FastMac battery: Keep your iPhone going and going….

Though the iPhone 3G may not have the worst battery life amongst 3G handsets, improving battery performance would be a major plus for all users. With the iPhone’s immense popularity and relatively short battery life, numerous companies are offering their version of an external battery pack. Currently, I am using Brando’s 1000mAh power station. With short comings of it’s own, I am always on the look out for new products.

Though I have yet to try one, FastMac has released the iV Extended portable charger for the iPhone 2G/3G. Looks like a battery with full-on features:

  • a full size USB port to charge other devices such as your Bluetooth headset, digital camera or even another iPhone
  • comes with a built in flash to help with pictures in low lighting
  • 3100mAh TruePower Battery
  • Up to 24 Hours of Talk Time
  • Up to 72 Hours of Audio Playback
  • Up to 21 Hours of Video Playback
  • Up to 30 Days of Standby Time
  • Dock Connector for iPhone & Universal Dock

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Please Fix the iPhone: If it IS broke, fix it?

Since the original 2G iPhone was released, users have hoped and prayed for what seemed like obvious features. Copy and Paste, MMS support, Flash content in Safari. Of course, these three notables are just part of a long list of what people really want on their iPhone. Want to see what this list includes? Well, y’er in luck! Thanks to FullSix’s iPhone website, you can see this list AND add your very own. The innovative and well designed website allows all iPhone users to give a voice on what’s missing on the phone. Once you add to the “Wish List”, others can vote on it as well. The more votes, the higher it climbs on the wish list rankings. Currently, the missing MMS feature is ranked #1, with copy and paste and flash support closely behind.  There is also a “Fixed” section, where you will find wishes that are finally implemented on the iPhone.

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