No Approval in App Store costs Developer 600 000 Dollars

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FreedomVoice Systems‘ CEO, Eric Thomas informed his company that development on Newber app will stop. Apple have neither rejected nor approved approved it for the App Store after making FreedomVoice wait more than six months for an answer. “We followed all guidelines set by Apple”, says Thomas, “and never received comment from Apple as to why Newber application has not even been reviewed”. FreedomVoice have spend more than six months developing Newber and incurred 600 000$ in associated costs.

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iPhone OS 3.0 – Preview coming 17 March!

Thank you EngadgetThank you Engadget

Yep, Engadget spake and so it will happen. Apple will show and ‘advanced preview’ of the new 3.0 operating software, so we should probably not get our hopes up for a brand new OS by the end of March. However, those who are good at praying should join me in spiritually ushering in this new OS ahead of schedule.

Engadget will get a sneak peak at the new SDK and of the new OS. Make sure your heads are not in the mud that day as Apple Faithful the world over will have new reason to cry from both joy and disappointment.

So, what features are you hoping for in this new release?

New iTunes: that is Happy News!

itunes-logoJust in case you did not know, I have been vaccilating between using iTunes and Mozilla’s Songbird for a long time for music listening. The reason, iTunes is now even on Macs, sometimes slow. Today – in fact, just about an hour ago, iTunes 8.1 was released. In its log it is noted as improving upon performance. Let’s hope so.

iTunes 8.1 Log:
iTunes 8.1 is now faster and more responsive. You will enjoy noticeable improvements when working with large libraries, browsing the iTunes Store, preparing to sync with iPod or iPhone, and optimizing photos for syncing.

In addition, iTunes 8.1 provides many other improvements and bug fixes, including:

• Supports syncing with iPod shuffle (3rd generation).
• Allows friends to request songs for iTunes DJ.
• Adds Genius sidebar for your Movies and TV Shows.
• Improves performance when downloading iTunes Plus songs.
• Provides AutoFill for manually managed iPods.
• Allows CDs to be imported at the same sound quality as iTunes Plus.
• Includes many accessibility improvements.
• Allows iTunes U and the iTunes Store to be disabled separately using Parental Controls.

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

You can download iTunes 8.1 from Apple’s iTunes Website for Windows and Mac.

Nothing New at the App Store


nothing |ˈnəθi ng |
not anything; no single thing : I said nothing | there’s nothing you can do | they found nothing wrong.
• something of no importance or concern : “What are you laughing at?” “Oh, nothing, sir.” | they are nothing to him | [as n. ] no longer could we be treated as nothings.
• (in calculations) no amount; zero.

I have found a new candidate for worst app evar and here is why: false advertising. According to knowledge brain’s website:

We can sum-up this App for you with one word: “NOTHING”
We proudly present an Application about Nothing. Nothing is everything you ever wanted in an application – except much, much less. We know there are so many great apps, but we wanted something different.
“How can you have Application about Nothing?” you say…. Easy, there’s Nothing to it! We have carefully crafted Nothing out of something.

Nothing competes with some good apps and many worthless apps that are priced at 99 cents and below. The difference is that most apps will try to convince you that they have something to offer, whereas Knowledge Brain advertise the opposite. They even go so far as to put nothing in caps and quotations. I want my purchases at the App Store to be statements, but the purchase of Nothing is like slapping your brain with a bag of quicksand, then having your lolly friends suck the remnants of you dry with tiny straws full of their own poison and singing “merrily merrily, I so merrily believe in the weather!”

Nothing cannot be paraded about as nothing unless the makers are simply programming savvy idiots. In fact, the Knowledge Brain probably had meetings and meetings about design, quotes, who to send Nothing to and how to market it. They missed the bloody point.

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U2: Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking for at Apple – Say Hello to Rim


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In a sudden move, long-time partner of Apple, U2 have chosen RIM as their main supporter in the upcoming U2360 tour. So, hang on to your Product Red iPods and t-shirts and keep nosy hands off your U2 branded collection as they are soon to be short commodity.

What do fans have to say? Well, ehem, I was a tiring U2 fan till my desire weltered after All That you Can’t Leave Behind broke the U2 rule of reinvention. Since that day in 2000, I just don’t care for regurgitated sappy-lyriced pop-rock songs. Far be it from me however to claim fan opinion. For that, head to the thread at

In any case, RIM and U2 can sleep soundly knowing that their decision will cause ripples around the pop-world and likely show Apple that to be hip, you have to stay hip. I’ll queue when Apple brand DJ Armin Van Buuren onto the stainless steel back of an iPod Touch.

What Do You Think? Cydia App Store is Open

What can be done with your iPhone if you don’t take Apple’s word for truth

Who owns your iPhone? I know that it is a sudden question but really, who owns your iPhone? Some of you have bought out of the contract and paid full price for Apple’s Jesus phone, some of you probably received it as a gift and others have paid upfront for the phone and are now fishing away at the contract. So, who owns your iPhone?

Is it your device since you paid for it or are paying for it? Is it the property of AT&T, Orange, Softbank or Rogers? In a previous article, TMA discussed some of the problems of giving into Apple’s plan for our mobile lives and in particular what features we are missing by not digging into the jailbreak scene. Now however, the Jailbreak scene is going corporate.

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Transit Syndey App Developer in Collision with City Rail

Screenshot from Transit Syndey

Screenshot from Transit Syndey - Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald

News Digital Media developer Alvin Singh’s hopes have were derailed as Transit Sydney, an app which displayes timetables for trains and ferrys garnered the unwanted attention of CityRail. Singh’s app has been selling an upwards of 20 copies per day for the last two weeks.

CityRail informed Singh via email that would be sued if he does not remove the application from the App Store as they own all timetable information. Pertinently, TouchMyApps wonder why the timetable has been copyrighted. According to Singh, CityRail have said, “we are in the planning stages of getting our own application up there”. Whether that is true or not or will may someday materialise. At TMA, we cannot stop wondering if it is rather that the timetable much like Liverpool’s record is enough hit-and-miss that it has become a mascot of sorts and worthy of copyright.

You can check the full article at the Sydney Morning Herald. and Singh’s website here.

MGS4: Official Trailer and Touch-happy website

mgs4-01Not news, but just a damn delicious website and preview trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4 for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Konami may not be re-creating our beloved Metal Gear Solid as it has been known for consoles and portables since the Nintendo Family computer, but they are releasing a highly anticipated shooter that sports everyone’s favourite snake and some great graphics. For those with fast fingers or addiction to Metal Gear games, this looks to be a portable pleaser. [Check out our review here]

For fans of the iDevice, it is a welcome sign that more and more big gaming companies are taking the platform seriously. Not only have Konami put the effort into coding a unique release for us touch gamers, but they have created an amusing and relevant webpage complete with ‘touching’. Kudos to you who navigate Konami’s webpage with iTap!

Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 4 for iPod Touch and iPhone webpage.

Football for the iPhone: Hooliganism’s Price


Football doesn’t only happen to be the biggest sport the world over, it happens to be the 3rd largest religion and 2nd most powerful political movement that unites millions of people fans around this globe. However, it has not really made a big impact on the iPhone, yet.  Shane McCafferty is hoping to change than and has brought the Premier League to our hands and what more would we really want?

I downloaded all four of the originally released teams:  Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester Utd and Arsenal but spent meaningful time only with Liverpool.

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iDracula Love: Top App of the World

Sucking the blood of the world!

Sucking the World's blood one country at a time!

No more chortling over farts or breasts, the world has voted and iDracula the App Store’s new Lord and Master; it is the new Top Paid App. In fact, it is a clean sweep of the USA, Canada, UK, Japan and France.  Whose finger did developer More Games Entertainment have to pull to get there?  Not sure, but I am certain it was enough all night work to leave the poor souls bloodless, cold and ready to devour.  

Our review pointed out some of its strengths but iDracula has to be played to truly be appreciated.  Quick and smooth with great graphics and engine work, iDracula is bound to remain a genre-defining game for the iPhone despite carrying such a small pricetag.  

Take a look at Top App of the World from time to time to see how your favourite apps fare in global rankings.  

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iDracula - Undead Awakening