Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 now available (on A4 iDevices)

Several weeks ago, we saw chronic dev team member pod2g post a video of his untethered jailbreak on an iPod Touch running iOS 5. Well, for those of you eagerly anticipating its public release, the wait is finally over. The untethered exploit has just been incorporated into redsnow 0.9.10 and PwnageTool and works on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 4G. One requirement is that they must be updated to iOS 5.0.1 beforehand. As for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners, they’ll have to wait some more as A5 devices haven’t been completely hacked yet. Fear not though, as pod2g has said that he’ll be looking at extending this untethered jailbreak to the latest iDevices in the near future. A quick rundown of how to install it right after the break.

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Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 just around the corner?

It would appear that the long awaited Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 is one step closer to fruition. Chronic dev team member pod2g has posted on YouTube a video of a jailbroken iPod reboot without having to tether to a computer. The only jailbreak currently available is a Tethered one, meaning every time you need to reboot, you’ll have to plug in your iDevice and reboot via one of the JB tools. A pain in the neck if you’re away from your desktop/laptop. According to pod2g, this jailbreak will also work on iOS 5.0.1:

Tons of questions from my nice followers. Too early to answer. Will work on iOS 5.0.1, will try iPad 2 and 4S after others are ready.

No word on when this untethered Jailbreak will be released for the public, though it’s probably safe to assume that it won’t be too long now before jailbreakers can finally go untethered for iOS 5.

[via engadget]

Fully functional Siri port finds its way onto the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G

Since the release of the 4S, developers and hackers have attempted to make Siri work on the iPhone 4 (and other older iDevices). While successful in installing the digital assistant, they weren’t able to make Siri fully communicate with Apple’s servers. But it appears that a group of Chinese hackers (the CD-Team) has successfully ported the full functionality of Siri to jailbroken iDevices – the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G in particular. Called H1Siri, the port – over a 100mb download – is found on Cydia via the Cydia.be and iphone3gsystem.fr/cydia repositories. While using Siri on your iPhone 4 is highly desirable no doubt, there are several red flags when it comes to installing the package. Aside from legality issues, this proxy hack involves sending your personal information to a third party server, which isn’t exactly desirable to say the least. But if you still want to give it a try, a step-by-step tutorial showing you how can be found here. Below is a video of a youtube user running H1Siri on his iPhone 4.

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Facebook on iPad blocked, now acessible once again with FaceForward

Ah yes, so you may have heard that there’s a hidden native Facebook app for the iPad right within the iPhone version (rumor has it that this is the same dedicated iPad app that Facebook will be releasing in the near future). By simply changing the UIDeviceFamily value from 1 to 2 within the Facebook app directory using an SSH program like iPhone Explorer (iPad must be Jailbroken), users were able enjoy FB in its full 9.7″ glory. Sadly, Facebook quickly blocked access soon after this hack was discovered. The good news though is that thanks to jailbreak dev Chpwn, you can now go through the backdoor again and check out the Facebook iPad app for yourself. All you need to do is install FaceForward from Cydia and fire up FB once more. Easy, no?  Check out the video demo after the break.

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JailbreakMe 3.0 now live, iPad 2 support included

JailbreakMe 3.0 has finally gone live and users can once again jailbreak their iDevices without a computer – all accomplished by simply visiting JailbreakMe.com on their Safari browser. It appears that it’ll support all devices – iPhones, iPod Touches and even iPad 2 – though you must be running iOS 4.3.3. If you’re looking to set your iDevice free, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Oh, and this jailbreak is also untethered – meaning you won’t need to be near a PC/Mac after every reboot. Check out a video tutorial from a youtube user after the break.

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The JBnator Diaries – Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 4.3.1/4.3.2 via redsn0w [Tutorial]

The war is on! Thanks to the relentless efforts of the Dev-Team, along with the help of ion1c, an independent security expert, the jailbreaking tools for iOS 4.3.1 was recently released. And in our guide today I’m going to help you set free your iPhone 3GS/4, iPod Touch 3G (except 8Gb)/4G and iPad.

Please note, iPad 2 is not supported! Also, I won’t be going into the details of creating custom firmware (for those upgrading a locked phone that need to preserve the old baseband).

So, if you’re looking for a straight-up jailbreak, let’s dive in!

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iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak is out – What a snowy spring day…

Everyone including the rumoured Apple spy in the Dev-Team has has played the April Fool. On April 1st, the news that an untethered jailbreak was out for all A4 devices, shook the internet. Naturally, i0n1c was having a laugh when he tweeted a link to a supposed archive containing the long sought-for JB package. The catch? A 30-symbol pass code that inquiring minds had to break.

However, there was a piece of truth to that joke as well. Confirmed by MuscleNerd, i0n1c has meanwhile turned over a true exploit in iOS 4.3.1 to the Dev-Team who have just integrated it into the existing Pwn tool set that can set your A4 Jesus device free!

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DOSPad (formerly known as iDOS) – DOS on your iDevice (only for jailbroken devices now)

Ever since I found out that ScummVM had been ported to the iDevice one thing I always felt missing was the other clever piece of software, which was the last refuge for anyone wanting to play old games on their spanking new PC. I’m talking, of course, about DosBox. I even did some research and the devs said that it would be very difficult to do so due to some underlying engine specifics. Well, apparently one developer had loads of time on his hands,  since a few days ago iDOS made a surprise appearance on the App Store — only to be hastily pulled down by Apple after a few hours. But guess what, it’s still available on Cydia under the name of DosPad!

Oh yeah, installation instructions after the break.

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Upgrading the iDevice (jailbroken or not) to iOS 4.1 without losing savegames!

Hey there folks! Just a quick note that as promised in my limera1n tutorial yesterday, I’ve updated the very first JBnator Article on how to properly upgrade your iDevice to the latest and greatest iOS version without carrying over any bugs from the older ones. Like what bugs you might ask? Well for example, an update from iOS 3.x to 4.0 and restoring from a backup, it’s possible that users will experience vastly reduced battery life on the iPhones 3G/3GS/4, which is only fixed by setting it up as a new phone in iTunes. Enjoy!

The JBnator Diaries – Upgrading your jailbroken phone WITHOUT losing app information and savegames! (Updated for iOS 4.x)

The JBnator Diaries – Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 4.1 via limera1n [Tutorial]

Hi folks! I know it’s been a while, but with the recent release of the long-awaited jailbreak for iOS 4.1 from both geohot and Dev Team I just couldn’t NOT address it. I made a short news bit about it several days ago, but I know what you really want is a detailed step by walkthrough. So here you are! Oh yeah, just remembered – if you’re an owner of an iPhone 2G, 3G or iPod Touch 1G or 2G this is not the article for you. At the moment limera1n only works on iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G/4G, iPad, iPhone 4 and theoretically on the Apple TV 2G. So if you’re the lucky owner of the aforementioned devices – read on!

Also, if you desire a clean device while keeping all of your saved games and other stuff, look out for an updated guide on backing up and restoring the info in the near future.

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