Brain Controller in Review – the view from on top

Brain Controller is a clever demo for Motion Portrait‘s photo-to-animation technology, a sometimes funny, sometimes scary application which morphs digital animation from still photos. The iPhone version is a port of Motion Portrait’s PC application, and while extremely simple, exhibits the company’s expertise in enslaving humanity to their alien overlords… and animation. Brain Controller came to me at a strange time too: in Dune’s prequel, House Corrino, the skin of my neck has been crawling at the constant mention of biological tampering. This app ain’t going that far, but after a good dose of coffee, I can see the tainted future, and it isn’t great!

Motion Portrait’s app has managed to remote control itself into TMA thanks to a few good videos which you can see here.

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QuadCamera in Action – Apple’s finger poised to Shut or Release

News-Photography-QuadCamera-OS30-Revival-Icon.jpgThe drama is long over  – QuadCamera for 3.0 has been in the App Store now the better part of a month thanks to the efficient App Store approval team. So far, out of 100 reviews, the current version is predominantly valued by the numerical score of 5, and in the meantime, 2.0 version of the software has been given to Apple to approve. While QuadCamera isn’t the camera app for everyone, it seems to have the ability to inspire creativity in a vast number of people. For example, the below firework shot (from creator Takayuki Fukatsu’s Flickr portfolio) was taken with QuadCamera, showing the power of an emulated shutter burst.

Takaki Fukatsu, QuadCamera, 1.99$, 0.3 MB
QuadCamera - Multi shot

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Contest Alert: Dutch camera buffs – it’s in you to win (Just not when you wear the orange)


Firstly, this contest is NOT hosted at TMA. Our partner, iPhoneography, has unearthed a unique contest for iPhone photographers which is running at iPhoneclub, a Dutch enthusiast site. The loot is really good: Aperture 2, Griffin Clarifi case, Pogo Sketch and Macally FlexTune; so if you feel that you have what it takes, follow the link below:

iPhonegraphy’s contest details – More on this after the gap.

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Camera Zoom v1.1 in Review – Close To Perfection


One of the upgraded components of the new iPhone 3GS was the 3MP camera (up from 2MP on the 3G). Apple also finally integrated both a tap and auto focus system to give users a bit more control while taking their pictures. With the upgraded camera, you are now able to take even more amazing photos using your phone. One feature that was still lacking unfortunately, was a zoom function.

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Going Wide: iPhone Camera attachments from Gizmoshop

news-photography-iphone_widemacro news-photography-iphone_fisheye

For the budding iPhone photographer, the snap-happy peep or the artistic eye, the Japanese shop, Gizmoshop has  introduced two great lenses. One, a 180º fisheye and the other, a macro lens attachment for your handset which can add new angles to your photography. The lenses can also be attached to other devices, but Gizmo are selling unique bundles for the iPhone 3G (and 3GS).

Gizmo Overseas Shop

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QuadCamera is out for 3.0!


Last week, I noted that SepiaCamera had obtained a well-deserved price-upgrade: it is now free! The same developer, Takayuki Fukatsu, has had recent trouble with Apple’s approval process as his upgraded QuadCamera, a popular photographer’s tool was rejected for use with OS 3.0. Fortunately, that restriction has been lifted and the app can now be downloaded for 99 cents.

Takayuki Fukatsu, QuadCamera, 0.99$, 0.3 MB
QuadCamera - Multi shot

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ShakeItPhoto – the iPhone’s best fauxlaroid app gets better with 1.1 update


If you’ve not had the chance to try a Polaroid camera, you really are missing out. Why? Well, even after the advent of digital cameras many years ago, the Polaraoid remained the best instant camera because it was quick, and required the photographer to do some exercise. Snap, shake and share – it was as easy as that. ShakeItPhoto is a Polaroid emulator brought to you by Nick Campbell which adds fun and a few features to the iPhone camera.

Nick Campbell, ShakeItPhoto, 0.99$, 4.4 MB

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