Toki Tori Hands On Preview- Egg-Tastic!

tokitori_preview1Once in awhile a game comes along that is unexpectedly impressive in gameplay, graphics, controls and most importantly, fun factor. Chillingo’s egg-cellent upcoming platform Toki Tori is such a game. Toki Tori’s journey began as a Game Boy Color game back in 2001 that eventually made its way onto the Nintendo Wii via Wii-ware. Now the egg-citingly adorable Toki is set to debut on the iDevice!

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Vampire Origins Exclusive: One-Line Interview with the Director


Chillingo, publishers of many acclaimed iPhone apps, are dripping fairy dust all over the web today with screenshots of the upcoming title, Vampire Origins. As tight-lipped as the Count himself, Chillingo’s director Chris Byatte informed us that this title is to be: ‘an advanced “point-and-click” adventure’! Because TouchMyApps’ power of deduction is impressive, we have sussed out that ‘Origins’ will be the first in a dark trilogy of games from Chillingo.

[more screenies after the jump]

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7 Days Apocalypse: We’ve got 7 days to save the world

7days-shot-2We’ve got 4 minutes to save the world! Oops, that’s from the Madonna song…ahem. We’ve got 7 days, exactly 7 days to save the entire human species from turning into zombies! Can we do it? Yes we can! From the makers of Ankagua3D, StormBASIC now tackles the survival horror genre with ’7 Days Apocalypse’, which should arrive at the App Store next week.

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Zenonia Hands on Impressions – An iDevice Milestone

zenonia_preview1Zenonia, created and published by Gamevil, makes me proud to be a Korean. With their headquarters in Seoul, Korea, they helped solidify both the iPhone and iTouch as serious handheld gaming devices with their masterful port of Baseball Superstars 2009. They are seeking to set the standard of excellence in another fledgling iDevice genre: RPGs.

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Happy Tuesday: OS 3.0 Preview – Updated

Thank you Engadget

In less than a half-hour, 10AM PST or 1PM here in Toronto, Apple will be showcasing a public preview of their iPhone OS 3.0 software which has yet an unspecified release date. Such previews are necessary not only to keep user hype at peak levels and fan websites busy, but to help developers famiarise themselves with upcoming features of the OS which will impact their applications.

Though there is uncertainty as to whether tethering and MMS will actually be delivered in OS 3.0, we have certain hope that copy and paste will finally grace our small screens. With those simple implementations, Apple could take the bite out of naysayer’s mouths in one fell swoop. But then again, Apple thrive on controversy.

TouchMyApps will have plenty to say today about the upcoming OS as our interest is as peaked as a bore-hole in a change room.

For many users, the inclusion of the following will be welcome:

Cut and Paste




Landscape Mode

and many more features especially aimed at the developer.

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