iTunes/eBay voucher criminals collared

And thank God too. Lord only knows what chilling bills can be racked up via stolen credit cards. UK criminal, Suhail Tufail, put more than 7 000 debit and credit cards in the red thanks to purchases worth 750 000£ and the help of 4 other dodgy geezers. The group of five who used stolen credit cards to buy iTunes vouchers, make Gizmodo’s Jason Chen look like Little Riding hood. Fortunately, the UK’s big bad police have put these badboys behind bars. Apple’s products and services have been the target of criminals before and thanks to their cute industrial designs, will be again.

Morale of the story: don’t always jump at good-looking deals on eBay – you could be stealing someone else’s money. If it was yours, you’d probably hope for a little courtesy. Batten down the hatches ladies and germs, it’s criminality time!

Thanks to The Register

This just in: iPad to suck rocks; April’s big news is iTunes 9.1

The iPad sucks. I’ll admit to having my suspicions about the device; it’s clumsy and half-arsedly pitched between devices: a formula which never, ever works. And, it’s made by the same Newton-designing Apple, a company who just cannot pin interloping gadgets. And TMA isn’t alone in thinking the worst of Apple’s soon-to-be-released device (to read on, follow the gap):

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Latest iTunes buy: Chromeo (DJ-Kicks Remix)

Having filled my CD quota for the week, Chromeo (DJ-Kicks Remix) took my download fancy and dear me is it good. I’ve been a fan of Chromeo’s offbeat, humorous text and melodies for a long time and this new album cements that fact. Deep bass, throbbing melodies, and a throw back to the 70’s, DJ-Kicks Remix really is ‘that album’ which makes other electronic records turn their faces down for not having offered fans enough ‘fun’. Don’t be scared by an abundance of French text, the album rocks from bottom to top with a few good ol’ hits and some new bad boys. There is a hitch with the iTunes release: the remixes is only 12 of 18 retail tracks. If you want the entire thing, head to HMV. The best part? The album clocks in at 7.99$, a great price for a lot ‘o groovin’!

Chromeo are a Montreal-based electrofunk duo whose inadvertent sensual text and beats are a hot laugh. The two have also been mates for years and in their own words: “the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture.”

Chromeo - Chromeo (DJ-Kicks Remix) Chromeo, Chromeo (DJ-Kicks Remix), $7.99

If you are a fan of Chromeo, their yearling albums:

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Deluxe Edition) Chromeo, Fancy Footwork (Deluxe Edition), $9.99

Chromeo - She's In Control Chromeo, She’s in Control, $9.99

are smashing albums which replace the 70’s for the 80’s and a lot of funk. In numerous headphone reviews, I drift in and out of Chromeo’s tight beats.