Illusion Labs on the Big Screen: TouchGrind and Sway

Up close and personal the iPhone’s bigger cousin: a large toucscreen table from touchtechIllusion Labs show off their unique hits, Touchgrind and Sway. We expect that this sort of productioin is what could be expected from Illusion Labs in particular and from other developers in general if Apple were to release a larger touch panel based product to market.

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A Touching Story: TouchMyApps Editor, shigzeo Arrested

shigzeo-arrestIn what is sure to be a complex proceeding, shigzeo of TMA was arrested on a recent business trip to God’s Country. While specific names and locations will remain undisclosed, it is clear to us is that he was arrested while out in the rural countryside around New York State’s largest city. Purportedly, shigzeo had a scoop that took him and his much loved Marnoni Fango bicycle across the border to visit the home of someone who knew, “the biggest news ever to be upped onto The Internets”.We said goodbye to him at 10:00 am this morning and have not properly heard from him since.

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The Apple iPwn: Apple Taking Jailbreak Under their Wings? ;)

news-jailbreak-patent-appEngadget report on a picture included in a recent patent application by Apple which displays a jailbreaked summerboard and a few apps that only Jailbreaked iPhones can run. After Apple’s bruhaha legal paper detailing the illegality of Jailbreaking and its detrimental effects on their service standards, the hand-drawn images surprise and confuse. Bafflement aside, the new patent is quite clear: more security for the iPhone user.

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No Contract iPhone Available now in the Apple Store

nocontractiphoneAs we mentioned last week, this move was expected today, but not by Apple. If you amble on by the Apple store, you won’t have to already be an AT&T customer to pick up an iPhone, nor are you limited to one phone per customer as you are at AT&T.

Naturally, end-of-life for the 3G is rapidly approaching and Apple are eager to rid their shelves of these beauties. However, be prepared to shovel out 599$ for the 8GB model and 699$ for the 16GB badboy – me? I’ll be grabbing three of each on a run down to God’s Country over the weekend.

AppleInsider also report that the newly purchased iPhone can be activated via iTunes and that AT&T contract is still mandatory, but there are ways to get out of that.

Biting the Hand that Feeds You: 90 Day App Store Refund Confirmed

Disgusting Practice, Apple

Disgusting Practice, Apple

Buy, play, love and return for full refund. What a great policy, no? Well, such a practice is cyphered deep behind market-speak within Apple’s developer contract.

According to Pocketgamer, the following can be found within:

6.3 In the event that Apple receives any notice or claim from any end-user that: (i) the end-user wishes to cancel its license to any of the Licensed Applications within (90) days of the date of download of that Licensed Application by that end-user; or (ii) a Licensed Application fails to conform to Your Specifications or Your Product warranty or the requirements of any applicable law, Apple may refund to the end-user the full amount of the price paid by the end-user for that Licensed Application. In the event that Apple refunds any such price to an end-user, You shall reimburse, or grant Apple a credit for, an amount equal to the price for that Licensed Application. Apple will have the right to retain its commission on the sale of that Licensed Application, notwithstanding the refund of the price to the end-user. Continue reading…

Chapter 12 – In Which the next iPhone and Netbook are again rumoured

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Dead Donkey hath again been beaten; by, it seems, a magnificent in AT&T, who by disclosing to Boygenius the nature of another rumour, however shallow, may have made his or her position, redundant in the unlikely circumstance that Apple or AT&T, become perturbed at another negligent slip of the tongue. Much ado has been made regarding, of course, the iPhone, which being in its very nature a company defining weapon of secrecy, needs at the very least, sustained and unpromulgated confidentiality. TouchMyApps, in accordance with rumour sites, news aggregates and feeds, feel that great gravity should be employed when breaking upon such rumours. The reason we so deem, being in our nature an iPhone-dedicated site, is that rumours are at core, useful in conveying vain hints, desires or at worst, the obvious.

This ‘rumour’ is that of the latter type.

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No Approval in App Store costs Developer 600 000 Dollars

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

FreedomVoice Systems‘ CEO, Eric Thomas informed his company that development on Newber app will stop. Apple have neither rejected nor approved approved it for the App Store after making FreedomVoice wait more than six months for an answer. “We followed all guidelines set by Apple”, says Thomas, “and never received comment from Apple as to why Newber application has not even been reviewed”. FreedomVoice have spend more than six months developing Newber and incurred 600 000$ in associated costs.

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iPhone OS 3.0 – Preview coming 17 March!

Thank you EngadgetThank you Engadget

Yep, Engadget spake and so it will happen. Apple will show and ‘advanced preview’ of the new 3.0 operating software, so we should probably not get our hopes up for a brand new OS by the end of March. However, those who are good at praying should join me in spiritually ushering in this new OS ahead of schedule.

Engadget will get a sneak peak at the new SDK and of the new OS. Make sure your heads are not in the mud that day as Apple Faithful the world over will have new reason to cry from both joy and disappointment.

So, what features are you hoping for in this new release?

New iTunes: that is Happy News!

itunes-logoJust in case you did not know, I have been vaccilating between using iTunes and Mozilla’s Songbird for a long time for music listening. The reason, iTunes is now even on Macs, sometimes slow. Today – in fact, just about an hour ago, iTunes 8.1 was released. In its log it is noted as improving upon performance. Let’s hope so.

iTunes 8.1 Log:
iTunes 8.1 is now faster and more responsive. You will enjoy noticeable improvements when working with large libraries, browsing the iTunes Store, preparing to sync with iPod or iPhone, and optimizing photos for syncing.

In addition, iTunes 8.1 provides many other improvements and bug fixes, including:

• Supports syncing with iPod shuffle (3rd generation).
• Allows friends to request songs for iTunes DJ.
• Adds Genius sidebar for your Movies and TV Shows.
• Improves performance when downloading iTunes Plus songs.
• Provides AutoFill for manually managed iPods.
• Allows CDs to be imported at the same sound quality as iTunes Plus.
• Includes many accessibility improvements.
• Allows iTunes U and the iTunes Store to be disabled separately using Parental Controls.

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

You can download iTunes 8.1 from Apple’s iTunes Website for Windows and Mac.

Nothing New at the App Store


nothing |ˈnəθi ng |
not anything; no single thing : I said nothing | there’s nothing you can do | they found nothing wrong.
• something of no importance or concern : “What are you laughing at?” “Oh, nothing, sir.” | they are nothing to him | [as n. ] no longer could we be treated as nothings.
• (in calculations) no amount; zero.

I have found a new candidate for worst app evar and here is why: false advertising. According to knowledge brain’s website:

We can sum-up this App for you with one word: “NOTHING”
We proudly present an Application about Nothing. Nothing is everything you ever wanted in an application – except much, much less. We know there are so many great apps, but we wanted something different.
“How can you have Application about Nothing?” you say…. Easy, there’s Nothing to it! We have carefully crafted Nothing out of something.

Nothing competes with some good apps and many worthless apps that are priced at 99 cents and below. The difference is that most apps will try to convince you that they have something to offer, whereas Knowledge Brain advertise the opposite. They even go so far as to put nothing in caps and quotations. I want my purchases at the App Store to be statements, but the purchase of Nothing is like slapping your brain with a bag of quicksand, then having your lolly friends suck the remnants of you dry with tiny straws full of their own poison and singing “merrily merrily, I so merrily believe in the weather!”

Nothing cannot be paraded about as nothing unless the makers are simply programming savvy idiots. In fact, the Knowledge Brain probably had meetings and meetings about design, quotes, who to send Nothing to and how to market it. They missed the bloody point.

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