Jailbreak your iPod Touch with redsn0w – A step by step guide


It took me some time to finally decide to jailbreak my iPod Touch and I am very satisfied with the result. Now, it is in my best interest (not really) to show you how I did it. If you are a member of the group of stubborn folks who refuses to place their “precious” in the hands of some software with names like “redsn0w”, “quickpwn”, or “ultrasn0w”, don’t let it deter you anymore, hesitant one! If I can do it, so can you!

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Are you ready for OS 3.0? – The iPhone Dev Team and ultrasn0w are!


If you are an avid Jailbreaker, get ready for The iPhone Dev Team’s latest and greatest, just don’t expect it too early. Currently, the team have managed to officially unlock OS 3.0 on the carrier side, but they won’t release it too soon as Apple might throw a last-minute spanner into the works. In any case, the video shows the unlocked 3G and explains briefly the baseband unlock.

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