iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbroken in a day

Not even a full day has gone by and iPhone OS 4.0 has already been jailbroken. Dev Team’s MuscleNerd posted a video showing his 4.0 beta with Cydia installed, along with this tweet:

“Something you’ll only find on JB 4.0: VNC :) (BTW don’t bother with betas, they’re *very* buggy!)”

Don’t get too excited just yet though. For various reasons, the Dev Team most likely won’t be releasing the 4.0 Jailbreak until it has been officially released by Apple. The big question though is whether iPhone and iPod Touch users will still have a need to Jailbreak their 4.0 devices. With multitasking, folders and a whack load of other new features coming, Jailbreaking may no longer be as appealing (especially for 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd gen owners). Of course, if you want to unlock your phone, Jailbreak is still your only option.

MuscleNerd’s Video after the gap!

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iPad jailbreak, specs and letdowns

While lucky Americans are already enjoying their iPads the rest of the world can only slowly die of envy while hungrily consuming all pieces of news appearing on the web. And some of these we receive with mixed feelings.

For one thing thanks to our recent interviewee ZodTTD and his iPad IO Registry Tree dumps, MacRumours has finally been able to decipher the true iPad hardware specs. And they have turned out not to be as exciting as thought of before.

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Geohot untethered jailbreak for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad coming soon!

One of the most frustrating things with jailbreaking the latest generation of Apple devices (most iPhones 3GS, iPod Touches 2G and 3G) is the requirement to have it connected to PC/Mac and pressing the “Make it rain” button on each reboot. The extent of the issue is clearly shown by the recently reported project of making a special iDongle to avoid the dependency on a desktop computer. Unfortunately for @mrbreakit (the inventor of the iDongle) this may soon cease to be an issue.

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SyleTap iPhone Palm OS emulator – Reason to Jailbreak # 1045?

If everything in your being screams: “I just got to run Epocrates!”, then you need SyleTap (and a Jailbreaked iDevice), the iPhone’s first Palm OS emulator. Palm pretty much dropped legacy users with the release of the Pre, so greybeard users need to be grandfathered to new platforms if they want to enjoy the freedom and features of a new OS. SyleTap isn’t a new spanking app; it’s been doing its thing on Symbian and Windows Mobile for a long season. It’s introduction to the iDevice isn’t quite so unexpected as it is flummoxing: it costs 50$ and in the words of one Redmond Pie user, ‘scream[s] “Pirate Me!”‘

Piccies and more after the gap:

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iDongle – Boot your tethered jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch without a PC

One of the issues for the free-minded owners of later versions of the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2G & 3G is the inability to do an “untethered jailbreak”. These devices CAN be jailbroken but have to be connected to a PC on each reboot and be jailbroken again, or else be stuck in recovery mode. There is still no word from either Geohot or the iPhone Dev Team when or even whether an untethered jailbreak will be possible for the latest Jesus devices.

Meanwhile, Mribreakit, an electronics engineer from France has decided to go the other way and make a dongle-type device to make a standalone tethered boot of a jailbroken device. And while it’s still in prototype stages at the moment, it seems like a new round of Apple vs Community battle has begun.

Product info, video and some pictures after the gap.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with ZodTTD – I found my love for porting software and learning about console emulation

For quite some time now I have been running the iTête à iTête column, doing interviews with a variety of prominent iPhone figures but one area has yet stayed untapped. I’m talking about the Jailbreaking community which, according to some reports, constitutes up to 10% of the overall iDevice users. To repent for such a huge sin I have gone hunting and bagged me an interview with ZodTTD – one of the most famous developer of Cydia and Rock apps for the Jailbroken iPhones – best known for his line of emulators, including two emulators for the iPhone: N64 and PSone.

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The JBnator Diaries – iFile in Review – The ONLY way to browse your iDevice

It’s that time of the week again! The time for the one and only JBnator Diaries! This is the week following the celebration of Valentine’s Day and I just wanted to use this occasion to give a shoutout to all those lovers out there in general and my lovely wife in particular! Keep on loving – it’s a job! And now, back to our column.

Today I’m going to write about a little Cydia app called iFile, my first choice for browsing the iPhone. Those of you following my previous pieces may be familiar with it already. Everybody else – read on!

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App Store Boner? Hacker ID’s banned from App Store

Redmond Pie just reported on an event which will likely ring the interwebs for a while – hackers iH8sn0w and baseband hacker, Sherif Hashim received the message that their App Store IDs had been disabled for security reasons. Sherif’s exploit hasn’t been released yet, but is confirmed by the iPhone Dev Team to work on firmware 3.1.3.

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The JBnator Diaries – How to make the stock Maps app work offline

Hello there, JBnator fans! This is your blast from the future – ChiffaN. And today we’re gonna tackle a topic, which may be a life-saver for many people.

There is a story rolling around the Russian iPhone community about a guy who after returning from a two-week holiday in the Swiss Alps got hit over with a $30000 cell phone bill. Apparently he just got an iPhone and was using it extensively for GPS navigation abroad without realizing that it was pulling data via the excellent 3G connection for sky-high roaming fees. The story goes he sued the carrier for failing to communicate that the iPhone Maps app get it’s maps online and no-one heard of him since.

This a sad tale, but the good news is – you can avoid it and still have the luxury of using your iPhone to navigate even without a data connection or abroad. And the key is – Maps cache.

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I f0recast blackra1n, redsn0w and sn0wbreeze

iH8tSn0w have recently sprung into iPhone hacking and announced on their twitter account that in the coming few days they are going to release f0recast – a simple way for the casual user to find out if their iDevice can be Unlocked or Jailbroken using the untethered hack. Just connect your iPhone, launch the app and push a button.

I would also like to remind everyone that there is NO jailbreak or unlock for the 3.1.3 firmware for the newer iDevice. 2G, 3G, and 3GS iPhones with the old bootROM can only be jailbreaked using the latest version of the PwnageTool from the Dev-Team.

Important: Forecast is only an informational tool which determines if your device can or cannot be jailbreaked. It will NOT jailbreak your device.